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Visual Novel ‘The Host Holic’ Goes Beta

Red Panda Games has just reached beta with its latest title, The Host Holic.  With a final release date set for October 31, 2012, this self described visual novel / dating sim game seems to be a lot more impressive than Red Panda Games has stated.  The Host Holic looks to stand apart from the droves of other dating sim gamesim games out there by deviating away from that core gameplay to give the user interesting experiences that flow seamlessly with that main play mode.

The Host Holic is a dating sim game that focuses around an English teacher as she explores daily life in Tokyo from a foreigner’s perspective.  A complex dating system as well as the ability to explore the Japanese culture through various activities such as shopping, obento (a Japanese bistro), night clubs, and arcades, will enthrall lovers of dating sims, placing them deeply into the character’s world.

Instead of just being a straight forward dating sim, The Host Holic mixes it up by adding a variety of different gameplay styles into the mix.  As a teacher you will have to manage your classroom and make decisions in order to ensure the success of your school and its students.  An optional subplot of the game has you become a sleuth in order to investigate into an unexplained psychological illness that is affecting the students at your school.

The Host Holic will be available for the PC on October 31, 2012 for $19.99 (with a free trial available).  If you want to find out more about The Host Holic, then take a look at the official game page.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Visual Novel ‘The Host Holic’ Goes Beta