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Just Another Bug Hunt?.. Infested Planet [Preview]

Update: The developer of the game has divulged the promo code ‘STARBEAR’ which drops the price of the game down to $13.

The tagline for Rocket Bear Games’ Infested Planet paints an interesting picture: 5 men against a horde of 100,000 alien bugs. It’s an enticing concept, with strategy games usually presenting more-or-less symmetrical battlefields, with even the Starcraft’s Zerg only outnumbering humans by 2 or 3 to one. I jumped down into the gore-splattered trenches to have a look at the current work-in-progress beta build of this interesting ‘popcorn strategy’ title.


SpyParty Early-Access Beta Sign Up Starts Now

SpyParty‘s psychologically intense espionage gameplay has finally reached a point that developer Chris Hecker is comfortable to share with the general public. For those of you just joining the wonderful world of indie games, please check out DIY’s in-depth coverage of this new genre-defining destined hit.

To that effect,  SpyParty now has a sign up for early access to beta testing. The developer needs the game to be in people’s hands for longer than brief convention intervals to be able to “balance and tune the game to the intense player-skill depth I’m striving for.” Chris Hecker will do so by “using real data and feedback from a large number of players over a long period of time.”

The current plan is that beta access will cost $15.  The blog states that “this will let you play the beta as much as you want as I update it over SpyParty’s development, and also get you a copy of the finished game when it’s released on PC.” Given how successful SpyParty has been at seducing the general media and gamers, this beta price isn’t probably far off from what its actual price may be. If anything, $15 for SpyParty is probably a deal!

The sign up page is here


Natural Selection 2 Officially Steambound, New Details

NS2_SteamUnknown Worlds has made it official that their upcoming shooter/strategy hybrid Natural Selection 2 will be heading to Steam. Those who pre-ordered the title will be able to activate a Steam copy of the game with their key, the dev has confirmed with Valve.

While a Steam version of NS2 was always assumed, Unknown Worlds wasn’t able to confirm that pre-order keys would be transferable until now. It’s also been revealed in an interview with ShackNews that “voice support, friends lists and server browser” will be implemented through SteamWorks with the dev noting “we’ll probably use their anti-cheat as well.”

NS2 can be pre-ordered now for $20 from Unknown Worlds, which offers beta access, with a $40 ‘Special Edition’ also granting access to the alpha and to a pre-alpha engine test due soon, plus exclusive black armor. The level editor is already available for pre-orderers to create content which has a shot at being included in the final release.

Natural Selection 2 doesn’t have a release date, with the developer simply stating it’ll be out “when it’s ready.”