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Runespell: Overture Battle Trailers, Gameplay Explained

RuneSpell: Overture is headed to the PC and Mac on Steam Summer 2011, followed by releases on Impulse, Macstore and Direct2Drive. DIY recently covered the debut announcement of this RPG/card collecting/Poker game. The first trailer left some wanting more explanation of the battle gameplay, and developer Mystic box answered. Check out the first trailer released days ago, which focuses on the battle system.

And now the developer has released a great trailer that explains “Mythic Poker”:

The developer recapped and added some gameplay detail:

- Attack hands: max at 1 time can have 7 attack hands in preparation
- The upper area is the player’s area; the below area is the opponent’s
- If there is a single card on the board, you can use it, both from your area, or steal it from the opponent’s to form a combo
- Once a card has been placed on top of another card, it cannot be removed/stolen anymore
- A combo of 5 cards creates an attack combination
- Every round there are three action points available (in a default situation)
- With certain monsters, building stacks and timing are essential as their play style, and Power Cards can be very nasty if you don’t.

When I asked if there were other card games they thought of using, developer Barry Hoffman stated, “Currently Poker/Yahtzee combinations are the choices we made. I am definitely sure we could do some nice stuff with Uno here, as well.”

Runespell: Overture is definitely looking polished and fun to me. What are your thoughts?


Direct2Drive Indie Sack Pack and Positech Sale

Bored this weekend? Direct2Drive may have the cure! Check out the list of the indie games on sale this weekend:

Loom is (honorable indie?) Lucasfilm’s point and click adventure game. ”As the only Weaver member left to unravel the mystery, you must save the universe from ultimate devastation.”

  • Machinarium, DIY’s 2009 Game of the Year, is a multiple award-winning puzzle game (point and click) with beautiful hand-drawn backgrounds from Amanita Design.
  • Outpost Kaloki is a humor-driven space station tycoon game from Ninja Bee.
  • The Tiny Bang Story is another gorgeous adventure/puzzle game from Colibri Games. “An asteroid has hit Tiny Planet and the world is quickly breaking into pieces.” Tiny Bang’s goal is to recover those pieces.
  • Cloning Clyde is a fun side-scrolling action platformer also from Ninja Bee.  ”Escape the grip of Dupliclone Inc. before they have the chance to clone you into a mutant creature.”

Gamers can save and purchase all 5 for $19.95. Machinarium is $19.95 alone at D2D right now, so every other game would be essentially free. The deal lasts until 10 a.m. PDT May 23.

There’s also 50% off all Positech titles this weekend only, including Kudos Rock LegendKudos 2Gratuitous Space Battles and Democracy 2.


Influential Zombie Slayers in History: Dead Meets Lead Hits Digital Fronts

Keeping with this week’s theme of Zombies: Where Are They Now? Keldyn Interactive has announced the digital release of their colonial zombie slayer Dead Meets Lead, which Scott first spotted back in October.

The top-down slasher is available now for $20 on Impulse, GamersGate, Desura, and Direct2Drive, and bears a bit of a visual resemblance to Diablo…well, that is if you were playing as Diablo himself. I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet, but here’s my take from watching the release trailer:

As a seafaring, super-strong captain marooned on an undead-infested island you were supposed to rid evil voodoo from anyway, you’re already a driven, agitated individual. Apparently hordes of zombies cause you to have progressive levels of rage (hell, I can’t even begin to question that because it’s just innately brilliant stuff.) As far as slicing and shooting goes, that’s good for you, bad for them, and horrible for your relationships with loved ones — who; thankfully, don’t seem to be running around anywhere in the game. Your red coat is awesome, and clearly resolves any issue of unsightly blood stains. Also there’s a cool killshot zoom feature, maybe? I’m a good journalist.

The dev also offers “The Challenge”, which acts a playable demo of the game that has you taking on one of the maps in a survival mode setting. The file weighs in at 132 MB, you’ll be prompted to join a facebook event upon arriving at the demo page, but note you can simply bypass that to the download if you like. If I can’t get my hands on a copy of the proper game, I’ll definitely be checking this out and reporting back with some thoughts.

