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Zen Studios Highlighted in Pinball FX 2 Humble Weekly Sale

Pinball FX2

The latest Humble Weekly Sale started this Thursday, and for the next week, Pinball FX 2 tables can be purchased in the bundle. The base bundle comes with 11 tables including every core table from the first and second games. Beating the average will get you double that, with two Marvel superhero packs and a Star Wars pack of tables.

These tables will be on sale for the next week, and as always, you can choose how much of your purchase is going to Zen Studios, Red Cross, and Humble themselves. Any of the money put towards Red Cross during this sale will help people affected by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

Pinball FX 2 itself is free to download from the Steam Store, coming with one table (Sorcerer’s Lair). Pinball FX 2 was released in 2010 on XBLA to rave reviews, with many calling it the best pinball simulator out there. This sale is a great way for pinball fans to get a solid collection of virtual tables to play.

This sale is running along side Humble Mobile Bundle 3 that comes with two titles premiering on Android (Ridiculous Fishing and Swordigo), as well as the crazy sale going on at the newly-launched Humble Store, where new games have been going on sale for a while every day since the opening.

You can check out the sale on the Humble Bundle website, and follow Zen Studios on Twitter for more info on Pinball FX2!

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Zen Studios Highlighted in Pinball FX 2 Humble Weekly Sale


‘Gone Home’ And Game’s Soundtrack Albums Bundled Together


The Fullbright Company is now offering Gone Home and four albums featuring music from the game, for $25 on the game’s official website.

“One of the most exciting things about making Gone Home was getting to work with so many talented musicians,” The Fullbright Company said on their website. “We got everyone from classic Riot Grrrl bands, to local garage rockers, to our friend Chris Remo’s music into the game, resulting in a really unique sound and feel.”So today we’re announcing that we’ve worked with all these musicians to offer a rad new way to get Gone Home and a TON of music, all for a kind of crazily low price.”

While the base game is still available for $19.99, the bundle includes the game and four albums for just another $5.

Included in the bundle: Gone Home, Calculated by Heavens to Betsy, Pottymouth by Bratmobile, Gone Home’s original score, and The Youngins are Hardcore by The Youngins.

Read our review of Gone Home.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – ‘Gone Home’ And Game’s Soundtrack Albums Bundled Together


The Big Bad Bundle – 3 Levels, 6 Games


Earlier today, Bundle Dragon launched the Big Bad Bundle, an “all indie, all Steam” bundle which features six games alongside six extra goodies (art books and soundtracks).

The bundle is broken into three levels ($1 minimum, $5 minimum, $8 minimum), and the top three contributors will receive a limited Big Bad Bundle t-shirt. Fifteen percent of all contributions will be donated to Child’s Play charity. During the second week, a yet-announced puzzle game will unlock for buyers who paid above the average price, though there is no visible tracker of what the average price currently is.

For the $1 tier, buyers will get a Steam code for Hamlet and Hack, Slash, Loot, as well as Hamlet’s art book, and Hack, Slash, Loot’s soundtrack. The $5 tier features both Adventures of Shuggy and Tobe’s Vertical Adventure, and the soundtrack for Adventures of Shuggy, and the art book for Tobe’s Vertical Adventure. The $8 tier comes with Cargo Commander and Vessel, as well as Vessel’s art book. An unknown fourth item is coming soon for the $8 tier.

The Big Bad Bundle is currently available for the next two weeks on the Bundle Dragon website.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – The Big Bad Bundle – 3 Levels, 6 Games


Thirteen Indie RPGs Bundled Together For Less Than $6


With a little less than a day remaining on the sale, the Indie RPG Bundle over on Bundle In A Box offers buyers thirteen indie RPGs for less than six dollars. Paying the bare minimum of $1.99 gets buyers Unemployment Quest, The Siege of the Necromancer, Styrateg, Inaria, Dungeon Fray, Empires & Dungeons 2, Frayed Knights, and Hack, Slash, Loot.

Beating the average (currently $5.13) adds in the games Telepath RPG: Servants of God, The Wizard’s Lair, Northmark: Hour of the Wolf, The Wizard from Tarnath Tor, and CoC: The Wasted Land.

As RPGs tend to be longer games in comparison to just about every other game genre, for the price of admission this is a tough deal to beat. Of course, it goes without saying that since the Indie RPG Bundle is pay-what-you-want, if you feel the urge to be generous than by all means donate above the minimum prices.

All of the games featured in the bundle can be downloaded DRM-free from the website. Hack, Slash, Loot comes with a Steam key and a Desura key. Everyone who participates in the sale will also receive the soundtracks for Droidscape: Basilica, Unemployment Quest, Northmark, Inaria, and Hack, Slash, Loot.

