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Indie Intermission – ‘Knightmare Tower’ Next Time We Take The Stairs

Knightmare Tower ss03

Knightmare Tower is a rather interesting vertical arcade game that is actually a surprising amount of fun. Designed by Juicy Beast you must progress up the tower by jumping (and cutting) the enemies below you in order to save all the princesses.

Yes that is right it is quite the typical plot, you are a knight moving through a tower killing enemies and rescuing princesses, although the overall gameplay is somewhat unconventional. Knightmare Tower has great visuals and fantastic art assets that do remind me a lot of Castle Crashers, which is always a positive thing.

Although the gameplay dynamic is rather simplistic there is a whole host of unlockables to add a bit of variety and the overall game mechanics work so well with very basic commands but tight controls making the game work very well.

Knightmare Tower ss02

Average play time - 20 minutes

After quite a successful time online Knightmare Tower is going to be heading towards the Ouya later this month in a bigger and more complete game model. However the online version is still great and well worth your time for some mindless fun!

Knightmare Tower can be played on Kongregate now.

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‘Castle Crashers’ Finally Arrives on PC/Mac

Castle Crashers

A little after four years since Castle Crashers released on Xbox Live, the game has finally made its way onto the PC and Mac.

Castle Crashers is a casual side scrolling hack-and-slash, set in a cartoony hand-drawn version of the Middle Ages. The Behemoth developed Castle Crashers, receiving acclaim for the game on both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Castle Crashers became known for it’s easy to play co-op, and lighthearted action. The game tells the story of four knights on a crusade to rescue a handful of princesses from an evil wizard. Each player controls one knight, and each knight (red knight, blue knight, yellow knight, and green knight) have slightly different abilities at their disposal.

The game is broken into zones, and each zone contains a handful of levels which progressively tell the tale of the rescuing of the captured princesses. Experience is gained by slaying enemies and the larger bosses scattered throughout the zones. The experience points eventually level up the knight and new abilities can be unlocked to aid players through their crusade.

Through Steam, Castle Crashers supports single-player, multiplayer, cross-platform multiplayer, local co-op, Steam Achievements, Steam Leaderboards, and the use of Steam Cloud storage.

Castle Crashers has two DLC packs available, both featuring an additional character not included in the regular game. ‘The Blacksmith’ and the ‘Pink Knight’ DLC are both available on Steam for an additional 99 cents.

Follow the developers on Twitter: @thebehemoth and check out Castle Crashers in the Steam Store, here.

castle crashers

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – ‘Castle Crashers’ Finally Arrives on PC/Mac


‘Castle Crasher’ Crashing A PC Near You

Castle crashers steam

Next Week will see the much loved Castle Crashers making its last move in its console wide conquest and finally reach the PC community. Castle Crashers is a great game full of irrelevant humour from the creative minds at The Behermoth, a two man team consisting of Dan Paladin and Tom Fulp.

The Behermoth was founded in 2001 when Dan Paladin and Tom Flup met and creating their first title Alien Homind. Needless to say from the release of Alien Homind on Newgrounds it was an instant success and allowed the two to take the game to the console market.

castle crashers ss01

Castle Crashers began development in 2005 wrapping up in 2008 with its debut on the Xbox Live Marketplace in August of 2008 and was from its start a very well received title averaging 80%. It has been a much loved title by many and is such a fun game to play with a group of friends in its 4-player co-op on one console.

The jump to PC may be partly in line with Steam’s new Big picture as I am sure this will take full advantage of the new interface in Steam, creating a more console feel. It will also support full internet multiplayer that is also going to be cross platform. This is a great addition as you can play with your friends on console who got Castle Crasher back at launch.

Castle Crashers is a really fun game to play with a group of friends and has a fantastic art style along with highly enjoyable gameplay. I am sure many PC owners have been waiting for this title for a long time now, but your wait is finally over. The price has not be announced yet but the Steam page can be found here, it is available for both PC and Mac. To keep up with all the latests from The Behemoth their official site is here.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – ‘Castle Crasher’ Crashing A PC Near You


Indie Console Mega-Hit ‘Castle Crashers’ Coming To PC Via Steam

It always struck me as odd that the Newgrounds crew that produced Castle Crashers would ignore their patron platform for so long. Fortunately, time heals all wounds, and the immensely popular 4-player co-op brawler is finally migrating back to PC, and it’s confirmed for a Steam launch too, to boot. You can read the specifics (of which there aren’t too many) in this official forum post here. Here’s the PS3/360 version trailer, too, just in case you’ve forgotten what it looks like:

There’s no release date set yet, but they’re going to be demoing the updated PC version of Castle Crashers at Gamescom, starting tomorrow, as well as their upcoming anarchic combat-platformer BattleBlock Theater at PAX, starting August 31st. From the sounds of things, all the character and cosmetic DLC from the various console editions is getting rolled into the PC version from the start, which is nice. We’ll be taking a poke around the PC version once it launches to see what has changed over the years, if anything.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Indie Console Mega-Hit ‘Castle Crashers’ Coming To PC Via Steam


Microsoft Reveals Top 20 Best Selling XBLIG and XBLA Games for 2011

Here’s something we missed by not visiting Major Nelson’s site in recent days. Apparently he’s gone ahead and put the best selling Xbox Live Indie Games and Xbox Live Arcade games of 2011 on his blog, along with other things that we’re not quite as interested in, being an indie games blog and all.


The Top 10 Best Selling PSN Indie Games of 2011

So here’s some interesting, non-bundle related news for you. Over on the official Playstation blog Sony has released the top 10 best selling PSN indie games for the entire year and, well, I wouldn’t call it too surprising although the way they have it broken down can be a bit confusing.


Castle Crashers Title Update 2 Hits XBLA, Pink Knight For All [PAX Prime 2011]

The Behemoth hinted at something special last time we talked relating to the Castle Crashers second XBLA title update (available right now for 360 owners), and have more than delivered with the unleashing of new free and paid content for one of the most popular games in the digital distribution space today.

The update brings the Pink Knight as a free download on the Xbox Live Marketplace, with a dollar donated to the Keep A Breast Foundation to match each of the first 50,000 downloads. A really great way for a developer with some extra cash to donate to a good cause. I shouldn’t have to encourage you to go download right away.

The game has also added the Blacksmith Pack has also arrived for $2 on the Marketplace, bringing the mysterious blacksmith in as a playable character. On top of that, a new Team vs Team feature has been added to Player Match Arena mode, new avatar awards, more multiplayer functionality, a news ticker, and some notable bug fixes round out the jam packed patch. It’s a perfect opportunity to get back into one of the more enjoyable games I’ve played in years.

Here’s the full list of additions, changes and fixes packed in the update:

Castle Crashers XBLA Title Update 2 Changes

  • Download the Pink Knight (complete with new weapons!) in the Xbox LIVE Marketplace, FOR FREE!!!!!!! ($1.00 donated to Keep A Breast Foundation with each of the first 50,000 downloads)
  • Download the Blacksmith Pack for 160 Microsoft Points. Once shrouded in mystery, the legend of the Blacksmith becomes a reality. Wielding miniature antlered frogs, burning hammers of justice and springboard contraptions, this warrior is much like William Wallace (ala Braveheart), but purple and definitely not Mel Gibson.
  • Added a Team vs Team feature to Player Match Arena (as opposed to the current free-for-all).
  • Earn two new Avatar Awards—Cardinal Animal Orb and Knight Helmet!
  • Ability to check Player’s Gamer Cards in Xbox LIVE matches.
  • Main menu News Ticker for all of your latest Castle Crashers and Behemoth Updates!

Notable Bug Fixes:

  • Level 256 cheat resolved (more info available on request).
  • Data copy glitch (more info available on request).
  • Sandworm experience glitch (more info available on request).
  • Wedding Crashers progression save now fixed when user leaves game play in flowery fields.
  • Smoothed Alien Hominid’s Splash Magic when traveling over water.
  • Slowed down Iceskimo’s power drainage from magic.
  • More effects added to elemental attacks for Alien Hominid, Demon and Iceskimo!
  • If your character dies, your Animal Orbs can no longer fight without you.
  • Fixed floating characters in Beefy Arena when grabbed.
  • Sandwiches can now be picked up after Volcano Boss fight.

[The Behemoth]


An Informative Chat with Project Manager Emil Ayoubkhan at The Behemoth Booth [Comic-Con 2011]

Just got a chance to talk to stop by the booth of San Diego-based developer The Behemoth to check out how Battleblock Theater is coming along, as well as grab an interview with anyone who was willing from the team.  Most fortunately, ‘moth’s Project Manager and one of the original five team members, Emil Ayoubkhan was able to pull himself away from the constant transactions of the developer’s merch to throngs of eager Comic-Con fans and answer a few questions.

