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IGF: Samurai Gunn Swords + Guns = a Bloody Good Time

Local competitive multiplayer is back!  Samurai Gunn, developed by Beau Blythe, was nominated for Excellence in Design at this year’s Independent Games Festival and while it did not win, the game is still a blast to play.  Samurai Gunn is a 2-4 player local multiplayer game.  Each player is equipped with a sword and a gun, though the gun only has 3 shots per life.  First player to rack up 10 kills wins the match.  One hit kills, but both sword and bullet attacks can be reflected with skill and timing.

Samurai Gunn is incredibly easy to pick up and play, but hard to master.  Levels wrap around vertically and horizontally so it’s important to keep an eye on your character and keep moving.  After losing my first few matches, I learned how to utilize the directional buttons for downward gunshots and devastating sword uppercuts.  There’s also the cunning tactic of hiding among the dead bodies that pile up throughout the level.  With the game’s stylish anime inspired death highlights and fast paced action, I found myself yearning for more maps to battle on.  I found it very hard to put down my NES controller (nice touch BTW) and move onto the other games.

All the games in the IGF have been approved for Steam, so I hope to see Samurai Gunn released at some point with a lot more content.  It would be great to have online multiplayer and some form of single player tournament or practice mode in a final release.  Check out Beau Blythe’s website for more information and updates on Samurai Gunn.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – IGF: Samurai Gunn Swords + Guns = a Bloody Good Time