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Indie Intermission – ‘Sinister Sid And The Snowball Sneaks’ Defend The Flakes

Sinister Sid and the Snowball Sneaks ss02

Welcome back to another day and with it another free game to get your teeth sunk into. Today’s game, Sinister Sid And The Snowball Sneaks is a great little game created for the Indie Speed Run jam by Princess In The Tower.

In Sinister Sid And The Snowball Sneaks you must first setup the level with bells and a lamp to deter the sneaks as you try to protect your most prized possessions your snowflakes.

It’s a quirky game with some great music and a nice fun premise as you move around at night trying to defend your snowflakes with your trusty lamp. Although a very short game I could see the game expanded easily with the addition of extra levels and randomisation it could end up being quite the interesting game.

Sinister Sid and the Snowball Sneaks ss01

Average play time – 5 minutes

Sinister Sid And The Snowball Sneaks is a whole load of fun and provides suitable entertainment for its short duration. The game can be easily developed into a much more complete experience by adding in additional levels, power-ups, and monsters.

You can play Sinister Side And The Snowball Sneaks online for free via the jam site.

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Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Indie Intermission – ‘Sinister Sid And The Snowball Sneaks’ Defend The Flakes


The Spiritual Successor To Alpha Centauri ‘Pandora: First Contact’ Just Released

Pandora First Contact ss01

Many years ago now, almost 14 actually Firaxis and EA released a turn-based strategy game that departed from the traditional Sid Meier’s Civilization franchise and embraced the new horizons of space just in time for the millennium in Alpha Centauri.

Despite how well Alpha Centauri was received back in the late nineties there has been no sequel or even talk of one from EA or Firaxis, yet again another EA title lost in the ether…until now.

Just last week independent development studio Proxy Studio released their latest game Pandora: First Contact the first true spiritual successor to Alpha Centauri.

Set in the distant future, many factions have risen bringing with them their own ideologies and governments. After years of conflict, the search for a new home began. The planet, Pandora, turns out to be a suitable host.

On Pandora players must guide their faction to power either through conquest or diplomacy as the struggle to survive on the alien planet pans out.

On this new world players decide the fate of their colonies as they found new cities, forge alliances, and work in harmony with nature or use nature’s bounty solely to further their cause as an industrial powerhouse.

Along the way, players can expect to find all manner of alien artifacts to further assist their cause while experiencing a deep technology tree coupled with city management tools, all allowing the player to build up their galactic empire.

Pandora First Contact ss02

Pandora: First Contact can be purchased digitally or as a boxed game for $29.99 (digital) or $44.99 (boxed+download) from the Slitherine site.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – The Spiritual Successor To Alpha Centauri ‘Pandora: First Contact’ Just Released


Indie Intermission – ‘Agent Eraser’ Stealth Action Circles

Agent Eraser ss01

Hello and welcome back to another week of Indie Intermission and all the free gaming goodness it brings with it. Today’s game is Agent Eraser from ExtraCreativity.

Agent Eraser is a fantastic top down stealth action game that will have you thinking long and hard about your every move as you attempt to move through this office block erasing all the data you can find.

The stealth action in Agent Eraser is a whole lot of fun and although the world has been creating in quite a simplistic function everything feels well thought-out and well put together.

The game introduces new elements to you as you go and slowly ramps up the difficult as you find yourself crawling through air vents in a hope of by passing the ever weary guards.

Agent Eraser ss02

Average play time – 30 minutes

Agent Eraser was created for the Indie Speed Run jam that only recently finished and shows a lot of creativity and skill from the developers.

Agent Eraser offers some great stealth action gameplay and a suitable challenge as you must finely tune your movements to by-pass the guards.

You can play Agent Eraser online for free via the jam page.

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Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Indie Intermission – ‘Agent Eraser’ Stealth Action Circles


‘Gone Home’ And Game’s Soundtrack Albums Bundled Together


The Fullbright Company is now offering Gone Home and four albums featuring music from the game, for $25 on the game’s official website.

“One of the most exciting things about making Gone Home was getting to work with so many talented musicians,” The Fullbright Company said on their website. “We got everyone from classic Riot Grrrl bands, to local garage rockers, to our friend Chris Remo’s music into the game, resulting in a really unique sound and feel.”So today we’re announcing that we’ve worked with all these musicians to offer a rad new way to get Gone Home and a TON of music, all for a kind of crazily low price.”

While the base game is still available for $19.99, the bundle includes the game and four albums for just another $5.

Included in the bundle: Gone Home, Calculated by Heavens to Betsy, Pottymouth by Bratmobile, Gone Home’s original score, and The Youngins are Hardcore by The Youngins.

Read our review of Gone Home.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – ‘Gone Home’ And Game’s Soundtrack Albums Bundled Together


Indie Intermission – ‘Space Colony’ Spreading The Good Will

Space Colony ss02

Like any jam Indie Speed Run has proven to be a treasure trove of awesomeness, yielding many great games. The only problem is with so many games how can you even get through just a small amount of them?