In the process, I ended up with a boat load of good stuff that fans of the developer definitely will want to hear. While we’ll save most of what’s happening with BBT for Ken’s preview, I wanted to pass along some info Emil shared that may be lesser known or even not known at all. Well, for all I know at least.

The first thing I noted was the upgrade in size and appearance of the developer’s booth compared to their set-up last year. As you can imagine, they’ve seen some significant growth over the past several years as a company. Emil told me (at current) the company has two offices located in San Diego, along with a satellite office in Philidelphia where a lot of the Newgrounds stuff is handled. They are now employing 19 staff, most of which were on hand to show-off the custom built Castle Crashers and Battleblock Theater arcade cabinets and, of course, sell lots of different stuff to an onslaught of fans both young and old who are looking to show their love for the team’s IPs.

So what are all the team members working on at the moment? BBT first and foremost, but they are diving much deeper into the iOS space after dipping toes with a port of Alien Hominid’s retro-fun and simple mini-game Super Soviet Missile Master. No solid information as of yet, but I was told to expect several new efforts from the developer for both iPhone and iPad over the next year or so, with initial announcement details coming soon.

He also confirmed that Castle Crashers PSN has been a huge financial boost for the company this past year and that the game in general continues to sell at rate that seemed to take him beyond words. Nothing particular on the hard numbers, but it can be deduced that the company is doing very well because of the well crafted and hilarious multiplayer beat ‘em up.

Oh, and I should mention that a title update is planned for the XBLA version to catch it up to PSN’s added content. When pressed whether the new update would contain any new content beyond what the PSN version brought, Emil simply told me that nothing has been announced as of yet, and that there will be an announcement coming soon regarding that potential goodie. Look at for that possibly as soon as PAX Prime; we’ll see ourselves when we head up to Seattle for next month’s event.

Which leads me into the next topic I bothered Emil with: Are we ever going to see The Behemoth’s games come to PC?

It turns out that Valve’s Steam contingent had paid Emil and the rest of the crew a visit no less than an hour or two before I popped in. Great news, as it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to understand Steam’s interest in their titles. Especially when you throw in the fact that one of those happens to be the top selling digitally distributed XBLA game ever. That fact is apparently drawing constant attention from publishers who would like nothing more than to assimilate; but The Behemoth likes itself just the way it is, and all things considered, why the hell wouldn’t they?

He did admit that a lot of what many consider their indie status had dissolved over the past few years with the great commercial successes they’ve had, along with a few forms of backing from Microsoft (specifically with general level of exposure.) However, when I asked if they still had full control of their schedule and IPs the answer was an emphatic yes, which was enough for me to decide they are still quite relevant for DIYGamer’s coverage. Regardless, here’s a good example of why they don’t need much exposure help from the likes of us at the moment:


Behemoth’s Castle Crashers PSN Download Helps Fight Baddies and Breast Cancer


The single most requested character for The Behemoth’s Castle Crashers, Pink Knight, will be joining the battle on PlayStation Network on February 8th. Pink Knight was born out of “popular demand, rumor, and Tom Fulp’s Beard,” reports the blog. The playable Pink Knight will come with the Lollipop and 4 other brand new weapons. The Behemoth goes on to warn fans of the ensuing adorableness.

Arguably, the best part of this package deal is the humanitarian angle. The blog states the Pink Knight Pack will be available on PSN for $1.99, and 100% of The Behemoth’s revenue from Pink Knight pack sales will be donated to charities devoted to Breast Cancer Research.

The Behemoth also sends a message to its XBLA fans. They are working hard on a title update for XBLA that will also have the Pink Knight as a playable character. In the coming weeks, they’ll have some more updates as to how and when this update will occur and what will be included.

It would be interesting if this requested character was actually a product of the growing number of girl gamers (and those who like or recognize pink). Maybe The Behemoth will reveal just who’s been releasing and castle crashing all this time.

In related Behemoth news, the Castle Crashers Tournament of Champions has completed its qualifying rounds and picked the top 100 fighters. The prizes for this tournament are quite extensive. The blog lists all that is at stake:

“The first prize of the Tournament of Champions is a (24K) Gold Xbox… Second prize will also win an Xbox, though not of silver — a Castle Crashers themed Elite. Third place will drown their nearness to victory in 250 squishy chickens. Everyone in the top 100 will win a prize, and the top 24 will get a special bonus, as well.”


