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‘Natural Selection 2′ Latest Update 236 Fixes Many Of The Issues Inherent In The Game

NS2 Skulk view

Yesterday Unknown Worlds decided to begin rolling out their latest patch for their popular asymmetrical online FPS Natural Selection 2. The latest patch addresses many of the bigger issues players have had with the game from the maps to the gameplay. Along with fixing a lot of smaller bugs that have reared their ugly heads over the past few months.

The latest patch will update Natural Selection 2 to build 236 and aims to fix many of the issues that have became apparent in the game. Most notable fixes are:

  • Improving the hit detection on the skulks when wall climbing.
  • Decreasing the marine flashlights making it easier to see through your teammates beams in dark areas.
  • Fire rate bug fixed on systems with low FPS.
  • Docking map has been reworked to improve the game experience.

Natural Selection 2 is the follow-up standalone title from Unknown Worlds who previously created the hugely successful Natural Selection mod. Natural Selection 2 offers much improved graphics and even better gameplay over the original mod, along with a whole host of other content that fleshed the game out into a fully fledged title.

Natural Selection 2 proved an instant hit on Steam reaching the number one slot is the most popular game purchased on the distribution platform back in Halloween. Since the early boom in sales Natural Selection 2 has managed to maintain its place as one of the most popular games currently available on Steam and has a vibrant ever growing community. If you are interested in getting into a new FPS game on the PC Natural Selection 2 may very well be what you are after. Be sure to check out my review of the game to find out what I think of the game.

There are also a huge number of other fixes that have been implemented into Natural Selection 2. For the full list be sure to visit the official site.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – ‘Natural Selection 2′ Latest Update 236 Fixes Many Of The Issues Inherent In The Game


Waiting For The Zombie Apocalypse? Practice Makes Perfect With ‘Revelade Revolution’

Revelade Revolution splash

It has seemed that over the past few years zombies have really came into the pop culture in a huge way. There are countless people now waiting to live out the zombie apocalypse, sadly with the current climate I really do doubt we will see a zombie uprising for at least another year or two, but how can we fill this time? Glad you asked, recently The Intercooler Games have released their free to play FPS zombie horde game, Revelade Revolution and allows you to practice for this worst case scenario.

Revelade Revolution is a fast paced zombie survival shooter with gameplay in both a multiplayer and singleplayer environments. Players are facing off against swarms of zombies who have recently overtaken the city and are slowly spreading across the world.

Like many of the modern zombie shooters online you are able to join up with friends to survive the onslaught of zombies heading your way, however zombies are not your only adversary. In Revelade Revolution you are also going to be facing the most dangerous game, human players.
Revelade Revolution screenshot 01

The world exists with highly limited resources so to progress you may need to use some more questionable means to facilitate your own survival. Like what you would actually expect from any apocalyptic survival game, adding a great level of depth, along with a more richer fuller experience.

Several notable game modes are as follows:

  • Survival – A horde mode style where you take on endless waves, growing ever harder and no doubt a great deal of fun. With the ability to upgrade weapons this mode sounds great
  • Free for all – Can you compete against other survivors and reign supreme overlord of the undead hordes
  • Capture the flag – The classic style flag capture mode encouraging team work
  • Infection – Ever wonder what happens to those who get bit? Play infection for your chance to become a zombie with the sole purpose of terrorizing your friends
  • Assault – Work cooperatively with fellow survivors to take control of a rival clans safe house. Be sure to watch your back as they will be doing the same to you

Revelade Revolution sounds to be a great new zombie title which will provide a suitable stop gap to the actual zombie apocalypse. With fast paced gameplay reminiscent of Quake the game is going to be balls to the wall action from start to finish, much like the more old school FPS games. Tons of weapons, a good selection of classes Revelade Revolution really has a lot to offer and it is free to play.

What are you waiting for, the zombie apocalypse is coming and Revelade Revolution is ideal training. Revelade Revolution can be downloaded from the official site here.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Waiting For The Zombie Apocalypse? Practice Makes Perfect With ‘Revelade Revolution’


In Our Own Backyard – ‘Wrack’

Wrack SS02

This week sees a dawn of a new era on IGM, we are going to put the emphasis back on the developers and the public that actually make up the indie community. We strongly believe that being in a position to educate so many people about the independent game market we have a responsibility to everyone regarding up and coming developers.

