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In this blog we cover all news and events surrounding the indie, independent, and student game scene. This includes opinion pieces, news, and reviews.

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Geoff Gibson – Geoff, the owner and founder of, currently resides in Portland. In the past years he has contributed to many blogs, gaming and otherwise, including:,, He was also a reviewer for video game news-site Video games are in his blood and it’s through his passion for writing that he is able to express how much love for them he has.

Geoff also manages SB Nation’s Portland Timbers blog:

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Erik Johnson - Wearing both independent games developer and journalist hats, Erik considers himself an evangelist of indie gaming in general and the amazing community behind it. He’s pretty serious about it, since he tends not to be serious about much else. In addition to being with DIYGamer since its launch, he’s worked for indie dev Arcen Games since January 2011–heading up the company’s PR and marketing efforts, as well as helping out with development in various areas including dialogue writing, interior room map design, “wiring up” of game entities, and more. He’s also a filmmaker for production company Mammoth Manor, a senior editor for offbeat games blog GamingDead, and typically has a dozen or so gaming-related projects being juggled about.

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Dominic Tarason – Jack of all trades, currently trying to break into games/tech journalism. Avid multiplatform geek since infancy, raised to read on roguelikes and encyclopedic bearer of all knowledge nerdy. Mainstream, indie, imported, obscure or ancient, it’s all the same to him.

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Arsen Nazaryan - Although mainly a singer-songwriter fronting the band Indigo Child, Arsen Nazaryan has been a contributor at DIYGamer since the site’s inception. He is currently working on a degree in Sociology so he can take his love of gaming to the next level — doing research on the true effects of video gaming and technology on society. Arsen has contributed to AmpedGaming and GameDynamo but now remains attuned to the indie scene with DIYGamer. When he’s not in the indie zone, he plays the hell out of FIFA and supports his favorite soccer team, Arsenal.

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