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An Indie Game Bundle for Adventure Game Fans: The AGS Bake Sale

And you thought we were done talking about indie game bundles. After the onslaught of them last year, bundle fatigue was definitely beginning to set in to the general populace of gamers. Still, it feels like its been a while since we’ve had one so perhaps it’s not such a bad thing that the AGS Bake Sale has arrived.


Adventure Game Studio Engine Source Code Released

A solid development for game devs, programmers and their respective student followings who have adventure titles on the brain and an understanding of C++: The already free game creator Adventure Game Studio (the same one that spawned titles such as Time Gentlemen, Please! and Snakes of Avalon) has recently offered up its engine source code as well.

Those interested have been instructed to use Visual C++ Express 2008, a free download from Microsoft — as opposed to the 2010 version — and will also need the DirectX SDK from Microsoft installed. There are also a few caveats for those looking to poke around, which the author has outlined:

  • DO NOT use this source code as a learning resource or a guide on best practice.
  • The state of the source code is VERY BAD and should in fact be considered an example of BAD PRACTICE.
  • Unlike the AGS Editor code which is relatively modern and a generally good standard, the engine code dates back 12 years to 1999, and has a severe case of the another-bit-being-bolted-onto-the-side disease. It also retains compatibility with old versions which means that some of the old and particularly dire code paths cannot yet be removed.
  • So just to be clear, YES I KNOW that the code is in a bad state. You don’t need to tell me that.
  • I also know that AGS is used by thousands of games with thousands of combinations of game settings and script functions, and that any attempt to refactor the code into a better state is likely to inadvertently break something in someone’s game, which is why I haven’t attempted to do it yet.

Curious parties can obtain the files and full details over on the AGS forums.

[Source: IndieGames]


Adventures in Hallucination: Snakes of Avalon

Snakes of AvalonA new adventure game in development recently came to my attention and I’m still trying to wrap my head around its entire concept.

The game is called Snakes of Avalon and features an alcoholic protagonist with a hallucination problem. It’s created by Igor Hardy of and Alex van der Wijst (who did The Winter Rose and Besieged in Adventure Game Studio). The music comes from composer Thomas Regin who also did Blackwell Convergence and Emerald City Confidential.

It only gets quirkier if you dive into the official story description:

Jack’s typical, peaceful day in Avalon is slowly turning into a nightmare. First, he lost all his money much sooner than expected. Then he overheard a pair of deranged maniacs plotting a terrible murder. Jack feels obligated to interfere with these evil plans. Too bad he is a hopeless addict, a complete drunkard, who barely manages not to kill himself while walking around the bar and not getting a heart attack when being harassed by all sorts of weird creatures. His troubles with a weak bladder go without saying.”

For me, the trailer holds some promise in the sense that it’s taking an established genre, and then blending techniques of “trippy” film editing and other unique artistic techniques to create something visually interesting and unusual.

See for yourself in the trailer below:

Snakes of Avalon is scheduled for release sometime in July, perhaps the 16th or 17th if it doesn’t get bumped back, according to the official website. And it will be completely free.

Whether or not the full product is a success remains to be seen, after all this is “a drinking man’s point & click adventure game,” again according to the official website.


The Adventure Game Studio Award Winners

Adventure Game Studio Quite a few of the indie games released in 2009 were made with the help of a little program called Adventure Game Studio. The AGS awards for last year were voted on by members of the forum tied to the program, and the winners were announced last night.

Time Gentlemen, Please! was the big winner, taking the best game, gameplay, dialogue and npc awards. The Marionette and The McCarthy Chronicles also won four awards each. Shai-la of the Sith won for the best non-adventure game, and forum members thought Shifters’s Box – Outside In had the best puzzles.

The ceremony was hosted by forum member Bicilotti and broadcast on IRC. You can read the transcript here. For a list of winners, visit the award’s Wiki.

[via The AGS Blog]