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New IndieGameStand Features ‘Gnomoria’ as Pay What You Want Game

Today the new IndieGameStand launched featuring Gnomoria, a sandbox village-building game by Robotronic Games. IndieGameStand, for those who do not know, features a new indie game every 96 hours, which they offer in the pay what you want format, much like the Indie Humble Bundle.  Part of the price paid for the game goes to a featured charity chosen by the developer, which so happens to be the Red Cross Foundation for this Indie Game Stand. The games presented are available DRM-free for no hassle downloading. But the game, yes, you would like to hear about that.

The developer, Robert West or “RoboBob”, claims influence from other great sandbox games in ‘The Sims‘ and ‘Dwarf Fortress‘  and looks to build on the successes of those games. Gnomoria focuses on the lives of a group of gnomes who have left the city and moved to create their own village and kingdom. Players control the whole group and issue orders such as digging, building, crafting, and farming to keep their society flourishing. They also work to ward off attacks from outsiders and enemies who want to destroy their kingdom before it starts.

Each game begins with a procedurally-generated world, which features a fully destructible environment. Each part of the world can be broken down into materials which can then be used to rebuild the world into a beautiful kingdom. Gnomoria is a true sandbox game and allows for players to build their society as they see fit. Is your society a defensive military powerhouse or a simple farmers village? It is absolutely up to you.

IndieGameStand is up now and you can purchase Gnomoria directly from the website. A purchase of $1 or more will earn you the Desura key as well. Otherwise, check out Gnomoria on its official website, on Desura, and on Steam Greenlight. For more info on Gnomoria as well as all your indie gaming needs, stick right here with

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Source: The Indie Game Magazine – New IndieGameStand Features ‘Gnomoria’ as Pay What You Want Game


Run Your Own Prison In Introversion Software’s ‘Prison Architect’

Prison Architect is a new game being created by developer Introversion Software. It takes from a lot of games in terms of inspiration. You’ll be finding elements of the old classic Theme Hospital in Prison Architect, while you may also see some elements of the popular Dwarf Fortress in the game. Introversion Software is creating a very unique game, where you’ll be able to create your very own prison like you might create your own hospital in Theme Hospital. You’ll find a lot of similarities to Theme Hospital, which is very welcomed. Prisons will set on fire, prisoners will fight against the police, and much, much more. The game is in very early Alpha, so you won’t be finding an entire game full of content here, but instead you will be able to play the game as the developers add to it and watch Prison Architect grow and expand as time goes on.

Right now Introversion Software is offering an exclusive deal on the basis that you pre-order the game. Much like you would find on Kickstarter or IndieGoGo, there are different reward levels of the game you can purchase. The first of these may just give you Alpha access to the game while the last reward may involve you helping design different characters in the game. Whatever level fits you, you should know that whatever you choose, you will be able to download the game on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Introversion Software has even promised to give you a Steam key.

Prison Architect has no set release date yet, so we may be waiting a long while for the official release. In the mean time, if you want to get in on the fun, getting an Alpha copy is highly worth it. If you’re wanting to get yourself a copy of the alpha, you can head on over to the Prison Architect website and browse the different pre-order or “reward” levels of the game.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Run Your Own Prison In Introversion Software’s ‘Prison Architect’


Robotronic Trade Dwarves For Gnomes In ‘Gnomoria’

Gnomoria is an interesting game being developed by Robotronic Games, a new studio breaking into the indie scene. The game is a sandbox village management game where the player will lead a group of gnomes (from a top-down aspect) to thrive and create their own kingdom within the world of Gnomoria. Gnomoria is much like Towns in a sense, but takes heavily from the original Dwarf Fortress while also taking inspiration from a numerous amount of other games the developer has played. As you would in Dwarf Fortress or Towns, you’ll be able to craft items, build structures, go deep underground and mine for jewels and etc. Gnomoria will allow you to attract new gnomes to your village and on the flip side, will also allow you to attract enemies to your kingdom who wish to destroy every last building you’ve ever built along with your gnome citizens.

Robotronic Games is doing a great job with this title so far. There’s been much love surrounding the game through the Gnomoria community on Reddit, and various people doing YouTube “Lets Plays” have also expressed love for the game. With Dwarf Fortress inspired games on the rise (i.e. Towns, A Game of Dwarfs), Gnomoria is bound to be headed for greatness, especially with its unique “gnome” theme. To get a much better picture of the game, I would highly suggest taking a look at their Alpha gameplay trailer:

Gnomoria is currently available for pre-order at $7.99 which is 20% off of the original $9.99 price point. If you don’t feel like shelling out the $7.99 right away, you can easily download the demo of Gnomoria which will give you an allotment of 6 in-game days to play through. It’s just enough to give you a small taste of what the game has to offer. Keep in mind that the game is still in its Alpha stages, so some things are bound to be buggy, but the core gameplay is there.