Have a look at the aforementioned release trailer as well. See that the captain’s attacks are indeed fierce and motivated. Seriously looks like there’s a lot of fun to be had here:

[Keldyn Interactive]


Runespell: Overture Combines Genres and Comes Up Lucky on PC and MAC

Mystic Box has an interesting combination of genres built into its soon to be released PC and MAC title, Runespell: Overture. This role-playing game combines Yahtzee/Poker mechanics with power ups and turn-based card battles in what looks to be a fun twist on  RPG/puzzle hybrids.  The team states that Runespell: Overture will premiere on Steam in the summer of 2011, followed by releases on Impulse, Macstore, and Direct 2 Drive. Mystic Box already has a Steam Community portal established.

Check out the first trailer here and see what kind of gameplay is in store:

Runespell appears to have an overhead quest map like Puzzle Quest. The trailer states defeated enemies can become one’s pets or allies (how about both?).  Unfortunately, the trailer does not depict in great detail the mechanics behind the poker gameplay other than showing that it is turn based with specials lined up on the side of the screen and cards that seem dealt out more like Solitaire. The press release states the story is set in an alternative version of medieval Europe and there are more than 30 monsters types each with a unique card set and attack style.

I’d like to see some Yahtzee  gameplay footage next. Now that’s a game I love to hate. What are your thoughts on this poker/RPG hybrid?

Source: Runespell


Indie Weekend Sales: Sorely Missed

It’s been too long, so let’s run over some indie sales going on around the web this weekend to make up for it.

Plenty of happenings at most of the major distributors, including large discounts and pre-order offers. All offers end Monday, March 28 unless otherwise noted.


Originally a PSiNdie exclusive, Big Sandwich Games is bringing HOARD to PC through Steam on April 4! I didn’t know this until this moment and it deserves more specific and elongated mention, but for now pre-order for 25% off ( $7.50.)

Joshyy’s all ready low-priced retro casual shooter Arcadia is 50% off and goes for just $2.50.

Fatshark is wrapping up a free weekend for team-based multiplayer shooter Lead & Gold: Gangs of the Wild West, with the game going 75% off ($2.50) until tomorrow morning (also on GamersGate.) 

Coffee Stain Studios’ upcoming part shooter, part tower defense title Sanctum is 10% off and goes for $13.50 up until its release on April 15. You can also get 20% off if you buy a two-pack which comes out to $10 a copy.

Finally, 800 North and Digital Ranch’s terrible lizard WWII mash-up (and potential GOTY candidate???) Dino D-Day has been given the 10% off pre-order treatment and goes for $18 until the title hits April 8.


Keldyn Interactive is offering a 30% off discount ($13.99) for those who pr-order their zombie-slaying action title Dead Meets Lead (offer available on Desura as well.)

Stout Games’ lightly priced experimental title Dinner Date has been given a light 10% discount ($4.50) as well.

Get Games

Get Games is offering Croteam’s furiously fun FPS Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter for a very nice 75% off ($3.74.)


Haven’t actually heard of this one so can’t personally recommend, but developer Rake In Grass has taken a sizable 66% off ($10.18) their arcade shooter Jets’n'Guns Gold.


D2D is running a deal for 20% off all titles–indie or otherwise–including pre-orders when you use the code “marchmadness” at checkout.


Dream.Build.Play First Place Winner A.R.E.S. Releasing With 3D and HD Support on Steam


A.R.E.S. is coming to Steam on January 19th. The build will include two new armor skins which are available for the player to switch from the beginning. This build will be exclusive to Steam for a limited time. The game is already available for purchase on Direct2Drive, Desura, and GamersGate. For those who haven’t heard, the folks at Hyperduck have provided an awesome MegaMan X-inspired pulse pounding soundtrack.

DIY’s Peter covered the PC release of A.R.E.S. last month. The link included loads of screen shots and a free demo. The game controls with a keyboard and a mouse or an XBOX 360 controller. The latter seems only natural, since Extend Studios entered and placed in Microsoft’s XNA competition. The team has high hopes of an XBLA release this year, as well.

The Steam release has received an additional upgrade. The game is ready for HD and is fully compatible with Nvidia 3D vision glasses! The below trailer was made specifically for the Steam release. Somehow, the music and action are even more intense this time around! The video includes a look at the extra skins mentioned and some extreme boss fights.