This is an issue the internet has created in general but for the most part this really isn’t a bad thing. Today I decided to cover Space Colony from Morbidware.

Space Colony is a fun game in which you must leap from planet to planet colonising each and every one. What makes the game difficult is the fact aliens will start spawning on a far away planet as you colonise other planets, and you must do you best to defend the helpless civilians.

Space Colony has some nice ideas and with a minimalistic but sleek art style it really does bring a lot to the table. Although I did also (initially) like the music, the fact the game only had one song meant after a couple of loops I just had to mute it.

Space Colony ss03

Average play time – 10 minutes

Space Colony is a well designed game that although is rather lacking in variety, overall it’s very solid. With some extra development and of course a soundtrack I think this could end up being a well-rounded, fun and interesting game.

You can play Space Colony online for free.

If you are a developer with A fun indie game that can be played over a coffee break, we want to hear from you! Private message us on twitter @IndieGameMag or shoot us an email at with the subject “Indie Intermission” and you could be our indie intermission pick of the day!

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Indie Intermission – ‘Space Colony’ Spreading The Good Will


See How Mojang Artist Designs The Card Art Of ‘Scrolls’

Screen shot 2013-11-14 at 10.45.27 AM

Today, on the Scrolls developer blog, Mojang artist, Henrik Pettersson aka, Carnalizer, shows the process of how he goes about creating the artwork which is seen on the cards, the “scrolls”, within Mojang’s TCG, Scrolls.

He had prepared the process to be shown at Minecon, which occurred in Orlando, Florida, last week, but ultimately never got around to presenting it at the convention. Because he was prepared to show the process in front of a live audience, Pettersson admits that he did a bit more preparing than he normally would have.

“Knowing I was making a process series, I was much more structured than usually, so this isn’t 100% reflecting how I do art. There is no formula,” Pettersson admits within the post.

The post shows off Pettersson’s eleven-step process which begins with a basic outlining sketch, and results in the artwork Scrolls players see each time they play the game.

Pettersson sums up the process, “What you’re trying to do here is to break up the task in manageable chunks. Trying to handle line, form, color, light, and edges all at once can melt your brain. But what you’re actually doing all the time, is with one brushstroke at a time (there will probably be several hundred, up to thousands of brushstrokes in a painting), figuring out what you can do to incrementally improve your picture.”

Screen shot 2013-11-14 at 10.44.50 AM


GOG Begins Rapid-Fire “Fall Insomnia Sale”

GOG Insomnia Sale

In an interesting twist on the traditional digital distribution sale, has started their “DRM-Free Fall Insomnia Sale“. The sale features limited quantities of downloadable titles at a discount price. A game will be listed at the top of the home page for a discounted price, along with the amount of copies left. When that amount runs out, the game switches.

Occasionally, a limited amount of copies will be released for free. Hotline Miami and Evoland are just a couple of the titles that have thus far been free.

Games like Retro City RampageRoller Coaster Tycoon 3: Platinum, and Sword of the Stars: The Pit have been on sale. Most of the games seem to have around 600 copies for sale before the game is sold out and replaced with a different sale. The sale doesn’t have a listed end date, so keep your eye on their home page to find out about these fantastic deals.

Games on GOG are completely DRM-free and almost always come with a nice handful of extras such as wallpapers, avatars, and soundtracks. was created in 2008 by CD Projekt Red, the Polish developer responsible for The Witcher series. The folks on Reddit’s /r/Gamedeals subreddit have created a list of all the games that have been on sale so far..


Indie Intermission – ‘Do You Have A Minute?’ Alien Linguistics At Its Finest

Do You Have a Minute ss03

Continuing to look over the Indie Speed Run jam I found the great title Do You Have A Minute from La Gang. Which gives you control over arguably the most hated people to haunt the streets, survey people.

Each day you are assigned the task of asking aliens surveys, however you must listen in to the type of language they speak as they make their daily commute and only select the correct type of aliens for that day.

This is where the difficultly comes in as you must then locate the correct aliens as they disembark and this can prove to be quite taxing.

It’ s a novel idea and one that can prove to be very challenging as you attempt to remember which aliens are the correct ones. The multi-phase design is great and allows you to experience some truly inspired gameplay.

Alongside the novel idea the graphics are great and so is the overall sense of humour that is constantly bubbling just beneath the surface making this one unique and fun jam game.

Do You Have a Minute ss01

Average play time – 20 minutes

The gameplay elements use here are unique and I’ve not really seen anything else like this before in a game. The way they make such a mundane and often-times frustrating occurrence in real life into a fun and compelling game is great showing true innovation.

You can play Do You Have A Minute online for free.

If you are a developer with A fun indie game that can be played over a coffee break, we want to hear from you! Private message us on twitter @IndieGameMag or shoot us an email at with the subject “Indie Intermission” and you could be our indie intermission pick of the day!

