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Buy Some iOS Games, Help Child’s Play and Doctors Without Borders

Whoa there iOS gamer. I see you staring longingly at that new Angry Birds: Whatever expansion pack that only costs a $1.99. I know those games are fun and getting the best score as soon as possible to make the high score list is a noble effort, but did you know there are a dozen other iOS games you could buy right now where not only would get a new awesome game, but you’d also be helping either Child’s Play or Doctors Without Borders… that’s right have your cake and eat it too!


Drifter Shows of Hyperspace Jump Gameplay, Continues to Impress

Last month I gushed a bit about an upcoming iOS space trading game called Drifter, a mobile game inspired by the likes of Frontier and Privateer that was released years ago on the PC.

Anyway, the reason why I’m writing about the game again is because the developer Celcius Game Studios has released a new gameplay video which shows off some pretty damned imnpressive graphics and gameplay for a iOS title.

Check it out:

I think what I’m most impressed with isn’t so much the game itself (although that’s easy to be impressed with) but rather the user interface which allows you to hyper jump between various systems. As a long time fan of many space trading games, I can say that this method of faster than light travel seems to be much more intuitive than most other games in the genre.

Also, as an astronomy buff, I’m really digging the galactic map!

Drifter is still early in development so don’t get your hopes up too much a release anytime soon, but for those of you with iThings this should be one of the games you keep a look out for.

[Celsius Game Studios]

[UPDATE: The developer pinged me on Twitter to let me know that a PC version is being considered for release shortly after the iOS version. Great news for those of us who don't own iDoohickies!]


A Procedurally Generated Space Exploration and Trading Game: Drifter

I’m not huge on mobile games. Never had a Gameboy as a child (out of my lack of noney more than anything else) and, as such, I’ve never really felt connected to a game until I was at home sitting in front of my television. So, despite my excitement at Drifter’s announcement, I also write this post with a heavy heart knowing that I’ll probably never be able to play this game…

But that should in no way stop you from playing Drifter (when available) should you have the means to do so, probably an iOS device of some sort given the developers past with iOS game creation.

Drifter is, as the title suggests, a space trading and exploration game. It’s essentially reminiscent of games like Frontier and Privateer. In fact, it’s a pretty damn ambitious game for a mobile title as well. The game is currently boasting around 100,000 lightyears worth of space to explore with a procedurally generated universe meaning there should, in theory, be limitless gameplay.

Of course, we can’t know just how big that is until we are able to see the speed of the space ship you get, but it sounds impressive nonetheless. I do know, according to Star Trek warp theory (yeah, shut up) it would take approximately 100 years to travel at warp 9.9… so that’s something.

The game is currently in development by Celsius Game Studios and doesn’t yet have a solid release date or a platform (but again we’re pretty sure it’s iOS), but if this is your type of game then you should definitely keep an eye on it!

[Celsius Game Studios]



‘Chromodyne Lite’ Makes Way Onto App Store

chromodyneColin Walsh’s match-three puzzler left a good impression on me. Now, almost 7 months after its release, gamers who were skeptical about whether they would enjoy the two-dollar indie can give it a shot through Chromodyne Lite. Celsius Game Studios unveiled the new app with a brand new 5-level story to introduce players to the Quantum Chromodynamic Cyclotron, or Chromodyne.

Since my review, the story has been expanded, there is a brand new soundtrack from Kevin MacLeod, and…well, a “lite” version. The 3D match-3 gameplay isn’t the only thing that can get you hooked, as story mode will take you through some hilarious story elements involving you saving the world.

Try Chromodyne Lite out now!

Press Release:

New iPhone Game Release: Chromodyne Lite

Celsius Game Studios is proud to present Chromodyne Lite, the free version of its unique and exciting match-3 puzzle game, Chromodyne! Chromodyne Lite is available for the iPhone and iPod Touch, on the Apple App Store.

Chromodyne Lite features a brand new 5 chapter story introducing the player to the Chromodyne as they work their way through the Chromodynamic Academy’s accredited Accelerated Chromodyne Operator’s Course. Through this program, you too can learn the skills necessary to save the world from impending doom from outer space!

“Course?” You say.

“That sounds like it might be expensive…” You say.

You would say that, wouldn’t you?

Well, you might expect to pay tens of thousands of dollars and rack up years of crushing student debt at some “university” to learn how to save the world. Not so at the Chromodynamic Academy. No, you too can learn all this today for the low, low price of FREE!

Not only do you get this valuable training, but you’ll also find that Chromodyne Lite offers fun and challenging 3D match-3 gameplay, colourful and striking visual effects, and an awesome soundtrack by Kevin MacLeod.

If you’re saying: “Well, I can’t possibly go wrong with that! Plus I can’t argue with free… Especially when you put it in all caps like that!” I’d suggest you follow this link and give it a try.


Buy Chromodyne, Now! [Review]

chromodyne2Colin Walsh…you sly, sly devil, you! In the world of independent gaming, puzzles are tenfold, erm, thousandfold (not based on factual evidence). Understandably so, sifting through the rubble to find those gems can be quite time-consuming, but let me make it easier by telling you that I have found one right here in Chromodyne.

Yes, the familiar match-three formula is present here, but do not let the “yeah I’ve played match-three puzzles before” attitude stray you from this beauty. Also, it’s only $0.99, you need no better reason to get it! All right, fine, I guess I’ll give you a full breakdown.