I’ll be posting an interview with HyperDuck soon. Once the Steam release is live, I’ll have a chat with Extend Studios and hopefully have procured a way to use my XBOX360 controller on A.R.E.S. My apologizes for being a recovering “consoloholic.”

Try out the demo and leave your reactions at one of the outlets below:



AI War 4.0 is Practically an Entire New Game but Free


For all intents and purposes this new “update” could well have been an expansion pack, or sequel with how much the developers have poured into it. I’m not joking, this is the largest and most robust update for a game I think I’ve ever seen.

AI War, by developer Arcen Games, has always been a fun tactical strategy game where the player is tasked with fighting against a horde of sentient AI machines that have driven humanity to the brink of extinction. This new update, however, goes above and beyond the original game by adding new ships, AI types, factions and maps to the game’s already impressive line up.

Here’s a rough breakdown:

  • 36 new ships, including:
  • 5 new ship classes with a variety of abilities.
  • Enclave Starships and Regeneration Chambers for direct unlock.
  • 6 new AI special weapons.
  • 6 new AI Types.
  • 3 Neinzul alien minor factions (NPCs).
  • Devastating new Hybrid Hives AI plot.
  • 3 new in-game music tracks, plus a new title music track.
  • Two new map styles: X and Concentric Circles.

Of course, this feature set is pretty limited in just what the new update offers. If you’re interested in checking out just what was included then I suggest popping on over to the developer’s blog and checking out all the nitty gritty details.

As mentioned in the title, for those of you who have bought the game this is a free update. Despite the massive amounts of additional content, AI War 4.0 is 100% free. For those of you who have not yet purchased, I urge you to check out the trailer below and buy the game from either the developer’s website or one of the various online digital distribution stores. It’s only $19.99 and well worth it.

[Buy/Try, Arcen Games]



Indie Weekend Sales: Them Bones

Indie-SalesHow about some indie sales for this, a month-turning weekend. That’s right, by Monday we’ll be well into August, and usually when temperatures get hot, game sales disappear. Luckily, digital distribution never rests, and offers plenty PC indie game discounts over the next couple of days. Have a look and see if something catches your fancy:

We’ve already discussed D2D’s IGF Finalists and Winners sale resurgence, which actually goes through the middle of next week. It’s a great deal if you don’t have half of the ten games packed in the bundle.

Impulse offers a few sales including the best individual discount of the weekend. Exosyphen’s Hacker: Evolution Untold with the “Flight Zero” expansion is 50% off, and can be had for just $12.50 instead of $25. Gratuitous Space Battles Complete is $15 off for the third weekend in a row (Our review.) Lastly, KRANX’s casual puzzler Musaic Box is $4.20 instead of $7.

Direct2Drive is offering a few deals this weekend. Killing Floor is $5 off and goes for just $15, Tripwire’s other title Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 has been given the same 25% discount taking the $10 FPS down to $7.50. IGN’s digital distribution service is now also offering the 10% pre-order deal for Frictional’s adventure horror Amnesia: Dark Descent.

Steam’s offering a 10% pre-order discount on Team17′s Worms Reloaded, taking a couple bucks off the $20 strategy game.


D2D Reboots Indie Games Bundle Sale

The_Best_of_indie_bundleDirect2Drive has announced the rebirth of its Indie Games Bundle sale. Through next week, interested parties can grab 10 quality, well known indie games in one pack for just $29.95. Compare that to $134.50 if you were to purchase the games individually.

The games in the bundle include World of Goo, Machinarium, Puzzlegeddon, Gish, The Maw, Braid, Cogs, AAAAA!!! — A Reckless Disregard for Gravity, Osmos and Crayon Physics Deluxe. All of the above games are good in our opinion and some are true classics. It’s a deal that you don’t have to steal.

The offer ends Tuesday, August 3.


AI War & Trine on Sale via D2D

AI_War_Zenith_UpdateThe fourth week of Direct2Drive’s spring sale continues with two more well-known indies getting a discount.

Through next Monday morning, you can snag Trine for $4.95 and a bundle of AI War Fleet Command & AI War Zenith Remnant for $9.95.

That’s 75% off Trine and 67% off AI War.

Snag ‘em while you can. Both title are well worth it, discounted or not.