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Zeno Clash is $3.75 Until Monday, 75% Off

zeno clashThe community driven site YAWMA is offering ACE Team’s Zeno Clash for 75% off until Monday, November 8th.

That pegs the game at a mere $3.75 until Monday, and thereafter the game will rise to only 50% off and finally back to the full price of $15 on November 22nd.

To jump in on the sale, you can head to Zeno Clash’s page on YAWMA. If you buy the game, you’ll receive a Game Key which you can actually just punch into Steam in order to download the product.

It’s a great deal and definitely a unique first person title that shouldn’t be passed up.


Indie Links Round-Up: Blackjack

Cletus_Indie_LinksHappy hump day. A curious nickname, considering Wednesday statistically produces the lowest amount of sexual activity in the US out of all the days in the week. Friday night produces the highest, but it may surprise you Sunday afternoon is in the top five.*

Anyway, Indie Links!

How To Record And Edit Gameplay Videos (Pixel Prospector)
“Well, since I have already recorded a few hundred videos I thought it would be useful to know for many gamers and devs what recording and editing software is recommendable. On this page you will find 9 Screen Recorders and 7 Video Editors. I recorded a quick Trailer and short How To Videos for each of these programs since i think this is way more effective than writing lengthy descriptions. Moreover: At the bottom of this article you will also find a collection of Reviews for all of the programs on this page.”

Xbox Live Indie-Dome: July 19th – July 25th (Rob Rich/Crush! Frag! Destroy!)
“Hey kids! Other Rob is back in the hot seat with a host of new indie games for you to enjoy and/or lament. In keeping with our new format, each and every game will get a mention, but only the really good (or the really awful) will get a full mini-review.”

Cletus Clay – Interview with Tuna Team (DesignTaxi)
“What do aliens, hillbillies and stop-motion have in common? Nothing much, really, but game production company Tuna have combined the three in their soon-to-be released video game, Cletus Clay.”

Messhof, IGF Chairman Talk Indie Games At The Hand Eye Society (Eric Caoili/GameSetWatch)
“If you missed last May’s Hand Eye Society Social, a bimonthly get-together for Toronto’s indie game makers, rgbFilter has uploaded a great collection of highlights from the event, including bits from a talk delivered by Independent Games Festival chairman and Boing Boing contributing editor Brandon Boyer.”

We Get Into The New Game From The Behemoth – And The Possibility of Castle Crashers 2 (Dave Oshry/ripten)
“When Ripten finally had some free time during Comic Con 2010, we wandered over to The Behemoth booth to find out just what they’ve been up to since their smash XBL hit Castle Crashers. Even better, we got hands on with their new game, as well as Co-Founder Tom Fulp and lead artist Dan Paladin. They gave us the lowdown, and then some.”

Warm Gun Goes to CGDC (IndieDB)
“Warm Gun, with the help from publisher friends at ORiGO GAMES, was able to make an appearance at this year’s CGDC. Emotional Robot’s didn’t actually know that their product was going to be marketed until about 48 hours before the event. The team was contacted Wednesday evening by founder and owner of ORiGO games, Adam McClard, via Skype. The conversation went something like this…”

The Joystiq Indie Pitch: Retrofit: Overload (Justin McElroy/Joystiq)
“This week we talk with Will Storer of WAM! Games.”

The Harm Of Gaming: We Present The Facts (John Walker/RPS)
“”The perennial questions of the harm that games may be causing us and our children are extremely troubling. Every week seems to bring a new survey or study that demonstrates links between gaming and problematic behaviour, with renowned psychologists, sociologists and publicists explaining to us what it is we need to be scared of. Over the last fifteen years I have been studying this data and reading these papers, and I am now ready to publish my findings. Below is the result of a decade-and-a-half’s research, and I think will once and for all answer the questions every parent, teacher, child and teenager should be asking.”

Interview: ACE Team Spams Us With Python-Inspired Rock of Ages (Mike Rose/GameSetWatch)
“A Monty Python-inspired Tower Defense ball-rolling game? Chilean team Ace Team talks to GSW’s Michael Rose about their history, acclaimed IGF-nominated first-person action title Zeno Clash, and their unique new Python-y Atlus-published digital title, Rock Of Ages.”

Grand Heist – Update #4 (IndieDB)
“Hello, this is TheWanaB, lead designer on Grand Heist just here to give you an update on the games progress. We haven’t updated since March, so this media update is fairly significant, if only to prove we’re still working on the game. This update includes concept art of two playable classes, a video of our current level prototype, and some other various media.”

*Complete garbage I just made up.


Zeno Clash Dev ACE Team Reveals ‘Rock of Ages’

Rock_of_AgesACE Team–developer of the hit first-person brawler Zeno Clash–have rolled back the curtain on their new game, an artistic multiplayer strategy title by the name of Rock of Ages. The title appears to be a bit of a departure from what we saw in ZC, described by publisher Atlus as “a game of fast-paced strategy, high art… and gigantic boulders of doom.”

In the game, you construct defenses and summon armies to protect their castle from a gigantic rampaging moon-faced boulder–which your opponent gets to control, smashing along a course towards your citadel. Multiplayer will be on offer, with support for both local and online play.

The game is currently slated for a spring 2011 digital download release. No pricing or platforms have been mentioned yet but one would guess it’ll make it to PC and expecting it on Xbox 360 via XBLA certainly isn’t a stretch either.


Zeno Clash Soundtrack Now Available

Zeno_Clash_SteamI meant to write on this a while ago but never got around to it, but anything that has to do with a game on our Best of 2009 list should be discussed, right? Right.

ACE Team has announced the release of the original soundtrack for their first-person brawler Zeno Clash. The 18-track album contains re-mixes of the game’s songs by its original composer Patricio Meneses, all of them remastered for the new release.

The CD can be downloaded on iTunes (or alternatively picked up on CDBaby) for $9.99. Additionally, three of the tracks, including the game’s main theme, are available for free download via the game’s site to whet the appetite. On a related note, Zeno Clash is available for 50% off on Steam. Bless them holiday sales.


Zeno Clash 66% Off on Steam

Zeno_Clash []Today’s Midweek Madness sale on Steam has been revealed as ACE Team’s original action brawler Zeno Clash has been slashed by 66% off the standard price. Set in a punk fantasy world, Clash presents itself to be a first-person fighter emphasizing brutal combat in close quarters.

The game saw a full release back in April of this year and has already received plenty of recognition boasting itself as an IGF Finalist and winning the ModDB Editor’s Choice Award for Best Upcoming Indie Game in 2008. The dev has announced that an ultimate edition of the game will see an Xbox Live Arcade release in March 2010 as well.

Zeno Clash runs $15 standard, but can be picked up for a dime over $5 through Thursday, December 3.


Zeno Clash Hitting Retail Courtesy of Tripwire, Arrives Oct 28?

Zeno_Clash []When mod team turned developer Tripwire Interactive wanted their survival shooter Killing Floor to hit retail and couldn’t find anyone else to do it, they did it themselves. Now the company is expanding further into the retail business while not forgetting its roots by handling the US retail release of ACE Team’s unique first person brawler Zeno Clash.

Previously available only through digital download on Steam–an Xbox Live Arcade version is also in the works–the title will be made available as a boxed retail game to stores in the US and Canada “soon” going by Tripwire’s release.