As the final day arrives, the Indie RPG Bundle raised $1,106.65 for charity, and $645.00 for the Indie Dev Grant.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Thirteen Indie RPGs Bundled Together For Less Than $6


Pixeljam Is Selling Their Library Of Games In A Pay-What-You-Want Sale

Development team, Pixeljam, is hosting a sale where buyers can pick up the entire Pixeljam game catalog for whatever price they feel is fair. The bundle, entitled The Pixeljam Octology comes with six games and two soundtracks, and if buyers choose to pay more than $10, they get access to Pixeljam’s “Treat List” an exclusive group that gets goodies on a monthly basis from the development team.

“So, have you played our other games Potatoman Seeks The Troof? Dino Run SE? Marathon of Doom? Snowball? Bitku?” Pixeljam asks on the bundle’s page, “If you answered NO to any of those questions, you are in a very good position to make some positive changes in all of our lives, as we are now offering our entire library of games and music for a dollar.”

All of the games offered are Windows, Mac, and Linux compatible, and buyers can select to download the soundtracks in either FLAC or MP3 formats. The top contributors will receive special rewards at the close of the sale.

The games included in the bundle are:

Potatoman Seeks The Troof
Dino Run: Marathon of Doom
Dino Run: SE
Bitku Beta

The soundtracks included are Pixeljams Volume 1, and the original soundtrack for Potatoman Seeks The Troof.

The sale lasts through the 25th of July.

Visit The Pixeljam Octology’s website and be sure to follow the developers on Twitter.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Pixeljam Is Selling Their Library Of Games In A Pay-What-You-Want Sale


Free Bundle #4 – Five Games, No Cost

Free Bundle 4

For the fourth, and hopefully not the last, time, the Cabrera Brothers have assembled another Free Bundle. Featuring five games from various genres, there is something in it for everyone…especially since it doesn’t cost a penny. Or even…a pence. (See, I’m globalizing!)

The lineup includes:

Bear Surfin Mega Wave from Normalen Baren
You Have To Win The Game from J. Kyle Pittman
Dirty Split from dreamagination team
Vicinity from Vicinity Team
Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch from CutmanMike and Team MM8BDM

As of this writing a little under 13,000 Free Bundles 4s have been downloaded. There are still thirteen days left. Previous bundles, (which are still available) have been downloaded approximately 320,000 times.

The Free Bundle 4 also promotes the Kickstarter campaign for Ithaka of the Clouds, and other indie media outlets. The Cabrera Brothers are unaffiliated with anything but the assembly of the bundle.

“Like always, [we] won’t be getting a dime from this Indiegogo campaign,” the Cabrera Brothers explain on the bundle page. “His sales are his sales alone. We are doing this for the sole purpose of helping a fellow indie developer and hopefully, to encourage others to join us.”

Visit the Free Bundle 4′s official website and instantly download the games, for free.

If you know of (or developed) a free game that you’d like to see in the next bundle, email the Cabrera Brothers at tip[at]cabrerabrothers[dot]com.

Free Bundle 4

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Free Bundle #4 – Five Games, No Cost


‘Be Mine 5′ A New Bundle Fusing Music, Game And Graphic Novel

Be Mine 5 new

Groupee have just started their most recent bundle promotion with the Be Mine 5 bundle. This latest bundle is yet again done on a tier system containing X-Blades, Kings Bounty: The Legend and Neo Scavenger at the lowest level, requiring only $1 to obtain these three great titles.

Though with just the investment of $5+ you will gain two great games: Tropico 3 and Stranger’s Wrath along with three awesome graphic novels. It is not often that many bundles branch out into printed media, so it is very refreshing to see Groupee go this route and including: The Sixth Gun V1: Cold Dead Fingers, Sharknife: Stage First and Wasteland V1: Cities In Dust 3.

It is also important to note that a portion of funds raised will go to charity MercyCorps. A fantastic humanitarian charity that helps provide support globally to some of the worlds most turbulent areas.

Though there is still two more tiers yet to be revealed. The first of which will contain five indie albums and the second will be a bonus game revealed on October 8th. A big theme in this bundle seems to be the fusion of music and games. Music has for the longest time always played a vital role in video games and as technology has advanced so has the implementation of music and sound overall. It is great for this reason to see Groupee play particular attention to music and bundling it along side the games. Although done in the past, this bundle really emphasises it.

The Be Mine 5 bundle does look fantastic, covering game, music and graphic novel, really spanning the genres. I am sure this will therefore appeal to a great deal of people out t there and for such a bargain price I am sure many people will part with their money for this great deal. Be Mine 5 is available from Groupees official site here.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – ‘Be Mine 5′ A New Bundle Fusing Music, Game And Graphic Novel


‘Bagfull of Wrong’ Gets Added To ‘Bundle In A Box: Deep Space’

Bundle In A Box

The Bundle In A Box: Deep Space bundle has gotten ten more games added to it. While it already had some wonderful games like Death Ray Manta and also offered Jeff Minter’s Tempest influenced masterpiece Space Giraffe, Dark Scavenger, remade Commodore 64 Armalyte, The Wreckless, Sol: Exodus, Robot Riot and Miner Wars Arena, a few more games have also been added to the bundle to make it more magnificent.

