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Undiminishing Returns: ‘Humble Bundle 7′ Coming Soon?

Humble Bundle

In a revelation that will come as no shock to seasoned indie gaming fans around the globe, it looks as though yet another edition of pioneering Humble Indie Bundle could imminently be upon us.

That’s if a recent listing retrieved from the Steam App Directory is to be believed, anyway. The new entry, added earlier today, makes mention of a package simply called “Humble Indie Bundle 7,” with no details regarding what we can expect it to consist of.

Okay, so details might be extremely sketchy right now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate, right? With the Humble Bundle Mojam having been sandwiched between two versions of the Humble Android Bundle earlier this year, it’s been over four months since the last ‘conventional’ bundle – that being the Humble Indie Bundle 4, which brought us such delights as Cave Story+, Super Meat Boy, Jamestown, Shank, Nightsky, Bit.Trip Runner and Gratuitous Space Battles. Could it be time to break away from the Android platform and deliver another PC-centric package? How about something different entirely?

We’re all none the wiser right now, but it’s likely that we’ll hear some concrete details very soon. In the meantime, what are your hopes, expectations and opinions on what might be in store?


‘Gravitaz’ Should Provide Anti-Grav Racing With An Edge


Glass Bottom Games have have announced their forthcoming anti-gravity racer, Gravitaz, which they are also seeking funding support for. Will you make it happen? Is it worth it?

So here’s a thing, I’m not much of a fan of racing games, except when dirty play is allowed, i.e. weapons, ridiculous turbo boosts, head bludgeoning etc. So, if I’m going to invest my time in a genre I am totally useless at, I’m going to have fun doing it. Gravitaz seems to be that kind of game, plus it has the kind of “dirty” future setting I so adore. Let’s get to the nitty gritty though.

Gravitaz is the next project from Glass Bottom Games who are also developing The Savage Garden. Where and how they’re finding the time? Beats me. Focusing on Gravitaz though, this is an anti-gravity racer so it’s set slightly in the future and new technology has brought forth a new sport which is still in its infancy – the big sponsorships and corporations tied to it are yet to arrive.

Some have quoted WipEout as a similarity, but Gravitaz is actually fairly decent, which is why I like the look of the latter and can’t stand the former. Gravitaz aims to be gritty, though these are futuristic anti-gravity vehicles they still “sport dust and scratches, bad welds, and even bits of duct tape”. Even better is that this is combat racing, so there will be some of that head bludgeoning to dish out on occasion.

Gravitaz is still in early development and the developers are looking for funding on Kickstarter. By putting your money upfront, you can grab yourself a copy of the game for PC, Mac or Linux as well as other rewards on top of that. Want to see some pre-alpha gameplay? Be our guest:

More information on Gravitaz can be found on the game’s official website.


Steam Hosts The ‘Indie Adventure Bundle’

Indie Adventure Bundle

As part of Steam’s Midweek Madness they are jumping on the bundle bandwagon and flaunting five rather good adventure games for a decent price. You’ve got to be fast to catch this one though.

If you like bundles and you know it, clap your hands. Oh quite a few of you I hear. Well then, you’ll be interested in this little bargain then. Digital distribution service Steam is holding an Indie Adventure Bundle this week – notice the word “bundle”, they normally just call them “packs”. In said bundle are five adventure games that you will enjoy undoubtedly, the problem is that you may already own them, in which case do feel free to pass them on to friends who are foolish enough to not own them. That’s a good consumer.

So, what do we have lined up for you? Well, we should first note that if you’re going to purchase this bundle then you’ll need to be quick about it – it ends at 4pm in Pacific Time, Thursday 12th of April!

How much will this bundle cost you – is probably your next question. Well, dear reader, this bundle gives you 75% off the total price which leaves you at £6.99 for all five games. Not bad, not bad at all.

To grab the Indie Adventure Bundle you should head over to the official page on Steam – but fast!


Hungry For Games? The ‘Be Mine 2′ Bundle Has Launched

Be Mine 2

The Be Mine 2 Bundle has gone live if you didn’t already know – grab yourself a bargain of games, film, music even comic book and feed the hungry while you’re at it.

