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Canabalt’s Essence Squished into 16KB: C64anabalt

Website RGCD has tasked its readers with creating a game in 16KB to fit a C64 cartridge for their annual competition. Develper Paulko64 has stepped up to the challenge. As one might guess, it’s a demake of Adam Saltsman’s hit Canabalt, aptly named C64anabalt. Paulko64 has a lot to consider, scaling down a game 800 times its size (Canabalt is a 13.5 MB iPhone game, not sure of the browser version).

Paulko64 has an eye for classic indies; he or she seems to have demade VVVVVV for a similar contest.

One grey area (palette pun) I’ve stumbled upon is in the contest rules:

8. The applicant owns their work, so therefore submitted games will *ONLY* be released for sale at an agreed price via RGCD if the coder expresses a desire to do so.

While the certainly owns all the code he wrote to replicate Canabalt, I would think the game wouldn’t even be up for negotiation of selling. Still, I am sure creator Adam Saltsman is more than likely flattered and will be interested, like us, to see how much of his game can be scaled down to 16KB by the contest’s deadline of November 30.

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