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LeGrudge and Rugged Interview – KRUNCH

The duo of LeGrudge and Rugged recently released their first commercial game, Krunch.  This game is indie all the way created by two dudes, a musician, a sound wiz and an artist. It’s an incredibly challenging game about escaping and surviving.  IGM took a moment to interview this new and promising gaming duo.

I know that you guys created the prototype for Krunch for a Ludum Dare game jam, but what inspired you to take that game and develop it into a full commercial game?

Michael: I think overall we just saw lots of potential in the mechanics. I also felt “floating” left the door open for what we could do graphically and atmospherically.

Vieko: Lots of potential for sure – I’ve always enjoyed the rush you get when KRUNCH is about to kill you and you save yourself just at the right time… this spelled “commercial” to me.


What challenges did you run into evolving your quick prototype into a full commercial game release?

Vieko: Staying motivated / focused for a long period of time can be challenging, specially when life forces you to take lengthy breaks between milestones. Adding @twobitart (Sara Gross) to the mix, helped us get back into the groove and finish our game.

Michael: KRUNCH grew organically. I think one of the most difficult parts was just determining when it was done, that said I’m glad we took it to the point that it’s at now. There are still things we would like to add, but overall I think the game is a pretty complete experience.

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For more information on LeGrudge and Rugged and Krunch, check out or the developer’s official webpage.

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