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Indie Intermission – ‘Minimalism’ A Geometric Nightmare

Minimalism ss01

This week I am largely going to be looking over more games that were submitted to the Ludum Dare 26, with today’s game being Minimalism by StabAlarash.

In Minimalism you are tasked to guide this shape out of this maze of killer shapes using your laser and your ability to morph into different shapes. It turns out to be a rather neat idea with many frustrating moment, as you try to find the correct shape for the door you are trying to access whilst trying to battle this never getting wave of geometrical shapes.

Even though Minimalism is a rather short game everything about it has been well thought out from the visuals to the gameplay giving Minimalism a very complete and well made feel.

Considering this game was made and developed over a weekend the level of quality here is just great showing want is capable of being done in such a short time.

Minimalism ss02

Average play time – 10 minutes

Minimalism is a must have for anyone who enjoys light puzzles, mazes and lots of shooting. Minimalism really is a testament to hard work and dedication really showing what is possible over just one weekend of development.

Find out more and download Minimalism via the Ludum Dare site.

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