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Irish Indie Bundle Gets Official Site

It wasn’t long ago that we reported that an Irish indie bundle was tentatively in the works. Now, things might just have stepped up a gear with the launch of its official website.

Simply entitled the “Irish Indie Bundle,” the package is now accepting submissions from Irish developers in the hope of making this dream a bona fide reality. The organisers are also accepting logo designs over on their Facebook page. Further public suggestions, including possible charities to which the bundle may contribute, are still welcome at the Facebook page.

As of this writing, the organisers are looking at a submission deadline of 24th August, giving developers an ample amount of time to decide upon and see their creations through to their conclusion. Once all the entries have been put forward, they’re looking at a possible September release window for the bundle to be made available to the public.

If all goes to plan the Irish Indie Bundle will function as a showcase of the considerable creative talent currently lying dormant in Ireland, a nation that’s arguably been ignored as a potential hotbed of gaming innovation. The organisers have a succinct, yet profound message: “Play our games, or else…we’ll be sad.” We can’t say fairer that that.

And perhaps it’s possible that the potential success of indie developers from other nations may hinge on the public reaction to the Irish Indie Bundle. If it’s successful, could it pave the way for other nation-specific bundles in the near future? Perhaps, then, this might not just be a crusade for the recognition of Irish developers on a larger scale, but rather part of a much bigger picture. Either way, we’ve got our eye on this one.

Take a look at the official website here, where you can make submissions and discover more about the ongoing movement.


Amanita Apologize For ‘Botanicula’ Pre-Orders With Bonus Bundle


Some people weren’t happy with having pre-ordered Amanita Design’s latest game, Botanicula, for full price to then find out it was released as a pay-what-you-want deal on the day of release as part of The Humble Botanicula Debut. To make up for it, Amanita are issuing a Bonus Bundle for their pre-order customers which contains some free goodies.

Botanicula was released yesterday on a number of online retailers, two of which offered pre-orders to people a couple of weeks in advance. Those who did pre-order received their copy of Botanicula for $9 but with the launch of The Humble Botanicula Debut yesterday, those who didn’t pre-order could get the game at a much cheaper price. In fact, those who do buy into The Humble Botanicula Debut are able to get Botanicula and two other Amanita games at a $1 minimum or for $5 they can get Steam keys and another game plus a short film.

Due to this, a number of people were upset about the deal – having put their money forward before the game’s arrival when they could have waited it out and got the game at a cheaper price and with other games attached too. That’s not to say they didn’t get anything else alongside their copy of Botanicula, well, those who pre-ordered on GamersGate didn’t but those who did through received a soundtrack demo, photos, wallpapers and various artworks and sketches. Of course, they also got the game with a pre-order discount rather than paying the full price.

However, there’s no denying that those who pre-ordered got less and for a higher cost. As such, Amanita are aiming to make up for it by releasing a Bonus Bundle today for those who pre-ordered. This will contain the following:

  • Machinarium
  • Full Botanicula Soundtrack
  • Exclusive Botanicula art book

In a blog post on their website, Amanita explained the reason for the situation:

“We haven’t [had] much time to take care about business and logistics in [the] last few weeks because we were hard at work on the game fixing hundreads of bugs etc. so we made a mistake and let GOG and GG make pre-orders. We simply didn’t think about it and about the consequences, sorry for that.”

The slight upsetting part of the whole deal is that it has soured the game’s release ever so slightly so hopefully those who have been upset because they made a pre-order will find this apology adequate. The line from Amanita that kind of hurts to read is the following one:

“I hope it’s not that terrible deal for $9 you paid to support us so we can continue making independent games, we are very grateful for that!”

Of course, it wasn’t that those who pre-ordered were given a terrible deal – Botanicula at $9 with all of the delight it offers and with some extras (if bought from GOG) is a good deal in fact. The problem was that the pre-order actually backfired on those who took up on it rather than rewarding them as a pre-order should do (not all the time though of course).

More information on Botanicula can be found on the game’s official website.

Via Amanita Design


Run, Rabbit, Run: ‘Bunny Must Die: Chelsea & The Seven Devils’ Coming This Summer

We’ve been treated to a fair few wacky titles from the Land of the Rising Sun, and Japanese publishers Rockin’ Android are looking to continue that trend with the upcoming release of Bunny Must Die: Chelsea & The Seven Devils on PC and consoles.

