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MMORTS Novus AEterno Looks to Take Genre to a New Level


Of all the indie projects I come across, the ones with the most monumental tasks ahead of themselves are often those looking to make an MMO of any kind.  It takes an incredible amount of work and tireless effort to sustain such worlds, and the task only grows increasingly difficult the more successful a game becomes, as the user base continues to grow. Which brings me to Novus AEterno, a seamless, persistent MMORTS that proudly boasts the lofty goal of becoming the next evolution in the RTS genre. The team at Taitale Studios clearly have their work cut out for them, as fans flocked to the Kickstarter campaign and helped the project warp past the initial goal in a matter of days.

Novus AEterno is built around four core tenets known as D.I.M.E., which is an acronym for diplomacy, intelligence, military, and economics. The game runs entirely on a single server, and the team states it is the largest strategy game ever built. There are no linear scripts or pre-set missions in the game, so players are free to build up their empire in any way they choose; although future story arcs will be based upon expanded Lore, so players will be able to take inspiration from what’s going on in the galaxy to influence their decisions. Now that the Kickstarter is funded, Taitale will be posting stretch goals for the duration of the campaign, with the hope of improving upon nearly every aspect of the game’s current structure. Those interested in watching the game’s development progress can do so during the team’s weekly Saturday Night Livestream on Twitch.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – MMORTS Novus AEterno Looks to Take Genre to a New Level