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Play To The Unique Tune Of ‘Cello Fortress’ At Indigo Exhibition

Cello Fortress Logo

Joost Van Dongen is known for his interesting and more abstract take on games after his previous game Proun, but may be better known for his work within Ronimo Games. Proun was a critically acclaimed new take on racing games with a lot of very interesting and new ideas featured, and his new game Cello Fortress sounds to be no exception.

Cello Fortress is going to combine a unique mix of live concert and twin stick shooter which will only be available to be played at live events. Cello Fortress is going to debut at the Indigo exhibition, which is a yearly exhibition that shows the best new work by Dutch game developers. Indigo takes place on the 28th and 29th of September in Utrecht, Netherlands.
Cello Fortress Announcement Photo

The premise of the game is for the cellist to play against the players in this very interesting concept, in a way to combine gamers with classic string instruments. Up to four players use controllers to move their tanks around, moving with one stick and shooting with the other in the hope to dodge bullets and attack the turrets. This is where the really clever bit comes in, the cellist plays notes that are picked up by a microphone. The game processes dissonant chords to turn on flame-throwers; aggressive notes to activate the burst-cannons; and an ominous melody charges a bombardment.
Cello Fortress Announcement Scheme

The whole premise behind Cello Fortress is a very inspired one and is a great way to bring together two seemingly different communities but as Joost Van Dongen is both a cellist and a game developer it is a neat way to combine his two passions. It seems to be a very interesting way to get more people excited about classical music and will hopefully prove to be a major success later this month.

Cello Fortress will be at the Indigo exhibition still in early prototype but will no doubt make some waves. Find out more at Joost Van Dongen’s official blog here.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Play To The Unique Tune Of ‘Cello Fortress’ At Indigo Exhibition