Robotronic Games is also trying to get the game on Steam via the new Steam Greenlight feature, so we may even see a Steam version of the game soon.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Robotronic Trade Dwarves For Gnomes In ‘Gnomoria’


‘Clockwork Empires’ Gears up for its global takeover

Clock work empire 02

Earlier today the latest game from Gaslamp Games the development team behind the critically acclaimed Dungeons of Dredmor was announced and from the buzz surrounding it, it sounds like it has the potential to shake up the strategy game world. Imagine taking the city sculpting and sandbox nature from Sim City; with the depth of social, economic, political and scientific research we have all loved from the Civilisation series; in a distinct unforgiving Dwarf fortress setup all set within a steampunk Lovecraftian world and you start to paint a picture of what to expect from Clockwork Empires.

Clockwork empire 01

It seems that Gaslamp Games are bringing Dwarf Fortress to the masses and who better for this daunting task, on the back of their success updating the Roguelike genre to be accessible to the mainstream with Dungeons Of Dredmor. Clockwork Empires aims to emulate this success in the strategy world with the game set in a steampunked version of the British empire from the 19th century, in the throes of an internal power struggle leaving mummering across the empire that the rightful Queen has been incarcerated by the prime minister.

Clockwork empire 03

You play as a colonialist sent to bring new wealth from foreign shores to try and establish colonies to support the ever growing empire and develop new and exciting technologies to feed into a better world. Gaslamp Games have included some very exciting new features into Clockwork Empires including:

  • Dynamic city-building – Every subject has a purpose and agenda of their own creating a much more richer fuller feel to your colony
  • Procedural extrusion – Technology that will allow you to tailor your colony in a unique way. Buildings are procedurally generated allowing unique blueprints to be designed to give your colony its own personal touches
  • Tame the uncharted continents – at every turn you will encounter new challenges to your expansions from sea monsters to sky pirates this game will have them all
  • Linking together mighty gears to build Megaprojects in true Civilisation style
  • Losing is still a winning experience – The game aims to keep throwing new challenges at you until you eventually fail and your colony crumbles however Gaslamp Games have implemented rewards for such shortcomings
  • Multiplayer – allowing up to four players to co-operate or throw down the gauntlet in an all out battle for economic supremacy
  • Hotseat gameplay – Gaslamp Games say this bit best “Take turns running a colony directly into the ground then argue for fun-filled hours about whose fault it was! (like Monopoly but with more exploding Zeppelins!)”
  • Freedom to mod – Again Gaslamp Games have left the game open to be freely modified by games enthusiasts

Clockwork Empires promises a great deal and as long as it can deliver it will shape up to be a great additon the to ever growing strategy game market. Be sure to check back soon for more information regarding the development of Clockwork Empires.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – ‘Clockwork Empires’ Gears up for its global takeover


Indie Links Round-Up: Into The Breach

Games that spontaneously create stories, games that allow players to mod everything… these and other aspects of the potential of games are explored in today’s Indie Links.

Bravemule: A Dwarf Fortress Story (IndieGames)
Dwarf Fortress, being the incredibly complex and procedurally generated beast that it is, allows for some interesting stories to effortlessly emerge;Bravemule is one of the most touching, unique and intriguing of said stories. It is also fully illustrated and a joy to read.”

Papo & Yo Is One Designer’s Reaction to Corporate Video Games’ “Culture of Fear” (Kotaku)
“Not many games look and feel like Papo & Yo. If you need to categorize it, you can call the upcoming PS3 exclusive a magical realism puzzle platformer. It’s a game where you put cardboard boxes on your head to get hints and move houses to get across gaps. But, from what I played over the last few months, genre categorization really don’t capture howPapo & Yo comes across as a sweetly poignant metaphor for an impoverished, abuse-filled childhood.”

E3 Interview With Runic Games’ Max Schaefer (Indie Games)
“Last week at E3, thanks to a serendipitous turn of events (“You’re at E3?! Can we gatecrash your meeting room?” “Sure!”), I had the opportunity to test drive Torchlight 2 (it’s every bit as slick as what your friends in the beta have been telling you) and interview Runic Games’ Max Schaefer about the game, co-existence with Diablo 3 and why 30 is his magic number. ”

Choose Your Own Anna Anthropy Interview (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
“When you interview Anna Anthropy, you can’t just print those words on the page. Something special has to happen. That’s what RPS correspondent Cara Ellison has done for us after she spoke to the Lesbian Spider Queens of Mars/Mighty Jill Off developer. There’s discussion of why gaming matters, why games should be more personal, and Anthropy’s recently published a book,Rise of the Videogame Zinesters. So please, choose your own interview.”

MacGuffin’s Curse Review (Shacknews)
“Playing through MacGuffin’s Curse, I started to feel a sense of familiarity. Brawsome’s top-down puzzler would often have me pushing boxes, activating switches, and looting safes. In other words, it feels like a standard puzzle game. Yet, I can’t help but crack a smile, thanks to the game’s flair for humor. Genuinely clever writing and an engaging narrative turn this average puzzler into a charming experience.”