You know the drill by now: here’s another new bundle that has just launched, head over there with your monies and grab the goods, donate to charity and keep an eye out for more unlocked goods as time progresses. Simple. Of course you want details though, so here we go! First and foremost, the Be Mine 2 Bundle is available in conjunction with Feed Them With Music which means that every $2 spent on the bundle will be donated to the charity which will then give meals to the hungry – a very good cause.

Here’s the bit for you consumerist society floozies though. The Be Mine 2 Bundle comes with five games at the $4 minimum, a fifth on is added if you pay $10 though. Here’s the list of available games:

Non game-related, there are also two more bonuses for those who pay over $10, they are a special collection of music from hip-hop artist Eligh and a graphic novel by the name of Return To Wonderland.

Now, as is the trend with bundles, there are plenty of unlockables granting you even more items for your money. Some of which have already been unlocked at the time of writing, those being: the indie comic book Cyber Chicken #1 and the indie film The Red Skulls. After that there are 3 more tiers, one with more music and another with DLC for some of the games in the bundle and then a mystery unlock which will be revealed if it’s reached.

So, in order to grab yourself the bundle you’ll want to head on over to the official Be Mine 2 Bundle website, where all of the contents are displayed in a much more digestible and informative way.


Now We March! ‘Indie Fort Bundle’ Is Go

Indie Fort Bundle

GamersGate have launched their new bundle endeavour with the first Indie Fort Bundle which is now live and taking orders.

We announced the new Indie Fort Bundle the other day and now we give you the news that it is live – are you ready for some rather awesome games to enter your brain? You better be! The Indie Fort Bundle initially offers 6 games for just $6, which is the minimum spend, but there are plenty of reasons for spending more than just a measly $6 – one of them being that anything over that goes straight to the developers.

Before we get into that though, let’s recap which games are available as part of the bundle:

So that’s the minimum you’ll get for your $6, but there are plenty of extra goodies to unlock if certain goals are met which you can view on the official website. These include:

  • Puckbang (Arcade Game)
  • Cardinal Quest soundtrack
  • Devil Whiskey soundtrack
  • Rambros (check it out here)
  • Developer Thank You video
  • Mordor v1.1: The Grim

You’ll want to head over to the official website in the next seven days to grab your copy of the bundle and find out any more information you may need.


Could It Be? Steam Is Coming To Linux

Linux Steam

Perhaps you shouldn’t get your hopes up, but then again, this seems to be pretty solid evidence that Steam is making its way to Linux very soon.

Indie developers and their games have been kind to Linux gamers, which is an often neglected platform, especially by the AAA side of the industry. They returned the favor by consistently being the highest contributors to the Humble Bundle which gave Linux gamers many new titles for them to try out, for example. Now, it seems that the penguin gamers will be treated to Steam in the near future.

What’s the evidence then? Well, a Reddit user has posted an image of an email conversation with Valve about porting the Source Engine to Linux which seems to be real and solid confirmation. Here’s the image for your viewing pleasure:

Steam On Linux

Why would we be interested in this though? Well, recently we discussed the idea that Valve were looking to make many big changes to Steam, ones that were to be focused on the needs of indie developers and like we just mentioned, Linux gaming is mostly catered for by indie developers. So, if more indie games will be on their way to Steam (hopefully) then it’s surely very good news to know that they will be able to make their games available to Windows, Mac and now Linux on the same platform.

That’s not to mention the benefit this will have to the many indie game bundles which will also be able to cater to the very generous people of Linux even easier if this was to happen! Let’s just hope that this means it really is on the way along with many more indie friendly changes to Valve’s digital distribution platform.


Indie Royale’s ‘April Fools Bundle’ Is Now Live

Indie Royale April Fools Bundle

The pre-order stage is over and now Indie Royale‘s April Fools Bundle is on sale, but what games are contained within this time?

For the next six days and counting, you can pick up five indie games from Indie Royale’s April Fools Bundle at a very cheap price. As always, the minimum price of this bundle fluctuates according to how much people are paying for it – go over the minimum and you’ll drop the price for everyone else and vice versa. If you do go over the minimum you’ll receive some bonuses as well though!

