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Minecraft Update: New Mobs (Part 1)

Wow, have there been a lot of new changes and updates to Minecraft recently! For all of you who do not know, Mojang has been releasing “Snapshots” of Minecraft, which have some of the features that the anticipated next full update, the “Pretty Scary” update, will have. So, in this article, I will cover some of the new, not so scary mobs that Minecraft 1.4 will have.

The Wither Boss

First of all, as you now know, Mojang has added some new, exciting mobs to the game. These include the new, ominously-named “Wither” boss. The Wither boss can be currently crafted through the use of 4 blocks of Soul Sand, and 3 Wither Heads on top of the blocks, similar to how Snowmen are spawned, but with different materials. When spawned, the Wither boss has reduced health, however, it begins to flash and regenerate health (above picture). While it is regenerating, you cannot attack it, and the Wither boss itself cannot move, so it is recommended that you move away as fast as possible, so you can prepare for battle. When the Wither boss has finished, it creates a large explosion, and begins to take off in the air. While in the air, the Wither boss launches explosive projectiles which look similar to its own heads. These cause large explosions (a well-aimed blast can instantaneously kill a player in full diamond armour), and make it very difficult for the player to even approach the Wither boss. To add to your troubles, the Wither boss also regenerates over time, so even many well-aimed bow shots cause little or, over time, no damage whatsoever. As well, when you are hit by the Wither boss, your health indicators turn black, so you have no idea what your health level is at.  But, such a hard battle must have a reward, right? The Ender Dragon battle commemorated your achievement with a simply amazing poem, so the Wither boss should have something good in store, also. In this case, when the Wither boss is killed, it drops a Nether Star. The Nether Star can craft new items called Beacons, which will be discussed later in this series.

Quick Facts

  • Has 150 hearts health
  • First appeared in Snapshot 12w36a
  • Has an attack strength of 7 hearts in Hard mode
  • Cannot be created by pistons
  • Can shoot special blue Wither Heads which can destroy any block in the game, except for Bedrock

Wither Skeleton

The next new mob that Mojang has added is called the Wither Skeleton. This mob can only spawn in the Nether, and specifically only in Nether fortresses. They are very similar to regular Skeletons, but their color makes it easy to identify them otherwise. The Wither Skeletons also wield a stone sword, but nevertheless, they are very powerful. Wither Skeletons can cause 12 hearts worth of damage, and they can cause a “Wither” effect to your health bar. This means that you will, like when battling the Wither boss, not be able to accurately tell how much health you have. After you have taken out the Wither Skeleton, it commonly drops 0-1 coal, or 0-2 bone. Rarely, however, it will drop a Stone Sword, or a Wither Head. The Stone Sword is not so valuable, but the Wither Head can be used as one of the three required to spawn the Wither Boss.

Quick Facts

  • Only spawns in Nether Fortresses or in Creative, through the use of Spawn Eggs
  • When hit by the Wither Skeleton on Normal or Hard, the health bar will have a “Wither” health effect for 10 seconds
  • Is 2 full blocks tall
  • The Wither Skeletons are bigger than normal skeletons, yet have about the same amount of health
  • The drop rate for a Wither Head is 1/40 or 2.5%, which is similar to other rare drops
Stay tuned for the next part of this series, where we discuss the new, scary “Witch” and “Bat” mobs. As well, what new mobs should Minecraft develop? Leave a reply in the comments below.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Minecraft Update: New Mobs (Part 1)