In Our Own Backyard is going to focus on bringing the hidden gems scattered across the ever-growing electronic sea that is the internet. To kick off this new feature we will be looking at a great title called Wrack.

Wrack is a fairly unique game fusing a lot of elements from FPS games along with various platformers. The levels are large and action packed, much like those of Doom/ Duke Nukem 3D. However you have a whole manner of nerve-wracking jumps, heavily themed levels and even Mega man-esque boss fights. Check out the latest trailer below for this awesome new FPS:

Some of the key features that can be found in Wrack are:

  • Map Editor : Use the included map editor to create you own maps, and share them with the gaming community!
  • Featured maps : Download and play great new maps from the community from with Wrack itself
  • Leaderboards : Compete against yourself or a friend in Wrack’s extra game modes which include: Time attack and Score attack. Your best effort is automatically saved to the leaderboard along with a replay, of course used to gloat at your friends feeble attempt

The art styling of Wrack is great running a fantastically developed Cell-shaded look with what sounds to be an amazing soundtrack over the top of the game. Wrack really is a fusion of the more old school gaming brought kicking and screaming into the modern age.

Wrack is currently available on Desura here, but if you would rather get is straight from the developers Final Boss Entertainment you can buy it here also. If you love the look of this awesome new title vote for it over on the Steam greenlight community project here.

If you would like to be featured on “In Our Own Backyard” then you should head over to the IGM forums here and show of your game. The more information the better along with links (we love links) to your homepage, screenshots and all manner of goodies relevant to your game. Each week we’ll pick our favourite and give it a special place on our homepage. We look forward to hearing from all of you.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – In Our Own Backyard – ‘Wrack’


‘Vitrum’ A New Puzzler With Gravity Defying Powers

vitrum boxshot

Yesterday saw the release of new FPS puzzler Vitrum, an interesting take on the genre bringing back the use of physics manipulation to great new puzzles for you to overcome. Vitrum has been created by 9heads Game Studio, a Brazilian indie developer who first started Vitrum back in 2011.

Vitrum looks to be a very interesting new FPS puzzler where you take control of an android designed to convert energy from crystals into powers. The setting is in a testing laboratory (does it sound familiar) in a desert, the lab contains numerous different crystals some of which will give you powers, whilst others will cause harm.

The crystals will have all manner of effects such as controlling gravity and super high jumping ability there is quite a lot of variety here. As you can charge both hands with the crystals it is possible to combine them to overcome the even more complex puzzles in the late game.

Some of the key features include:

  • Each crystal colour represents a power, explore each colour and discover every power the android can execute
  • Explore 3D gravity inversion, materialization of crystal platforms, super high jumps and other powers
  • Avoid radioactive crystals, death crystals and others
  • collect crystal shards to unlock insane stages
  • more than 45 stages

Vitrum sounds to be quite the comprehensive game with a great deal of stages to solve and many different power ups throughout I am sure it will be keeping you entertained for hours.

Vitrum can be purchased for $14.99 from the 9heads Game Studio site here. There is also a demo available to download from the studio site also, if you would rather try before you buy.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – ‘Vitrum’ A New Puzzler With Gravity Defying Powers


Highly Stylized FPS ‘Wrack’ Released Tomorrow

wrack SS01

I was somewhat surprised to find that for such a well polished and looking game Wrack has had little press in its coming release week, it is rather disappointing especially considering how good it looks. Wrack looks to be a great first person shooter done in a distinctly cell shaded style complete with jumping puzzles and boss battles.

Final Boss Entertainment say that Wrack fuses together two game types, by taking a lot of influence from Doom and Duke Nukem 3D along with with extremely hazardous levels from Contra and Castlevania to create this great unique title. To be honest it all sounds pretty good as combining the things that made these games great can only result in a winning formula surly. Don’t just take my word but view the video below and see for yourself:

The styling is Wrack reminds me a lot of the questionable release title XIII, however Wrack seems to offer much more in terms of unique gameplay which XIII did lack and the one thing I loved from that game was the cell shaded look. I am definitely looking forward to the release of this game tomorrow as from all that I have seen it looks great, although I have heard the number of levels is quite limited there is also a wealth of user created levels from the bundled level editor so I am sure the content is all there.

