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‘Unmechanical’ Soundtrack And Demo Now Available

Today it was announced by Talawa Games that the soundtrack for Unmechanical, a dark puzzle platformer, is available for purchase. The OST can be found on Spotify, Itunes, and Amazon.

The album features 12 tracks, including a 13th “hidden track.” Each song can be bought for $.99 or the whole album can be purchased for between $9 and $10. You can review the track listing below.

1. The Abyss and I
2. Origin: Somewhere
3. I Heart You
4. A Clockwork Purple
5. Time for Reflection
6. Mine the Gap
7. Happy in Lava
8. Skinny Dipping
9. Explodation
10. Quite the Quiet Quest
11. System Malnutrition
12. Unmechanical
13. Sunshowers (Hidden Track)

Each track is written by an artist named “wrench.” The soundtrack is a welcome edition to the recent surge of video game soundtrack popularity. It is a mixture of dark undertones and industry inspired sounds making it a highlight of a solid game. Fans of the game should definitely give some of the samples a look as Itunes and Amazon offer short 30 second pieces of each track. A look at Unmechanical and a sample of the sound can be seen in the announcement trailer below.

Unmechanical is the first effort from Talawa Games, a small developer based out of Sweden. Unmechanical was released on August 8th, 2012. It is a physics puzzler which runs on the Unreal 3 engine. The story of Unmechanical is of a robot which falls into a series of tubes and finds itself trapped in a mysterious mechanical factory and must solve a series of puzzles to escape. Unmechanical is available for purchase from multiple sites including Steam, GOG, Gamersgate, and Onlive, as well as a pending release for iOS.

Talawa also announced that the demo for Unmechanical is up and running on Steam for players to test out some of the puzzles and mechanics.  Feel free to also check out our review of Unmechanical.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – ‘Unmechanical’ Soundtrack And Demo Now Available


Take Flight With Sweet ‘Little Dragon 3D’

Flyleap Studios, an Australian indie studio previously creating mods, announces the release of their first mobile game, Little Dragon 3D. The game is out on iOs and Android, so thanks to Flyleap for not making us wait several months for a Droid version!

Little Dragon 3D is described as a physics-based gliding game, but from the looks of the trailer, this is hardly a typical flinging-objects physics game. Instead, players learn to master the effects of wind resistance, lift, gravity and drift in the air as they learn and improve at dragon flight. Once the adorable little dragon is a competent flyer, players will have new flying challenges, with different maps and obstacles. Some are pre-existing levels, and some are randomly generated, but allare  composed of these eye-catching cell-shaded environments.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Take Flight With Sweet ‘Little Dragon 3D’


‘Shadowrun Online’ Kickstarter Clears Its Goal With Just Hours To Spare

For a while there, it was looking seriously bleak for Shadowrun Online. Perhaps it’s because there was already an official singleplayer Shadowrun game licensed and in development? Either way, not too many people seemed willing to bite, and the game was short of its funding goal by a full quarter with just one day left to go. It seemed unlikely that they’d raise 25% of the target money in 3% of time. Statistically, it seemed likely that the game would go unfunded. And then they pulled out all the stops.

At the time of writing, there’s an hour or two left to put your money down for early Beta access to the game, and they’ve cleared their $500,000 target and sailed past it to the tune of $25,000. The ambitious multiplatform (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android & even Ouya) turn-based tactical fantasy/cyberpunk MMO is good to go. Despite their difficulty finding funding, the game actually looks remarkably solid already, with a fair amount of gameplay footage being available for viewing on the Kickstarter page.

Can the market bear two related, but fundamentally different Shadowrun games? Well, it could back in the 90s – Shadowrun titles rolled out on both SNES and Megadrive/Genesis consoles, and despite both being great games, they were wildly different. So, I reckon there’s room for two sets of cyber-decking ne’erdowells on the post-cyberpocalyptic streets of Seattle. Congratulations to Cliffhanger Studios (what a name choice, eh?) on funding their game – here’s hoping that development goes smoothly from here on in.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – ‘Shadowrun Online’ Kickstarter Clears Its Goal With Just Hours To Spare


iOS Strategy Hit ‘Hero Academy’ Launches On Steam With TF2 Crossovers Abound

Robot Entertainment teased this one a while back, but it officially rolled out today. The asynchronous strategy hit Hero Academy is now available for your PC and fully cross-platform, so you’ll find no shortage of people to challenge. The big gimmick of the PC version is that there’s a platform-exclusive Team Fortress 2-themed faction to play as, with their own home-team map. Once unlocked on the PC, you can use the TF2 on any platform too. Here’s the launch trailer:

Hero Academy is availble on Steam now for $5. This might seem a lot compared to the $0 price-tag on the iOS version, but that price tag is effectively the cost of the TF2 unit set. You get the original Council faction for free. Additional factions such as Dark Elves, Dwarves and so on are also available to unlock for $5 each. There’s also a new wave of Hero Academy-themed TF2 dress-up items, just to make it a true cross-promotion.

