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Indie Links Round-Up: The Underground


Gulag Paradise, Echro One and other unusual games highlight today’s Indie Links.

Redshirt, or ‘If The Starship Enterprise had Facebook’ (Gamasutra)
“I’ve personally wondered for a while now how social media could be better integrated into video game experiences. Inviting friends and tracking online high scores is all well and good, but it seems like there’s a whole world of social opportunities that haven’t yet been fully explored.”

Echro One lets you battle hedgehogs in underground caverns (Polygon)
“Indie developer Cellusious released Echro One yesterday, a game about adventuring through a treasure-packed underground cavern and battling giant hedgehogs.”

TowerFall creator talks story modes, inspiration, pricing and ‘yomi’ (Polygon)
“TowerFall creator Matt Thorson was not prepared for the response to his game. “The game had been testing really well since about six months into development, when everything just started clicking,” he told Polygon. “I had my close friends in my basement every couple of weeks to party and play TowerFall, and they started really enjoying it and asking when the next time they could play was. When I bought the game to developer meetups, it would draw crowds. Even at Evo… It was just amazing.””

Where Pain Meets Pleasure (And Slavery): Gulag Paradise (RPS)
“Soviet Gulags were not known as the nicest places, so of course someone went and made a game about vacationing to them. Gulag Paradise is neon-blistered getaway, a week of torturous labor for those who are “tired of the same old family summer trip”. Admittedly, TV taught me that everything was black-and-white back in those days – not pink and orange – but I’m no historian. Anyway, about the tedium and discomfort: Gulag Paradise isn’t really either one of those, but it is an interesting little typing game. It sees you both grind boulders with your splintering fingernails and make choices about how you’ll communicate with your merciless overlord by typing out every word, and I think it works rather well.”

New PlayStation Indie Channel Games for week ending July 17, 2013 (IndiePub)
“With the release of PlayStation’s Indie Game Channel in their store, we decided to start a weekly article covering indie games released on the PSN Store! Check back each week to discover some of the great indie games that you can play on your PlayStation 3 and PS Vita. ”

Indie Pleas: Indie game crowd funding roundup for July 19, 2013 (IndiePub)
“The theme this week on Indie Pleas is strategy. Get your fill of fun, action-packed RTS and tower defense with the games Wars and Battles and Stone Wardens.”

I Can’t Stop Playing Cube World (Kotaku)
“Today is the type of day where I look back on the week and go holy moly, I’ve spent most of my time recently doing one thing. In this case, that one thing has been playing the PC voxel exploration game, Cube World.”

Bastion Makers Tell Fans To Go Ahead And Stream Their Games (Kotaku)
“Supergiant Games, makers of Bastion and the upcoming Transistor, would like you to know that they’re totally cool with you streaming “Let’s Play” videos of their games.”