Wrack SS02

The final cherry on top of this is the music and sound have been composed by Bobby Prince who has worked on many awesome game projects in the past including the Doom series, Duke Nukem 3D and Wolfenstien 3D making the audio content top notch alongside the stunning visuals.

If Wrack appeals to you it is still available at the pre-order price which gives a very sizable discount on the game. Wrack is officially launched tomorrow on Desura . The website to check out all the latest from the guys over at Final Boss Entertainment can be found here.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Highly Stylized FPS ‘Wrack’ Released Tomorrow


‘Red Eclipse’ Gets An Overhaul In Galactic Edition Update


There are currently many first person shooters around on todays market however it is not many that actually fuse together fast paced gunplay with parkour and freerunning elements. The Red Eclipse Team however have decided to marry these two ideas and came out with Red Eclipse a fast paced parkour oriented First Person Shooter which has now gotten even better with its latest release build dubbed “Galactic Edition”. Oh and have I mentioned it is free to play.

This new build of Red Eclipse includes several new game modes which are as follows:

  • Co-op : Humans team up with one another to fight off the onslaught of some very high powered bots hell bent on proving their dominance in the arena
  • King Of The Hill : Team based combat allowing players to square off against each other to be the soul controller over the flag.

Along with these new game types which should add hours of extra play the Red Eclipse Team on the back of overwhelming public demand have also beefed up the free running system even more. The new system now includes the ability to vault over low obstacles which will make for navigating around busy levels all the more easy and exciting.


The Red Eclipse Team have been spending countless hours overhauling a lot of the potential problems that have been found within the game and have tried to address as many of them as possible within this current update, which shows for substantial improvements on previous builds. The full change log is staggering for the Galactic Edition of the game and contains new maps, an improved user interface amongst countless bug fixes.

Red Eclipse can be downloaded completely free here and the team are currently looking for eager members of the community to help produce a professional new game trailer, find out more here.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – ‘Red Eclipse’ Gets An Overhaul In Galactic Edition Update


‘Natural Selection 2′ Exosuit Trailer Proves That Giant Robo-Suits Make Everything Better

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve not sunk nearly as much time into Unknown Worlds’ strategy-FPS blend Natural Selection 2 as I might have liked. Still, even without extensive playtime, it’s not exactly controversial to say that NS2 has put out some of the coolest trailers in indie gaming. Each new unit type or major new feature has been accompanied by an impressively produced video. Today’s big new addition is Exosuits. Here’s what they look like in action:

As you can see, the Exosuit is billed as the human’s answer to the lumbering alien Onos, a creature that is presumably named for the noise that your average expendable marine grunt makes when they see it charging down a narrow corridor at them. The Exosuit isn’t invincible, of course – it looks like it handles like a cow – but so long as you’ve got some friends watching your big, exposed metal back for teleporting stealth attackers or wall-crawling nasties, you should be safe, right? Well, it’s one of those things that always seems to work out in theory.

More important is the announcement of the release date for the game is the official preorder date for the game on Steam – September 4th is when you’ll be able to buy it direct off the Steam store, although you can put your money down on the developers official site for a Steam access key now, anyway. It looks like the game might be missing its official Summer 2012 release date, but only by a little bit. With the Exosuit in play, both sides have all their units. Now all that remains is tweaking, tuning and optimization before the game is ready for prime-time.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – ‘Natural Selection 2′ Exosuit Trailer Proves That Giant Robo-Suits Make Everything Better


‘Routine’ Promises Space-Borne Scares In This New Gamescom Trailer

Now here’s a paradox – an overwhelmingly atmospheric game set on the moon? Likelier than you think. We’ve covered Routine (from the fittingly named Lunar Software) a couple of times before, but now it’s really shaping up to be something special. A semi-roguelike-esque first person horror/exploration game. You’ve got one life, an uncertain environment around you, and a mission to discover why a moon-base has gone silent. Here’s some appropriately intense new footage:

And let this be a lesson to you: Gunfights in space are a very bad idea, even worse than gunfights on Earth. I’m digging what I’m seeing so far – what looks to be a rather more serious ‘hard’ sci-fi setting. No outlandish monsters, although some rather imposing robots and guys with guns. The game promises to be a more tactile experience than most, with Deadzone aiming (think along the lines of Red Orchestra or Arma) and little to no HUD. No health points, either. Injury is going to be handled more realistically here, too. Oh, and as mentioned, you’ve got one life. Death resets everything, and things might play out very differently next time round.

