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The New IGM Initiative: A Site Committed to Community

Hello, I am Petey A.M., or Peter Mascio, if you prefer my real name. I am a writer for IGM and now have been named Marketing Director for IGM to oversee our PR and reader relations, as well as inform you, the reader of our ongoings. I also would like to introduce you to our new approach to you, the reader. We have redirected our focus to becoming the first site where the user is just as, if not more important than the writer and staff. The goal is to make a site where you feel at home, know each and every writer, and can communicate with our writers and staff openly and honestly. Ahead is a tentative plan for how we intend to make your experience with us a memorable one.

1. Featuring Reader-Submitted Work: 
Once a week we will feature a reader-submitted editorial on the front page of the website. The winning user will be awarded a fantastic free indie game code, as well as having their photo (if requested) on the front page of The work must be fully original and never have been posted on any site, blog, or other print media. If user submissions are abundant enough we can begin the feature next week, featuring the articles on each Thursday. If you have an article you would like to submit, send it to with the title “Community Submission.” So get writing, as we look forward to hearing from you. Note: Devs are more than welcome to submit articles too.

2. A Staff with Whom You Become Familiar: Here at IGM we are pushing our staff to be as friendly as possible. Not that our writers are not already friendly people, but they will focus more on fostering a community for our readers. When we say we want to know you by name, we truly mean that. Our forums, comment boxes, and Twitter accounts are all great ways to interact with a staff which wants to know who you are and what you think. In the same way we are social on the site, we are approaching our social media as social beings. Sick of following some big shot writer of whom there is little to no chance of interacting with or getting a follow back? You will not find that here. Our writers are social beings who love fans of indie games and the devs who make them. Also, we will feature a weekly article which will interview one of our staff members. Below is an awkward picture of myself which should help you understand how committed we are to being open with our readership:

I Didn’t Have a Date :(

3. Commitment to all Devs: Many sites are particular about what they show on their site. They only bring in the biggest of indie titles, which are mainly the games which will bring in the most views. We are fully committed to releasing information on each and every dev which contacts us, regardless of their game’s perceived value in page views. The indie community is not about page views, but rather about showing off indie titles worth seeing. We refuse to break our commitment to the devs who are supporters of the indie scene, as there work is vital to the survival of indie gaming. We want to cover things both big and small.

4. Listening to Your Opinions: 
At IGM we invite criticism and recommendations. We feel that as you are our loyal readers, you deserve ample credit and attention for your opinions on the site and articles. Our writers are active with opinions in the forums, our articles are open to commenting, and our Twitter is now run by a living-breathing human being. All of us are writing and working because we love the community, so please bring your discussion hats. It is a rare opportunity to have open discussion with writers, which is why we are making it a point to respond to each and every one of you. So be active and we will be too!

Those are our four main goals moving forward, with our usual commitment to fantastic content. It is important to us that you are included in the goings on of our site and we are glad you are onboard with us. Please check out our forums to discuss random topics with our writers and comment below with suggestions for how we can make our site a better overall experience for you. Thanks so much for you time. We will create a better together!

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – The New IGM Initiative: A Site Committed to Community