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IndieGameStand Launches Today! Pay What You Want For ‘Escape Goat’!


Just a couple weeks ago we brought you the news of when the IndieGameStand would be launching, and today is the day! The IndieGameStand is a service that will offer handpicked indie games for the enticing “pay what you want” price. What separates the IndieGameStand from other indie game services that let you choose your price, is there’s a bargain every 96 hours. That’s right, almost three times a week you’ll be able to get a great deal on some unique games.

The first game the service has to offer is Escape Goat. In Escape Goat you are trapped inside the Prison of Agnus for the crime of witchcraft. Not departing from the name of the title, you of course play as a goat. A goat accused of witchcraft? I like it already! Aiding you through the game will be your tiny crafty mouse pal. Your job is to help them outsmart the dungeon’s infernal traps, puzzles, and machinery to escape the prison in this puzzle-platformer.

Escape Goat features 100 unique rooms, a built-in level editor that enables players to share their own creations, and a bonus and main campaign. Check out the trailer below to get a better look at the 8-bit graphics and awesome soundtrack.

For those who beat the average price for Escape Goat on the IndieGameStand, you will be awarded with a free MP3 soundtrack. If you pay a dollar or more you’ll even unlock the game on Desura. Developers of Escape Goat, MagicalTimeBean, have selected the American Red Cross to recieve 10% of the proceeds from this 96-hour sale.

Don’t forget to check into the IndieGameStand from here on out so you don’t miss out on any good deals on games, or opportunities to support some indie devs and charities. You can subscribe to the IndieGameStand on Twitter and Facebook to always be alerted when a new deal goes live. For the latest updates and future projects of Ian Stocker, the creator of Escape Goat, be sure to follow him on Twitter.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – IndieGameStand Launches Today! Pay What You Want For ‘Escape Goat’!