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Indie Royale Launch Bundle Surpasses 35K Sold, Sale Ends Later Today

Let’s talk some Indie Royale in a sec, but before that why don’t you pick up their launch bundle while it’s still available. You have less than six hours at the time of writing to make your purchase, as the four-game offer ends today at 11 AM Pacific.

The non-fixed price is hovering at $5.18 at the moment, a fantastic tag indeed for a quad-ling of awesome indie titles; and if you demand perks on top of getting games on the super cheap, you’re in luck! You greedy son of a bitch, you.


Epic Indie Bundle Sale at D2D

bestofindiebundleDirect2Drive, one of the sponsors of the Independent Games Festival, has just launched a sale to end all indie sales.

From today through March 12, you can snag ten hot indie titles for just $29.95. The math works out to 78% off, or a savings of roughly $105.55. If you’re interested in a mere 4/10 of those titles, you’re already making a savings. Now try to complain that indie games are too expensive.

Games included are:

*World of Goo
*The Maw
*Crayon Physics Deluxe

Not bad, not bad at all. Snag them while they’re (indie) hot!

And here’s the link to the UK version of the sale, which clocks in at a still respectable £19.95 for the bundle.