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Smudged Cat Games Discounts ‘Gateways’ On XBLIG

Gateways is a 2D platformer where you play as a inventor called “Ed.” One of his many “experiments” goes wrong, and you have to help him escape the lab. Most of the game consists of traditional platformer elements, but also comes with its own unique element. That element is the integration of what is called “gateway guns.” If you have ever played the game Portal by Valve, gateway guns should be familiar to you. They are just like your portal gun in Portal in the sense that you shoot one gateway on one side of the room and another on the other side of the room, and then can travel through the two gateways. It is actually a great mechanic and adds a certain amount of uniqueness to the game.

Developer Smudged Cat is celebrating the great reviews that Gateways has been getting by dropping the price on XBLIG to 80 MS points, which equals out to $1 USD. Packed with dozens of puzzles in this 2D retro world, $1 is totally worth the amount of enjoyment you will get out of this specific title from Smudged Cat. In anticipation of the sale, Smudged Cat has also released an extraordinary new update to the game that features a numerous amount of improvements.

Gateways has had a lot of improvements, but the most notable change is that it now has a brand new “normal” difficulty, which helps simplify some of the later puzzles that might be more difficult. There is also a new help menu that explains the gateway guns in detail, the ability to disable auto-save , and support for 4:3 displays! Jam packed with puzzles and all the retro-goodies you could ever want, Gateways is definitely a great buy! Of course, you may want to try the game for you purchase it though. Thankfully, there is a demo version of the game available for Xbox users. Not at home? No worries! You can head over here to remotely download it to your Xbox 360!

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Smudged Cat Games Discounts ‘Gateways’ On XBLIG