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Into The Kiln: ‘The Dream Machine’ Steam Launch Trailer

The Dream Machine

Cockroach has released a new trailer for their marvellous clay and cardboard point and click adventure, The Dream Machine, in order to commemorate its impending release on Steam. Regardless of your opinion of the genre in which it lies, The Dream Machine‘s aesthetics make it a an absolute triumph alone. Claymation is notoriously laborious but that doesn’t deter these developers, not one bit.

The game has been around for a little while now as it has been release episodically, but only now with Steam’s push for more indie games has it been picked up by the digital distributor. It’s good news all around too – a deserved game gets more publicity, those with an odd attachment to Steam are happy and we’re happy to watch more deserved developers get a chance in the spotlight.

If you can’t wait until May 11th for The Dream Machine to become available on Steam then you can catch up by playing the first episode on the official website, better yet you can buy the other episodes from the official store while you’re there.

More information on The Dream Machine can be found on the game’s official website.


Steam Clay: ‘The Dream Machine’ Coming To Steam

They just keep on coming, don’t they? Our seemingly daily foray into the Steam registry appears to have unearthed yet another acclaimed indie classic that might just be on its way to Steam, this time in the form of The Dream Machine. At the moment, all that seems to be in the offing is a trailer, but it seems inevitable that more news will be incoming very shortly.

Previously a browser-based game, The Dream Machine‘s leap to Valve’s distribution service probably shouldn’t come as a great surprise given its eyecatching visual appeal and unique art direction. While the game itself is a standard point-and-click affair, what sets The Dream Machine apart from the rest of the pack is the fact that it was completely made by hand using clay, cardboard and other household materials. Watching it in action is almost akin to witnessing an animated children’s programme from the 1970s come to life, which is a concept that’s just as spooky as it is chuffing awesome. Take a look at the original trailer below and you’ll get an inkling of what to expect.


Cautious Clay: The Dream Machine Oozes Amazing

The_Dream_MachineAs lastly reported here on DIYGamer, there’s a stunning point-and-click adventure game made out of clay and cardboard that you simply must see. It’s called The Dream Machine, and while there’s plenty already on the game to offer to you, it’s inevitably going to leave you only wanting more once you take it all in.

The game, a handmade effort by the two-man team at Cockroach Inc., is built in three dimensions and then adjusted, added to and photographed countless times to turn the magic into gameplay. TDM will be released episodically, telling the tale of a couple who has moved into a new apartment only to find out as they’re settling in that all is not quite right in the seemingly quiet building.

A playable demo is available to check out here, and you can sign up for the beta to get access to the full first chapter here. If you’re looking for more on the game, especially behind the scenes info, may we recommend the highly detailed dev blog?

Check out the trailer, the set-up shot and more screens below (click to biggy-size.) There, see? All that info and media and all I can think about is “give me more.”







Claymation Shooter Platypus Hits Xbox Live

Platypus_XBLIGEscapist Games has announced the release of its claymation shoot ‘em up Platypus onto the Xbox Live Marketplace via the Indie Games section.

The acclaimed title brings addictive gameplay in one or two player action. Defend your home land while grabbing power-ups and other treasure along the way. Embrace the fast pace with 20 stages of endless enemies along with plenty of boss battles.

The game is said to be built from the ground up for co-op so make sure you bring your wing man Maverick. Platypus is available in the Marketplace now for 400 MS Points ($5).