The Deep Space bundle has added the Bagfull of Wrong and 10 of its arcade games. The Bagfull of Wrong was the winner of 2 Eurogamer Expo Stars. The bundle firstly contains War Twat for PC and Mac, which is a sort of arena shooter. It’s also added the critically acclaimed Squid Yes Not So Octopus (or “SYNSO”). This game is another arena shooter that tends to only last about 1-4 minutes but offers some beautiful neon colors during gameplay. It’s also a pretty silly game, as you probably gathered from the name alone.

You’ll also find SYNSO: Squid Harder, which is a followup to SYNSO. The game sports even more squids and guns and just overall silliness as we saw in the previous edition of the game. This title also was the star of Eurogamer Expo 2009 Indie Games Arcade.

There’s a lot of squid games here, aren’t there? Well, another one in the bundle is Squid and Let Die. Next we have FISHFISHBANGBANG which defines the fish shoot ‘em up genre and also pays tribute to the almost forgotten Vectrex console. Ambiomat is also another notable indie game added to the bundle. If you’ve purchased the bundle already, this should be available to you already, and if you haven’t purchased it, there’s still time to go grab it before the bundle ends on Friday, September 28th. As most of these bundles are, the price is simply set at a pay what you want.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – ‘Bagfull of Wrong’ Gets Added To ‘Bundle In A Box: Deep Space’


Winter Wolves Manga Bundle Out To Save The Rainforest

Winter Wolves Manga Bundle Groupees Splash

Just the other day a new bundle was pieced together to help promote the Rainforest Alliance. Winter Wolves noted developers of several award-winning dating sims and role playing games has allied with Groupees for their new bundle.

The Manga Game bundle includes initially three great titles: Heileen, Bionic Heart and Vera Blanc: Full Moon. However there will be extra content included for additional goals, these extra goals come in several different forms.  Every person who pays more than $5 for the bundle will receive a copy of Always Remember Me and Heileen 2: The Hands of Fate . Running alongside this if you pay $10 or more for the bundle you will also receive Planet Stronghold.

In addition to these extras once the units sold reach 1 000 units everyone will get Spirited Heart, and finally for 5 000 units everyone will get Planet Stronghold. For so many great titles this bundles really is one to pick up if you like these manga styled games and don’t forget it aims to help the Rainforest Alliance.
Rainforest Alliance

The Rainforest Alliance for any of you who are uninitiated is and organisation to help conserve the massive biodiversity found in these vast rainforests. This is a huge mission in the modern day world due to globalization, with more and more people destroying the rainforest it has become ever more important to be involved in conservation efforts making the Rainforest Alliance a very important cause.

Winter Wolves Manga bundle operates on a pay what you want scheme, much in keeping with the general line bundles have followed. So if you are really strapped for cash you can get the three initial titles for a s low as $1. I would not suggest this however as these games are indeed worth your money and the charity is also doing great things.

The Manga bundle will be running for just over nine more days (at time of writing nine days and nine hours), so be sure to hurry if you are interested in this great little bundle. The Manga Bundle is available from Groupees site here.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Winter Wolves Manga Bundle Out To Save The Rainforest


‘Bunny Must Die! Chelsea And The 7 Devils’ Pre-Released In The Back To School Bundle

Indie Royale Splash

Saturday saw the launch of the new bundle from Indie Royale called “The Back To School Bundle”. The bundle runs from 15th of September until the 22nd of September and contains seven great titles which are as follows (click the names to find out more about the game):

The Back To School Bundle includes these seven quality games with the most impressive addition being the exclusive addition of Bunny Must Die! Chelsea And The 7 Devils (Bunny Must Die!) from Rockin Android. It is a great addition with Bunny Must Die! as it is officially coming out next month making this is a great opportunity to get the game early and largely for a steal of a price, especally when bundled with the other six stellar titles.

Bunny Must Die! is a 2D exploration-based platformer resembling a lot of the old styled platformers of days gone by  in a distinct Japanese styling. Bunny must brave the depths of the Devils’ Labyrinth and overcome the powerful 7 Devils, in this hilariously over the top action platformer.

Find many magical items such as the Sylph Shooter and the Hyper Heels to allow you to battle through the difficult large connected map filled with unique enemies, traps and puzzles in your quest to save Bunny from this hell.

Bunny must die Screen shot

The Back To School Bundle really seems to be a great steal covering seven awesome titles making this a must for any indie game enthusiast and gamer alike. The Back To School bundle can be purchased here from the Indie Royale site.

However if you are unlucky enough to miss the bundle Bunny Must Die! is released on Desura on October 2nd. Also if you are interested in Bunny and her crazy adventures but would rather have it on Steam vote for it on the Greenlight Community project. For all the latest news as it breaks be sure to check back to The Indie Game Magazine.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – ‘Bunny Must Die! Chelsea And The 7 Devils’ Pre-Released In The Back To School Bundle