Robot have kindly provided me with a review copy of the game. I’ve heard a lot of good about the iOS version, but never played it myself. It’ll be interesting to see how the game shapes up now, especially as it has rather significantly matured and evolved since it first launched, along with its community. Keep an eye on IGM for the fresh verdict on the PC version soon.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – iOS Strategy Hit ‘Hero Academy’ Launches On Steam With TF2 Crossovers Abound


‘Dynamite Jack’ Coming To iPhone Tomorrow – Buy On iOS, Get A PC Copy Free

Now here’s a surprisingly nice piece of news. Stealthy demolition game Dynamite Jack has already been a reasonable success on PC and iPads, but is now making the jump to Apple’s smaller, even more handheld device. It’s not going to be a separate release, but rather a Universal upgrade to the existing iPad edition. While that’s nice news in of itself, here’s something nicer: For 48 hours after the launch of the updated build (Happening tomorrow, 9th of August), any existing owners will get a copy of the PC version completely free, both in DRM-free and Steam formats. Here’s the official blurb, straight from the developer’s mouth:

Dynamite Jack is coming to the iPhone this Thursday!  I’ve made it a Universal update to the iPad version.  What this means:
- ALL features included: the main game, the map editor, and all the community maps
- Community maps now include 250+ new maps to play!
- Price $2.99
- Release: Thursday, Aug 9
- Universal update: all iPads, iPhone / iPod touch 3rd gen and newer
So here’s the special launch promotion: for 48 hours following the launch, I’m going to have a big link in the “Community Maps” section to a page where all iOS players can get a code to download Dynamite Jack DRM-Free for Win/Mac/Linux AND get a Steam code for Win/Mac.  I always get a handful of emails from people saying “I bought it on the iPad, can I get it on the PC free?”, so I figure, hey, this is a great way to sort that :)
As a bonus piece of good news, that Community Maps section apparently boasts over 250 fan-made levels. Nothing to be sniffed at. And here’s a trailer, just in case you’ve forgotten what the game looks like:

It’s great to see a developer embracing multi-platform development this much. It really does seem to be the big new thing, and the willingness to give away other-platform versions is heartening to say the least. You can read more on the official site here. Those with the iOS version, make sure not to miss out on that free deal starting tomorrow.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – ‘Dynamite Jack’ Coming To iPhone Tomorrow – Buy On iOS, Get A PC Copy Free


A Smile Doesn’t Cost A Thing – Free ‘Dungeon Defenders’ Jester DLC Due August 8th

Let it never be said that Trendy Entertainment slack off on post-release support. Dungeon Defenders is probably the most patched game I know of, outside of Team Fortress 2. The wildly popular third-person hack n’ slash lootfest/tower-defense blend is revving up for another big DLC push, and this time it’s free. Well, at least at first.

Due for release this Wednesday (August 8th), the Jester DLC pack is set to add yet another playable character class to the game – the titular Jester – an unusually quirky sort who can wield any weapon type in the game as well as carrying a backup, making her a melee/ranged combat wild-card. Rather than placing towers, the Jester drops gifts of varying sizes onto the battlefield. Once opened, these gifts might contain anti-enemy area effects, buffs for teammates, or even budget-priced turrets which deploy on the spot. Her secondary ability to pick up and re-deploy towers is especially helpful in this latter case.

In addition to the Jester, there’s a new chess-themed map being added – the Etherian Gameland, pictured above – and completing it will likely unlock The Fool, an alternate male character model for the Jester class. On top of all this will be four new unique weapons. This bundle will be free for all existing players to grab for two weeks. After that, anyone who missed it will have to pay $4 or equivalent. As with all previous Dungeon Defenders DLC, it won’t split the community – you can play freely on maps that you don’t own, so long as they’re being hosted by a player online that does own them.

You can read more about the Jester pack on the Dungeon Defenders Wiki here. In addition to this DLC rolling out, we’ll be taking a second look at Dungeon Defenders later this week. The game is almost unrecognisable when compared to its humble UDK showcase and iOS origins, and can honestly be considered a very different game to when it was first released. We do live in the internet age, so it wouldn’t be fair to let old reviews still stand when the game has changed so much, would it?

