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Cowbeam from Digital Dreams

Dutch indie developers Digital Dreams plan to release adorable puzzle game Cowbeam for iOs later this month. In Cowbeam, players meet Hank, a goofy, green, cow-loving alien. Hank is traveling the galaxy in search of special cows, and the player must help him match the cow to the cow’s home planet. Cows match their home planet in a variety of ways, so blue planets will be populated with blue cows, or a cow in sunglasses is from a sunny planet, and the player must help Hank find these pairs. The universe is vast, and Hank will search through nine different galaxies, filled with thousands of cows and planets.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Cowbeam from Digital Dreams


Browser Pick: A Tale By Alex

Got a hot n’ fresh browser game here for ya. This time it’s a small game called A Tale By Alex developed by a new indie studio based in the Netherlands called Digital Dreams. This is their first developed game and, although it’s a flash game, it’s really just a stepping stone to their console debut, which they’re working on now.

That said, the flash game they have created is pretty damn good! The game starts off by acting as a traditional platformer in an otherwise ordinary, yet pixelated, world. The game moves at a steady pace that you don’t control. Upon reaching various points you’ll be introduced to a new character that you’ll be playing with at the same time. For example, you jump, he jumps. Eventually you’ll get the the point where you’re controlling three characters at the same time.

Check out the official description:

I’m Alex, and I’m 9 years old. Whenever I come home from school, I like to play. With my friends, my cat and even my fish! My sister can’t play along, because she’s a girl and evil! Whenever I hurt myself I get to go to the toy store with my mother. I get to choose whatever I want!

But now you’re here, let me tell you a story! Once upon a time, there was a knight called Alex. He was a strong and fearsome man, slaying whatever came in his way. He was big and handsome and the strongest man in the land!

He comes across wizards, robots and even awesome big dragons. He climbed mountains, jumped over lava and dodged deadly traps to become the greatest warrior ever! The further he came, the more Alex was known as a hero. The moment he got past the dragons lair he was even crowned the King! Want to know how it ends? Come play along after school! We’ll have lemonade! But remember I, the great Alex, will be the Hero.

And feature list:

  • Simultaneously controlling three characters at the same time bringing a completely unique experience
  • Unique art style consisting of crooked pixels which are diagonally aligned instead of horizontally
  • Unique setting about typical child fantasy
  • Voice acting as you’ve never heard before
  • Over 15 items such as different melee weapons, ranged weapons, armor and mounts the player can buy to get further in the game
  • 10 different enemies, in their unique form in the real world, to the rich fantasy of Alex

The game is a lot of fun and I’ve enjoyed my time with it. But I think what really attracted me to the game is the way the story is told. You play as Alex (mentioned in the above description) as he envisions himself in different levels of detail of his imagination. So, for example, the bottom platform is Alex playing in his house. The other two are varying degrees of imagination levels with “Sir” Alex fighting dragons and jumping over fire pits.

If you’ve got some spare time, I’d definitely check this game out. For a browser game it’s quite fun.

[Armor Games]