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For Indies, With Love: TIGA Releases A Guide To Self Publishing


The UK gaming industry’s trade association representative (phew!), TIGA, has released a guide to self-publishing due to recognising the opportunities and trends in the practise by many development companies recently.

The TIGA Guide to Self-Publishing: Liberating the Developer is designed to help out with the business side of game publishing for the small developer. In their announcement, TIGA recognises the growing trend sparked by the growing opportunities for developers to release their games without a publisher, particularly in mobile gaming and the social media space.

The guide itself starts off with the “fundamentals of selling games without the aid of a publisher” covers the major platforms and how to submit a game to them, which include (take a deep breath): Xbox Live Arcade, Apple iOS and Mac, Steam, Indiecity, WiiWare and DSiWare, PlayStation Network, PSP Minis, Android and Facebook.

The 44 page guide is constructed from many experienced developers and professionals and is available for free to all TIGA members. Non members will be able to purchase the guide from the TIGA website.

More information on the TIGA Guide to Self-Publishing: Liberating the Developer can be found over on the official announcement page.


That’s A Fact: New ‘Dynamite Jack’ Gameplay Trailer Unleashed

Dynamite Jack

Phil Hassey, the venerable brainforce behind Dynamite Jack and one of the instrumental figures behind the success of Ludum Dare, has treated us all to another new trailer for his upcoming top-down action/stealth title.

The new footage highlights a few of the masochistic death animations that will be present in the final build of Dynamite Jack, a game that rekindles memories of Bomberman and the original Metal Gear titles from the 8-bit era, and one that we took a look at last week. To say that these death scenes ooze a strong edge of impact and cathartic flavour would probably be something of an understatement, but we’ll let you be the judge of just how much appeal it adds to the imminently incoming PC and iPad romp.


Fruit Bowl: ‘Apple Jack 2′ Trailer

Apple Jack 2

My Owl Software has released a fruit-tastic trailer for their “core” platformer, Apple Jack 2, which is set to head to XBLIG and PC later this year.

Apparently, 2012 will be the year of another adventure for Apple Jack. We haven’t heard anything about Apple Jack 2 since December, but a new trailer for the game means we’re still allowed to be all kinds of excited for it. Why shouldn’t we be? Apple Jack was a critically appraised and this sequel returns with over 60 levels to the platforming experience with huge bosses to take on, enemy flinging to great fruit-filled results and the ability to rewind time when death visits.

The new trailer will give you a much better impression of the game than words though. Speaking of which, that music is stunning and apparently it’s from the film ‘Vergogna schifosi’. That’s not relevant of course but our ears and flapping with delight!

Apple Jack 2 is due for release in the next couple of weeks on XBLIG. A PC release is planned for some unknown time after that.

More information on Apple Jack 2 can be found on the developer’s official website.


New iPad Announced, Look At The Difference It Makes To ‘Spirits’


Apple have just announced their new iPad which has some rather crazy tech crammed inside it. Spaces of Play drew up a comparison of how Spirits looks on the iPad 2 next to how it will look on the next iPad.

It was expected and it was delivered. Apple announce their new iPad which has (as rumored) a new retina display that outputs in a 2048 x 1536 resolution with 3.1 million pixels. Apparently that’s over one million more pixels than your 1080p display running at 1920 x 1080. I am sorry, what?!

Yes, it’s insane. All stock apps have been updated accordingly and optimised. Existing apps will be scaled up and text will automatically be rendered in higher resolution. But how does this look? Well, Spaces of Play are one step ahead of you and drew up a little comparison picture of how the new iPad’s tech will change their game Spirits, as you can see below:

Spirits iPad 3

Blimey, what a difference, eh? Let’s not just dwell on that though, so we’ll list the other specs of this iPad below. What does this have to do with indie games? Well, there are indie games on Apple’s tablet, right? Right.

