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Indie Links Round-Up: Gator Attack

In addition to the game links you’ve come to expect, today’s Indie Links include articles on experimental games, Steam Greenlight, and XBLA vs. XBLIG.

Indies On Steam Greenlight, Part 2: Possible Futures (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
“Here, primarily in the interests of good, honest decency, I simply wish to allow those who spoke in the first part of this planned series to finish their pre-charge thoughts about Greenlight – what changes they’d like to see to it, and how democratic it can ultimately be… Rather than form this into an editorialised feature as before, given the newly changed nature of the topic I shall simply present it as it was arranged – two questions, and the answers to them as they were given by a raft of indie developers big and small.”

Why Indie Fund Is Backing An XBLA Flop (Gamasutra)
“Indie Fund, a group of independent developers that offers “angel”-style funding to other indie game makers, has decided to back The Splatters, an unusual puzzle game that failed to find an audience when it launched on XBLA in April.”

Zeboyd: Microsoft Should Merge XBox Live Arcade And Indie Games (GamesIndustry International)
“Robert Boyd, one half of Penny Arcade’s On The Rain-Slick Precipice Of Darkness 3 developer Zeboyd Games, has told Edge that Microsoft should merge Xbox Live’s Arcade and Indie Games categories. ‘I’d like to see [XBLIG] kind of merge into XBLA,’ Boyd commented. ‘Keep Indie Games free to everyone but if you have a really good game, you could submit it to Microsoft for it to be upgraded to an XBLA title. Right now, becoming an XBLA developer is fairly difficult for a small team, so reducing the barrier of entry to XBLA could only help Microsoft, I think.’”

Wot I Think: Snapshot (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
“Photography-based puzzle-platformer Snapshot is the latest from depict1 dev Retro Affect (one half of which is Kyle Pulver, he of Offspring Fling fame). Long-anticipated, it finally gave itself to the world last week. Here’s what I made of it.”

Harold Preview: The Goofy Savant (Shacknews)
Harold is deceptively wacky. The racing-platformer from indie start-up Moonspider Studios carries a sense of humor reminiscent of the frenetic pacing of old Looney Tunes cartoons, but the game itself is complex enough to invite serious play. After some hands-on time at PAX 2012, Harold won me over.”

Indie Games Uprising 3 Costs You $11, Max (Joystiq)
“The Indie Games Summer Uprising is almost upon us: the coordinated rollout and promotion of high-profile (for XBLIG) games will begin on September 10 with the “arcade/documentary” Snake game, qrth-phyl. Find the full schedule for the two-week promotion after the break.”

Blendo On Quadrilateral Cowboy, Experimental Games (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
“‘Twentieth Century Cyberpunk.’ That’s Quadrilateral Cowboy’s elevator pitch, but ‘hacking that’s not just some awful minigame’ would work just as well. I played Blendo’s latest during PAX, and my heart grew three sizes that day. Also, my brain turned into a copy of William Gibson’s ‘Neuromancer.’ I quite like it, is what I’m saying. Afterward, I sat down stood in a deafeningly loud convention center corner with dev dynamo Brendon Chung, and we discussed Quadrilateral Cowboy, Thirty Flights Of Loving, how to tell a good game story, and the difficulties of integrating such things into, well, games. It’s all after the break.”

Din’s Curse Review (ProvenGamer)
“In a culture of gaming that often demands a constant stream of new substance and material, it is quite ambitious to reignite some of the basic mechanics that many great games-of-old flaunted. Din’s Curse takes what seems to be a leap back in time, implementing components that many Diablo, Gauntlet and Warcraft fans will immediately recognize.”

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Indie Links Round-Up: Gator Attack