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Indie Intermission Ludum Dare Count Down – Number 2 ‘You Must Escape’

You Must Escape ss01

Today I bring you the runner up from the Ludum Dare 26 competition. You Must Escape is a fantastically fun minimalistic game by GertJohnny in with you must use echolocation to find your way round this unforgiving maze.

You Must Escape really is a triumph in game design as it manages to convey a rather unique gameplay style in a manner to is truly inspired. In You Must Escape you are places in a whole range of dark corridors, the only way you can find the exit is through your footsteps as each footstep produces a noise which allows you to find your way around.

The way the game shows sound is great and it really produces a very unique and interesting feeling to the game. The manipulation of sound is one thing that I feel is quite underutilised in games, or usually falls flat however here it ticks all the right boxes.

You Must Escape ss02

Average play time – 15 minutes

You Must Escape is a highly creative horror puzzle game that really brings sound to the forefront of the game, yet it manages to do so in a sleek and very fun way.

You Must Escape creates enough variety in the game to keep you wanting more yet does not change the game too quickly, thus allowing you to always feel challenged but not alienated.

Be sure to check out You Must Escape online now, it’s a great little time sync. Ludum Dare entry page.

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