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“Things Will Go Bump In The Night” – ‘The Dead Linger’ Developer Interview


Hordes of people love survival games, plain and simple. Myself included. The ability to stand back and admire your handiwork is rewarding, and the rush of escaping your foes is heart-stopping at times. Is anyone else just fed up of running though?

It’s time to make a stand with a few tins of beans and a bloody bat. If that’s always been a longing of yours too, then I know just the game. Brand new zombie horror-survival hybrid The Dead Linger is a throwback to the classic, gore-stained roots of zombie culture video games.

I chatted with Geoff Keene, CEO and Design Director of Sandswept Studios, to find out where they’re planning on taking The Dead Linger.


IGM: The Dead Linger is a zombie ‘horror-survival’ experience. How does this hybrid of genres set TDL apart from other zombie survival games?

Geoff: The key thing people are going to notice about The Dead Linger is that we’re sticking to the roots of the zombie genre. Barricading and surviving in any way the player can imagine is the core of what the zombie fantasy has always been about. Since the first Dawn of The Dead, the slow, shambling hordes of zombies has been the core essence of the terror, and if you change that basic formula, you’re not really making a zombie survival. Many games that pass themselves off as “zombie survival” are nothing more than run-and-gun action games. We’re taking multiple steps back from that direction and building The Dead Linger from the roots of the zombie genre.