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Indie Intermission – ‘Do You Have A Minute?’ Alien Linguistics At Its Finest


Free Content: ‘FTL: Advanced Edition’ And iPad Launch Slated For 2014


Last year’s ground-breaking roguelike FTL is gearing up for an all new free expansion that will coincide with its jump to the iPad next year.

FTL is a roguelike set in the depths of space and has players piloting a ship of hopeful explores to the end of the universe to bring down the corporation which is hunting the player across the expanses of space.

FTL is one of those games that can be picked up and played time and time again, with the levels being procedurally generated this means every mission holds a new and exciting outcome. I reviewed it last year and loved every minute of it so this new update (which is free I might add) is just another reason to reinstall the game.

The update coming next year FTL: Advanced Edition will add a huge array of new elements to the game, including:

  • Mind control systems – who doesn’t hate a boarding party, well no you can turn your foes into friends with the all new mind control systems!
  • Hacking systems – now you can hack into the enemy’s ship and alter how each system affects the ship. Each system will be hacked in a unique manner giving even more variety.
  • New sectors and events – the single biggest element in the game which shaped each run through these new events and sectors will breathe a whole new lease of life into the game.
  • New weapons and effects – a whole host of new and exciting weapons will be introduced along with the ability to overcharge, stun, freeze, etc. Basically a ton of new weapons to sink your teeth into.

FTLGame SS06

Alongside these there will be numerous bug fixes and overall streamlining throughout the game. Although the biggest announcement has to be the iPad version, as the game lends itself so perfectly to the tablet system.

Expect the update and iPad launch sometime next year. You can find out more on the official FTL site.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Free Content: ‘FTL: Advanced Edition’ And iPad Launch Slated For 2014


UPDATED – ‘Crystal Kingdom’ Killed By Cease & Desist From Game’s Own Artist

UPDATE 2 11.8.13 - IGM has made contact with Crystal Kingdom artist “Cyangmou”, who claims the Cease and Desist was his last option for finally getting the attention of Crystal Kingdom’s lead developer Harald “Presbyter” Dosch. According to Cyangmou, Dosch blocked him on Skype and through the communication channels on the game’s forums, after failing to produce the promised compensation. Cyangmou also claims that Dosch blocked him for a weeklong period, releasing a major game update (with Cyangmou’s own work included in that update), without informing Cyangmou why the payments had halted.

When asked if he had ever had trouble with Dosch missing payments in the past, Cyangmou replied, “Within the 2 years [I worked with him] we had [the] problem that he wasn’t on time with payment only 2 times. Nothing major, I won’t call that a problem.”

“I just want to have a contract signed for what Pres and I agreed on verbally, earlier, because I can’t trust him anymore,” Cyangmou explained to IGM. “I also was forced to defend myself with a public statement…on my deviantART since Pres [took] to publicity [Editor's Note: see original article below] even before the new deadline he himself agreed on with my lawyer, November 4th, had passed.”

We will update this story with any future developments.

UPDATE 11.7.13 – Crystal Kingdom developer Harald “Presbyter” Dosch has sent out the following statement to newsletter subscribers, detailing the recent developments of the Crystal Kingdom Cease and Desist. Dosch labeled the message as “Crystal Kingdom: Last Newsletter”. The following is copied verbatim:

Hello everybody,

just a quick update on whats going on.

Quick review:

After receiving a cease and desist letter from a team member my legal advice gave two scenarios.
1. Apply with the terms at once and try to negotiate a solution.
2. Don’t apply and prepare for a lawsuit.

We took scenario #1 and lets quote team member matbtt on this:
“… he offered Presbyter some additional conditions. I do not go into details,
but no person in full possession of its mental power would have agreed!”

Negotiations failed.

What does that mean:
1. I lost a friend.
2. I lost 10.000 USD
3. I lost a team member and his work done for S:CK

How could that happen:
Maybe its lack of leadership, lack of professionalism or its just someone going out on his own
doing something that set things in motion that does effect others as well.

I don’t know. Would I do things differently now – you bet I would.

So whats next:
Well, you see I fought for this project like almost ever. But especially the last 6 month
things became almost unbearable for me and I called for a full team Skype conference.
The conference backed me up as a leader – I spoke for hours about how I intend to make this work
for everybody. No-one disagreed.

I made my point clear that we will make S:CK happen as a team or fall as a team = Cy,Me,Matbtt,Vierbit.

Lets quote matbtt again:
“Unfortunately, one team member decided to take a different direction. Without prior notice towards
Presbyter and/or the team he filed a cease and desist order.”

Things took the turn for the worst and the team fell – so did S:CK.

I’m tired of fighting – I’m really am. All I wanted is to chase a dream & create something good.
I failed for a multitude of reasons. Just getting a new artist wont fix this.

S:CK has been discontinued.

I’m sorry for what happened – I’m really am.

We work on bringing back the forums at least so you can exchange contact information etc with
the people you met and friendships you forged. The remaining team will need a few weeks to get over what happened and discuss options. Will you ever hear again from me/us – I really don’t know.

I walk away from this like a soldier from a long fierce battle, beaten – but at least still alive. It will be a long march home.