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Tinderbox Creating New Star Wars And Warhammer 40K Inspired ‘THON’ Board Game

THON is a Sci-Fi board game that is essentially Star Wars meets Warhammer 40K. It’s supposed to be fast paced and offer extremely tactical gameplay between two players. Developer Tinderbox plans on making each army unique with their own variation of units and commanders. THON is essentially its own Starlight System in the sense that it’s going to be a massive artificial planet with its own self-sufficient fortress-world that was created for the sole purpose of protecting the inhabitants of the world. That includes the inhabitants living on the surface of the planet along with the inhabitants entombed within the planets “Soul Core.”

Tinderbox has three different modes planned for the game with the first being a versus mode. This will be your standard battle that you would see in any action board game, or video game even. Games should only be lasting around an hour with within the versus mode. Players can alternate between Move, Move, Shoot Shoot (or moving again), and will then be followed by combat (something you would see in games like Warlock: Master Of The Arcane). Commanders and Overlords in THON will have the ability to buff units at any time once per turn. This will allow you to increase your units movement and accuracy among a bunch of other stats and abilities.

Another mode this game boasts of is called “Narrative RPG.” This is supposed to be your typical Pen and Paper RPG setting with a Game Master (GM) called Lar along with a bunch of other players playing cooperatively to meet one goal. In this mode, Players will be able to create characters, choose their very own classes and also arm and equip them. They can then begin playing with the narrative that is provided, or they can create their own narrative. Tinderbox has promised that new narratives will be released periodically.

Lastly, the game boasts of a multiplayer mode called “SCOMA.” This mode stands for Self-Contained Mobile Armor, and is supposed to be the most casual mode out of the three options. This mode is supposed to be a design-your-own-free-for-all. Players playing with SCOMA will get to decide on an experience pool and then build their own character using that pool. With that pool, players will be able to duke it out in a PvP arena.

So far, the game is shaping up to be something very unique and maybe even worth your time. Tinderbox plans on starting a Kickstarter for the game on November 11th to fund it. He hasn’t released any information on when we can see this game, so we’ll probably have to wait until after the Kickstarter to find that type of information out, or at least an ETA.

If this sounds interesting to you, and you’re interested in getting a early look at this, just head on over to the THON forums and sign up for the beta testing!

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Tinderbox Creating New Star Wars And Warhammer 40K Inspired ‘THON’ Board Game