The game appears to be a bombastic action-platformer on a 2D plane in which Bunny must face and defeat seven Devils in a large, interconnected level map. There’ll be a rift of power-ups, puzzles and enemies, and even a time manipulation mechanic that’s said to be essential to the solving of certain puzzles.

“It’s an incredibly charming and nail-bitingly difficult action-platformer that mixes a warped sense of humor, unique gameplay mechanics, and a bit of that old Metroid and Castlevania magic,” claims Enrique Galvez, CEO of Rockin’ Android. Featuring full English translation from the original version of the game, developed by Platine Dispositif of The Gundemonium Collection fame, this new edition will also boast optional graphical tweaks and a fully remixed new soundtrack.

Look for Bunny Must Die to release on PC this summer, with unnamed console ports coming later via “several of the top online distributors,” whatever that might ultimately mean. In the meantime, take a look at some footage of the game below.


‘MacGuffin’s Curse’ Claws Its Way Onto iOS, Mac, And PC

Brawsome’s new title, MacGuffin’s Curse, has clawed its way onto the iOS, Mac, and PC. Today marks the release of the cross-platform werewolf puzzler.

In MacGuffin’s Curse you are Lucas MacGuffin, “fugitive magician”. When a job goes awry, Lucas finds himself with an ancient medallion stuck to his chest that gives him the ability to transform between man and wolf. Using these two forms, you must guide Lucas through 150 challenging puzzles and help him lift the curse.

Each form Lucas can take has its own strengths and weaknesses. The clever and sly Lucas can swim, open doors and squeeze through smaller openings while his werewolf counterpart can move heavy objects, break through bits of rubble and intimidate the other characters.

If you purchase the game soon, you can take part in some wolfishly delicious discounts. You can buy both the PC and Mac version via Steam at a 20% off discount for $3.99 (offer ends April 26th). The PC version is on sale for the same discount on Brawsome‘s website. If you buy it here, your money will go straight to the developer. If you purchase the Mac or iOS version, you can get it for a whopping $1.99.


Barking Mad: ‘Washington’s Wig’ Trailer

Washington's Wig

Team2Bit have released a trailer for their platformer, Washington’s Wig, which was made as part of IGN’s The Next Game Boss competition and has now been made into a more full experience.

If you didn’t watch The Next Game Boss then you’ll probably have no idea why there’s an 8bit platformer featuring George Washington and a dog wearing his wig. Well, Washington’s Wig has you playing as Dogsworth McFreedom, George Washington’s loyal pet. Unfortunately, Washington has embarked on his famous crossing of the Delaware without his famous wig so it’s up to you to get it to him.

Washington’s Wig was actually the winner of the aforementioned competition but now it has a life outside of that. Since that victory, Team2Bit have added new features to the game which include power-ups, collectibles, new enemies and a two player Versus Mode.

Washington’s Wig is actually being sold alongside another of Team2Bit’s games, Fist Puncher, in a Kickstarter project. You can grab copies of the game by donating a certain amount, or just Washington’s Wig at the slightly lower price of $5.

Here’s the trailer that has been released to showcase the game and its new features:

More information on Washington’s Wig can be found on the game’s official website.


Are You Ready? ‘Ludum Dare’ 10th Anniversary Keynote

Ludum Dare 23

This weekend marks a very special occasion as it will be the 10th anniversary of the 48 hour game development event Ludum Dare. To help get us excited about it, Chevy Ray has prepared a rather awesome keynote.

Are you ready for the 10th anniversary of Ludum Dare? Well you should be but if you’re not then you should definitely watch and play this keynote made by Ludum Dare veteran, Chevy Ray. First though, make sure you’re signed up over on the official Ludum Dare website and vote in the final round of the theme voting. This will be the theme that everyone who participates in the event over the weekend will be making games to fit into.

The last Ludum Dare event gave birth to 891 games made in 48 hours but as this is the event’s 10th anniversary the aim is to break the 1000 barrier. Now on that rather fabulous keynote!

Psst! You’ll notice that the key note doesn’t quite fit into our slim column, so to watch the key note in its full size you should go right here.