Let’s have a look at what’s up for grabs in this latest iteration of the bundle then:

As previously stated, go over the minimum price and you’ll also receive Sexy Synthesizer’s “Japanese ’80s-style chip album” Rock: Deluxe Edition. Those who pre-ordered the bundle will also receive this bonus automatically.

Go grab your April Fools Bundle over on the official Indie Royale website.


‘Be Mine 2′ Bundle Revealed And Taking Orders

Be Mine Bundle 2

Groupees has revealed the full line up and other important information of their second Be Mine Bundle and they’re taking orders right now!

Though the first effort from the Be Mine bundle went off to a very rocky start, the Be Mine 2 bundle seems to be going a lot smoother at the moment. After teasing the line up not too long ago, Groupees have now unveiled the bundle and are taking reservations in preparation for the launch in a few days time – a wise move considering what happened last time.

The Be Mine 2 bundle is actually put together with Feed Them With Music which means that every $2 spent on the bundle will be donated to the charity which is able to transform every dollar into three meals for those in dire need of food.

Of course, as well as helping charity you’re also going to want to grab some games, so the Be Mine 2 bundle contains the following games at a $4 minimum:

If you ramp up your donation a little bit more to the $10 mark then you’ll also receive a few bonuses, namely Killing Floor, music from hip-hop artist Eligh and another special item which is yet to be announced.

Of course, there are plenty of group incentives to be unlocked when the bundle has sold enough copies, including DLC for the games in the bundle, more music and even an indie horror film too. All is detailed in the video below:

You can beat the masses when the Be Mine 2 bundle officially launches by paying for and reserving your copy right now over on the official website.


‘A Valley Without Wind’ Release Delayed For A Whole Week

A Valley Without Wind

Today, we bring sad news – A Valley Without Wind‘s 1.0 release has been delayed for a week. A whole week!


Wipe your tears dear child, it’s only a week that you must be parted from the 1.0 version of A Valley Without Wind. We know it will be hard and this is tragic news, but you can get through it…we have no doubt.

Okay enough tomfoolery – AVWW really has been delayed for a week as it will be coming out on April 23rd rather than the 16th. The reason? PAX East. Yeah. Arcen Games wrote in the update that because they’ve had to prepare for PAX and now that more than half of the team will be unable to work on the game during the convention, they won’t have enough time to prep for the big release on the date as planned.

(Shakes fist) Curse you PAX East!

Well anyway, AVWW will still be coming to Steam for $14.99, unless you grab it before it’s released in which case you’ll get the game for $9.99. If you have no idea what all this commotion is about then you need to get educated – AVWW is a procedurally generated, sidescrolling kick-ass-a-thon which is fully co-op able and very, very luring with its unique visuals.

More information on A Valley Without Wind can be found on the game’s official website.


‘Age Of Decadence’ Now Taking Pre-Orders

Age of Decadence

After releasing the public beta of their turn-based RPG, Iron Tower Studios are now taking pre-orders for Age of Decadence.

If you’ve been dabbling in the recently released public beta of Age of Decadence you may be glad to know (presuming you like the game) that you can now pre-order the game and in doing so, help out the developers even more. Iron Tower have delayed the pre-order stage until now because they wanted to make sure that people knew what they were pre-ordering. With Age of Decadence, you should be expecting a fairly deep RPG experience, with turn-based rules and plenty of actual ‘role-playing’ mechanics with fully fleshed out paths to suit all of your choices.

We suggest, as the developers do, that you play the beta if you haven’t already, before you pre-order. If you do like the game and want to secure yourself a copy then, like we said, you can pre-order through BMT Micro for $25.

If you’re feeling generous and really want to help out the developers you can donate more though and there’s incentive to do so as well, as listed below:

  • $25 (pre-order) – will be listed and thanked in the credits
  • $30 (pre-order plus $5 extra) – will receive a nice, golden tag – Patron of the Motherfucking Arts
  • $40 (pre-order plus $15 extra) – you can create a filler character* for the game

If you go over that you’ll just get a million thanks from the developers and probably some hugs and kisses or something. More pre-order details are outlined here.

Iron Tower expect Age of Decadence to be finished and released in 2013, so there’s still a while to wait yet. Hopefully, if enough pre-orders come in and the developers can use that money to focus full time on the project then it will be even sooner!

More information on Age of Decadence can be found on the official website.