There’s no fixed release date yet for Routine, although the developers have ballparked it for 2013. Keep an eye on IGM for more big reveals as they happen, as well as the official site for the game.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – ‘Routine’ Promises Space-Borne Scares In This New Gamescom Trailer


Freeware Game Pick – ‘Force: Leashed’

Gravity – the Gay Force – it brings us all together, and stops us from floating off into space. It causes the tides and we’d have 100% less falling-related injuries and casualties if we were to abolish it. Force: Leashed by Kepuli Games isn’t about eliminating gravity, but you do get to control it, albeit in limited form.

Working a bit like Cipher Prime’s Auditorium, but first-person and 3D, and grungy and industrial instead of abstract and musical. Your goal in Force: Leashed is to guide streams of particles from their emitters to a target. To do this, you place floating ‘attractor’ crystals with their own gravitational power, and use them to bend the path of the particle stream to a target goal. Enough successive hits on the target, and your path opens to the next areas, where you do it again with a little more complexity.

Of course, it’s never that simple. The attractors you place (a very limited number of them) are colour-coded, and certain walls will change the colour of the particle stream when bounced off, so you might need one red attractor to bend the stream into a blue wall, then use your remaining blue attractors to bend it the rest of the way to the exit.

This gets more complex the further you play, with ‘wind’ in effect in some areas, blowing certain colours in a certain direction, or emitters that spit out alternating blue & red particles, requiring some more creative attractor placement. While each level does expand a little on a single concept, each new stage usually introduces some fresh element to the gameplay. It shouldn’t take a huge amount of time to conquer the 11 levels (each of which has multiple stages), but there’s some brainteasers in there.

Of course, being developed so quickly, there’s unrefined elements here. There’s some misaligned textures here and there, and the actual movement physics of the particle stream is a little unpredictable. The attractors feel like they might exert a little too much force in too small a radius, often requiring you to slingshot the particles to their target, rather than just precisely bending their course. Still, it’s all very consistent, even if not the most intuitive.

Force: Leashed was originally an entry into the 7 Day FPS development contest, although there’s really not much in the way of shooting going on here. It was later re-entered into the Assembly 2012 game-dev competition and came away with the silver medal. While I think there could have been more done with the aesthetic (it’s all rather Half-Life 1, although it runs on an updated Quake 1 engine), this is a really nice piece of work and worth your time if you’re looking for something brain-teasing to play.

This isn’t the longest or most polished game, but it’s an impressive show of what can be done in a short time these days.  The release of this also reminds me that Assembly 2012 has come, been and done this year. While the results pages haven’t yet rolled out on Demoscene hub, the contest results themselves are in. Force: Leashed is good stuff for sure – we’ll be taking a look at Lavalanche, the #1 prize winner soon.

Force: Leashed is freeware and available to download from the official site now for Windows, Mac & Linux PCs.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Freeware Game Pick – ‘Force: Leashed’


Gameplay Trailer Sheds Some Light On FPS Puzzler ‘Vitrium’


Here’s a tidy tidbit from Brazilian indie developer, 9heads Game Studios. They started work on their first project, Vitrium, late last year and it seems things are beginning to take some shape.

The FPS puzzler – taking not-unreasonable amounts of inspiration from games like Q.U.B.E. and Portal – seems to feature enough room-by-room puzzling to make fans of the genre feel right at home. The twist? Solutions are found through the manipulation of gravity. You’ll be sourcing power from colourful crystalline formations and using it to zap Isaac Newton’s landmark theory and the greatest of all forces right in the face.

You play an android, which is fun, and it seems there’s to be a fair amount of accurate platforming to be carried out, but the finer details of the project are yet to be revealed. However, this trailer is a good start.

The game is markedly monochromatic as we’ve come to expect from games such as this, but I can’t say I’m adverse to the aesthetics. Clarity of vision is obviously of the utmost importance when you’re rattling around generic test environments at one hundred miles per hour. I’m also assuming there will be some implemented backstory to explain exactly why robots need to bouncing between surfaces and through deadly environments in pursuit of magical powers, but for this we’ll have to wait.

In the meantime, keep an eye on the game’s Indie DB page for further updates. Vitrium currently has no scheduled release date.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Gameplay Trailer Sheds Some Light On FPS Puzzler ‘Vitrium’