  • 2 models – Wi-fi and w-fi + 4G
  • 9.4mm thin, weighs 1.4lbs
  • A5X processor with quad core graphics
  • 1080p video recording
  • 5 megapixel backside illuminated sensor on the back, with a 5 element lens, IR filter and ISP built into the A5X
  • Voice dictation, powered by a microphone triggered by a new key on the bottom of the device. Voice dictation supports US English, British English, Australian, French, German and Japanese
  • 4G LTE: 3.1Mbps HSPA+ and DC-HSDPA at 42Mbps; LTE runs at 73Mbps
  • 10 hours battery life on basic, nine hours on 4G.

You can find out more information on the new iPad over on the official website, the same can be said for Spaces of Play.


‘Snuggle Truck’ Review – Snuggler’s Run

Ahhhhh, physics and sweet jumps, patron saints of addictive indie games the world over. If you’ve ever played Trial Bike, Joe Danger or any of their countless brethren (statistically, you must have, right?), then you’ve heard all this before. Utilise your mastery of the acceleration button and tilt mechanics in order to fumble your way across a devious 2D assault course in the quickest time possible, preferably without landing your vehicle arse over elbow. However, the snuggly part of Snuggle Truck comes from the need to account for your truck’s precious cargo: a collection of cute cuddly animal toys. Let your ride get a little off balance or land too hard after using the aforementioned sweet jumps and the poor critters get sent flying, resulting in a game over if such an incident leaves your trunk empty.“Wait a sec, dude,” I hear my literary caricature of you saying to yourself

Original Source: ‘Snuggle Truck’ Review – Snuggler’s Run

This Article was originally posted on our sister site, The Indie Game Magazine written by Gerrard Winter.


Will You Sign This Petition For An Indie Games Channel On Xbox Live?

Mike Smith, a concerned games journalist, has started up a petition that he plans to present to Microsoft so that they give indie games their very own channel on Xbox Live. He’s asking for 1,000 signatures, do you feel strongly enough about this to sign your support?This has been due for a while now. Indie games on Xbox Live have always had a hard time due to the open nature of the platform which is happy to home just about any old thing. However, back in early December 2011, Microsoft updated the Dashboard which put the indie game marketplace further away from the default page, some argue, further into obscurity.

Original Source: Will You Sign This Petition For An Indie Games Channel On Xbox Live?

This Article was originally posted on our sister site, The Indie Game Magazine written by Chris Priestman.


Eufloria Launching on the iPad Next Month

Omni Systems has taken to their blog this morning to announce that their popular PC/PSN game Eufloria is just about ready to also launch on Apple’s popular iPad tablet. Accoridng to the developers there’s just a few more tweaks and some final polish and it’ll be good to go! This is especially good news for iPad owners because, well, Eufloria is a pretty amazing game!


Q.U.B.E. Heading to Mac and OnLive, iOS, XBLA and PSN a Possibility


Well, for those of you without Windows-based PCs we’ve got some good news. It looks like popular first person puzzler Q.U.B.E. is set to land a few other places before it complete’s its developmental life. In a conversation with Joystiq, co-founder Daniel Da Rocha said that a Mac version was two months into development and that an OnLive version was also on the way. They’re also prototyping an iOS version although there’s no guarantee with that.


Terror Rising, a Survival Zombie Game, Launching Soon on iOS

I’m aware of the fact that the indie and mainstream game markets are practically saturated with zombie titles right now, but I’ll be damned if I still don’t love ‘em. I guess for many of the more basic zombie games, the undead are just the enemy du jour. Judging by the proliferation of zombie games, though, we must really like tearing into them.


Kairosoft’s Pocket League Story Now Available for iOS

A while back I was giddy with joy over a new Kairosoft game, the same guys who developed the wonderful, and every popular iOS/Android game Game Dev Story. This time, however, it was focused on another passion of mine: soccer. I even managed to write a review about it last September! I know, I’m pretty amazed as well.