Interview: The Sea Will Claim Everything (Hookshot Inc.)
“The Sea Will Claim Everything is a whimsical, sharp, somewhat inscrutable adventure game by Jonas Kyratzes. Launched last week as a downloadable title for PC, the game caught our attention not just beacise of its idiosyncratic visuals, but also because of its idiosyncratic themes. Kyratzes describes the game as “literary, political, personal, silly, serious, and somewhat obsessed with details.” But there’s also a childlike quality to the game, an inscrutable authenticity that derives from the designer’s desire to make a game without the baggage of the adult game-maker.”

‘Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP’ remix album and Japanese version with Suda 51 out June 21st (The Verge)
“Owners of Capybara Games’ and Superbrothers’ award-winning iOS, PC, and Mac titleSuperbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP will be able to experience the game in a whole new language come this Thursday. A fully localized version, entitled Sukitai no Musume in Japanese, will be released on June 21st as a free update to the existing game. The localization has been handled by the studio 8-4, and features the vocal talents of none other than Goichi Suda (aka Suda 51, above) of Grasshopper Manufacture, known for heading games such as Killer 7, No More Heroes, and Lollipop Chainsaw. Suda will play the role of Logfella.”

Impressions: Splice (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
“My need for puzzle games is insatiable, constantly fed by the teams of enslaved designers I have generating me new Slitherlinks and Doodle Fit levels, as Telegraph cryptic crossword setters weep as their fingertips bleed from setting me more and more clues. Gathering them all a few seconds pause in their toils is Splice, a new puzzler from Auditorium developers, Cipher Prime. Will it do?”


A Very Valentine’s Day Indie Game Round Up

Today was Valentine’s Day and so much happened that we couldn’t even begin to report on it all. So, like the weak mortals we are, we have opted to round as many of it as we can into one mighty post…or something like that. So, by the power of Grayskull, let’s give you some links, hug a little than have ravenous Valentine’s baby making sessions! And yes, for those asking, we do left-arrow-three you, okay?! <3</p>Reset OST Is Serenely…Romantic (that’s just pushing it)?The two man crazy team who announced Reset just the other day and got us very excited, have released a music track from the game – it’s good to wind down with.“For a Valentine’s Day gift we’d like to present this piece of music that Mikko composed as part of the Reset soundtrack.

Original Source: A Very Valentine’s Day Indie Game Round Up

This Article was originally posted on our sister site, The Indie Game Magazine written by Chris Priestman.


Castle Story is the Dwarf Fortress I Always Wanted

Wow, I’m impressed. I just got finished watching a 12-ish minute long gameplay tour of Castle Story and it could, quite possibly, be an early contender for Indie Game of the Year in 2012. It has that perfect combinations of great looks with gameplay that, on initial inspection, looks to borrow some key ideas from mega-popular indie game Dwarf Fortress.


Heroes, Multiplayer, Beta and More… the BIG Towns Interview

We’ve covered Towns here on in the past. It’s a rather unique city simulation/RPG/Dwarf Fortress-type game that has really caught on with the indie gaming community. And for good reason too! It’s quite fun!


Towns: A City Builder Inspired by Dwarf Fortress

Dwarf Fortress is a hugely popular indie game. Probably not as much as say Minecraft, but it’s up there with the greats of all indie games. And as with any great game comes the ability to inspire others to create their own “like” games after it. Today I bring you Towns, a city building/roguelike that was inspired by Dwarf Fortress.

Towns is still very early in development. In fact, as you’ll be able to tell from the gameplay video below, it’s probably not ready for those of you who want to play polished titles. It’s very rough and still has a lot of work that needs to be done. However, what is there shows potential.

As I already said, the game is part Sim City and part roguelike. What I mean by this is that you’ll have an overland map where you can build and resource hunt as you control a series of civilians. With those resources you can create farms, houses, mills, forges, etc. to constantly improve your town.

A part of me actually wants to compare the game to Minecraft as well. It’s almost as if Mojang had made an RTS/sim game based on Minecraft you’d get Towns, if that makes any sense.

Towns has tons of potential. The core mechanics are very fun and I’ve, personally, been anticipating a new city building sim for a while. But like I said, it’s still rough. New art is currently being worked on for the next iteration 0.30 and the game definitely needs a new suit to show itself off properly.

If you’ve got the time and adventurous gaming spirit, I’d recommend checking Towns out. You can download and play v0.25 right now for free for Linux, Mac or PC and, if you like, you can even donate to help support ongoing development.

[Towns blog]

Gameplay Video


Stonesense Slate, a non-ASCII Dwarf Fortress Graphics Mod

StonesenseSlateThere are those of us out there that love the idea of Dwarf Fortress, absolutely love it and yet are still held back by the game’s admittedly simple graphics made out of the ASCII character set. Luckily there’s a mod that remedies this situation and supplies a truly graphical context for all the glory that is Dwarf Fortress.

Stonesense Slate is a graphical mod that gives you an isometric view of the Dwarf Fortress world using various graphic sets designed by multiple artists, allowing you to mix and match. The bets part about the mod, as stated above, is that you can now visualize the actual game, something that was difficult to do prior.

Anyway, the mod is now available in version 2.2 which means it’s probably pretty simple. If you’ve ever wanted to check out Dwarf Fortress but couldn’t get beyond its humble graphics, now’s your chance.

[Stonesense Slate]