If, as offered, you want the source code of those games you just played in the keynote then you can download it right here.

More information on Ludum Dare can be found on the event’s official website.


Vox Off: ‘Voxatron’ Update Brings New Monsters

Voxatron 0.2.0

Lexaloffle has released a 0.2.0 update for their voxel-based shooter, Voxatron, which brings with it many fixes, some new features and more monsters to battle.

It’s likely that many of you have a copy of Voxatron lying around somewhere as its alpha was initially released its very own Humble Bundle. In which case, you’ll be glad to hear that Lexaloffle has updated the game to version 0.2.0 which gives you a reason to go back and give it a bash. Why? Well because we have new features of course!

First up there are new enemies: spiky weed, barrel of doom, hound, roach and the header picture shows the trioc. Alongside that there’s new base weapons, the Sword of Eternity & a peagun, to be precise. The rest of the update is not so obvious but includes new types of doors that may or may not let you go back through them, F6 is now your screenshot button, oh and there’s some help tips for items now. Other than that it’s mainly bug fixes and minor details you’ll unlikely to spot.

If you haven’t got yourself a copy of Voxatron yet then you may consider reading our first impressions of it then you can purchase it on the official website If you already bought the game and need a link to play the game then either search through your emails or request a new link.

More information on Voxatron can be found on the game’s official website.


‘Noitu Love 2: Devolution’ Is Coming To Steam On April 23rd

Noitu Love 2: Devolution

Joakim Sandberg has announced that his sidescrolling action platformer, Noitu Love 2: Devolution, is coming to Steam on April 23rd.

Despite being released way back in 2008, Konjak’s (Joakim Sandberg) crazy action platformer sequel, Noitu Love 2: Devolution, is only just coming to Steam. Four years later is better than never though, right? The announcement was made via the image below:

Noitu Love 2: Devolution

Generally considered superior to the original in every way, Noitu Love 2 uses mouse-based attack system of clicks and special gestures to make the destroying of Professor Darnacus Damnation’s robot army. Packed with full-on action, great artwork and enough bosses to fill a zoo ten times over, Noitu Love 2 is a fantastic and crazy game that you should have played already.

If you haven’t played through it yet, there’s a rather large demo that you can download right here. If you purchase the full version for $10 then you’ll have unlimited continues. You can also grab the game’s soundtrack from this link.

Of course, you’re probably going to wait for the Steam version which will be released on April 23rd – so soon!

More information on Noitu Love 2: Devolution can be found on the game’s official website.


A Notch In Time: ’0x10c’ Teaser Trailer


A teaser trailer for Markus “Notch” Persson’s ambitious space game, 0x10c, has been created by its growing community and released on to the internet.

After creating a game the likes of Minecraft, Notch doesn’t need to create too much hype for his next game, not with following he has gained. Speaking of which, the community that is already growing for 0x10c is starting to hype it up themselves. The fellows behind the Greek fan site have decided to put together a rather well realized teaser trailer for the game.

It might seem a bit much but you know what fans are like. If you need to catch up on all the details of 0x10c then make sure you read this previous post and check out the early screenshots from the game.

More information on 0x10c can be found on the game’s official website.


Branching Out: ‘The Humble Botanicula Debut’ Launches

The Humble Botanicula Debut

To celebrate the release of Amanita Design’s new game, The Humble Botanicula Bundle has been launched which contains Botanicula and some other titles at a pay-what-you-want price.

Well here’s a new one – the Humble Bundle launching with a brand new game! Not just any old game either, the mighty fine adventure game Botanicula which we gave a lot of praise to in our review. As this is a Humble Bundle, all of the games that are part of it are available for Windows, Mac and Linux, are DRM-free and you can pay-what-you-want for them. If you want Steam keys though, and we know you do, then you’ll have to pay at least $5. You can also choose to donate your money to the World Land Trust to save trees – obviously in with the theme of Botanicula.

So here’s the line-up for The Humble Botanicula Debut:

If you pay more than the average then you’ll also get

The Humble Botanicula Debut will be available for the next two weeks. Botanicula is also available to purchase separately on GamersGate and GOG.

You can purchase and find out more information about The Humble Botanicula Debut over on the official website.