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – A Smile Doesn’t Cost A Thing – Free ‘Dungeon Defenders’ Jester DLC Due August 8th


2022 Space Invasion from Maysalward

Independent studio Maysalward has announced the release of their iOs action shooter 2022 Space Invasion. This space battle game is a bit of a departure from their previous edu games like Word Pirates and Chicken Math. In this action game, players must battle alien invaders in a combination of top-down and FPS challenges. Players will encounter three missions, and Maysalward plans to release more in future updates.

In the first mission, The Strike: Beginning of Invasion, players must guard the Orion Explorer from enemy aliens while avoiding dangerous flying objects in space. The second mission, They Got Us, invites players to choose their ship, upgrade and plan for a more difficult battle. Avoid asteroids, collect energy, and prepare for battle on the way to the enemy stronghold! The third mission, Pay Back: Invade the Enemy, sends players to the enemy aliens’ base for a final showdown to save Earth.

The game trailer:

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – 2022 Space Invasion from Maysalward


Cowbeam from Digital Dreams

Dutch indie developers Digital Dreams plan to release adorable puzzle game Cowbeam for iOs later this month. In Cowbeam, players meet Hank, a goofy, green, cow-loving alien. Hank is traveling the galaxy in search of special cows, and the player must help him match the cow to the cow’s home planet. Cows match their home planet in a variety of ways, so blue planets will be populated with blue cows, or a cow in sunglasses is from a sunny planet, and the player must help Hank find these pairs. The universe is vast, and Hank will search through nine different galaxies, filled with thousands of cows and planets.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Cowbeam from Digital Dreams


Leaving Core For Indie: BitMonster Games

I was interested in talking with Lee Perry, former lead gameplay designer at Epic Games, because his new work with indie studio BitMonster’s first project casual adventure Lili, is such a complete departure from the team’s previous work. The new indie devs behind Lili are six Epic alums, all with experience on the Gears of War franchise, turning their talents to casual iOs adventure game.

Young Lili is a student, researching the island’s magical plants for a school project, and discovering more about herself along the way. The focus seems to be story and environment, and most surprisingly for ex-core developers, promises a non-combat system of defeating enemies. Perry says the game will be is midway between Halfbrick titles (developers of Fruit Ninja, Monster Dash, etc.) and more story-driven sword-and-sorcery games. Looking at Lili’s gorgeous and cartoony tropical environment was, to me, slightly reminiscent of Zelda or even a Monkey Island, complete with silly dialogue and NPCs. Although the game is family-friendly, it’s more a game for players to share with their kids, and not a “children’s game” for parents (and aunts and uncles…) to sit through.

Perry was deliberately vague on the game’s promised non-fighting combat, although he would tell me it’s entirely bloodless and responds to how people are already use their phones.

BitMonster’s future goals are a series of shorter-term projects that will offer high-quality graphics and production values for mobile gamers. The studio brings a lot of experience in the Unreal Engine, and I’m pretty excited to see those graphics turned to indie RPG settings instead of ever more realistic gore.

 While plenty of developers and publishers at Casual Connect have referred to the App Store popularity lottery, or to submitting games to the randomness of app popularity, Perry believes the App Store is a meritocracy, and good, innovative games can succeed.
“There’s never been another platform where you can release cool little indie titles and have the chance for it to take off.” Perry says. He points to the the top apps, and adds that “little projects created by random people are doing well — where else can you find that?”

It’s great to see ex-core developers enthused about turning to a creative indie project, and of course I’m interested in seeing the Unreal Engine used for goofy island residents and gorgeous, escapist environments in Lili.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Leaving Core For Indie: BitMonster Games


distractionware’s ‘Hexagon’ Goes ‘Super’ and iOS Bound?

In February of this year during Pirate Kart V, an event similar to Global Game Jam but with its own kinks, Terry Cavanagh came up with Hexagon. Initially intended as a warm-up, Terry states it “got a little out of hand” for him. Hexagon is playable both at distractionware’s website as well as Kongregate — and the abundance of comments will surely let you know that it is brutally difficult. I mean, we’re talking about the same guy behind VVVVVV so it’s no real big surprise, right? Well, Mr. Cavanagh has taken it to the next level: Super Hexagon seems to be iOS bound — and holy crap, are we excited!

HookShotInc’s superb interview with Cavanagh at the beginning of July is incredibly revealing of his intentions: to make an awesome game that will be released when it is wholly and definitely complete. Cavanagh promises that that’s sometime “soon”; he also admits to not knowing which platforms will see Super Hexagon. However, the ambiguity of his comments has since dwindled quite a bit, especially after Terry blogged this picture of an iPhone running the game. While that may not tell us everything, it’s reassuring that the game is nearing completion and Terry has been investigating platforms for distractionware’s newest and possibly hardest masterpiece.

We await Super Hexagon with childlike excitement…

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – distractionware’s ‘Hexagon’ Goes ‘Super’ and iOS Bound?