Good luck, Castle Crasher-ers! And thank you, The Behemoth, for the considerate research donation!
Source: Behemoth blog


Indie Links Round-Up: Blackjack

Cletus_Indie_LinksHappy hump day. A curious nickname, considering Wednesday statistically produces the lowest amount of sexual activity in the US out of all the days in the week. Friday night produces the highest, but it may surprise you Sunday afternoon is in the top five.*

Anyway, Indie Links!

How To Record And Edit Gameplay Videos (Pixel Prospector)
“Well, since I have already recorded a few hundred videos I thought it would be useful to know for many gamers and devs what recording and editing software is recommendable. On this page you will find 9 Screen Recorders and 7 Video Editors. I recorded a quick Trailer and short How To Videos for each of these programs since i think this is way more effective than writing lengthy descriptions. Moreover: At the bottom of this article you will also find a collection of Reviews for all of the programs on this page.”

Xbox Live Indie-Dome: July 19th – July 25th (Rob Rich/Crush! Frag! Destroy!)
“Hey kids! Other Rob is back in the hot seat with a host of new indie games for you to enjoy and/or lament. In keeping with our new format, each and every game will get a mention, but only the really good (or the really awful) will get a full mini-review.”

Cletus Clay – Interview with Tuna Team (DesignTaxi)
“What do aliens, hillbillies and stop-motion have in common? Nothing much, really, but game production company Tuna have combined the three in their soon-to-be released video game, Cletus Clay.”

Messhof, IGF Chairman Talk Indie Games At The Hand Eye Society (Eric Caoili/GameSetWatch)
“If you missed last May’s Hand Eye Society Social, a bimonthly get-together for Toronto’s indie game makers, rgbFilter has uploaded a great collection of highlights from the event, including bits from a talk delivered by Independent Games Festival chairman and Boing Boing contributing editor Brandon Boyer.”

We Get Into The New Game From The Behemoth – And The Possibility of Castle Crashers 2 (Dave Oshry/ripten)
“When Ripten finally had some free time during Comic Con 2010, we wandered over to The Behemoth booth to find out just what they’ve been up to since their smash XBL hit Castle Crashers. Even better, we got hands on with their new game, as well as Co-Founder Tom Fulp and lead artist Dan Paladin. They gave us the lowdown, and then some.”

Warm Gun Goes to CGDC (IndieDB)
“Warm Gun, with the help from publisher friends at ORiGO GAMES, was able to make an appearance at this year’s CGDC. Emotional Robot’s didn’t actually know that their product was going to be marketed until about 48 hours before the event. The team was contacted Wednesday evening by founder and owner of ORiGO games, Adam McClard, via Skype. The conversation went something like this…”

The Joystiq Indie Pitch: Retrofit: Overload (Justin McElroy/Joystiq)
“This week we talk with Will Storer of WAM! Games.”

The Harm Of Gaming: We Present The Facts (John Walker/RPS)
“”The perennial questions of the harm that games may be causing us and our children are extremely troubling. Every week seems to bring a new survey or study that demonstrates links between gaming and problematic behaviour, with renowned psychologists, sociologists and publicists explaining to us what it is we need to be scared of. Over the last fifteen years I have been studying this data and reading these papers, and I am now ready to publish my findings. Below is the result of a decade-and-a-half’s research, and I think will once and for all answer the questions every parent, teacher, child and teenager should be asking.”

Interview: ACE Team Spams Us With Python-Inspired Rock of Ages (Mike Rose/GameSetWatch)
“A Monty Python-inspired Tower Defense ball-rolling game? Chilean team Ace Team talks to GSW’s Michael Rose about their history, acclaimed IGF-nominated first-person action title Zeno Clash, and their unique new Python-y Atlus-published digital title, Rock Of Ages.”

Grand Heist – Update #4 (IndieDB)
“Hello, this is TheWanaB, lead designer on Grand Heist just here to give you an update on the games progress. We haven’t updated since March, so this media update is fairly significant, if only to prove we’re still working on the game. This update includes concept art of two playable classes, a video of our current level prototype, and some other various media.”

*Complete garbage I just made up.