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Indie Intermission Week 4 – Sunday Round Up


Yet another week briskly passes by and along with it the end to the Ludum Dare 24 game jam. It has been an awesome jam with many great titles, many of which I am still discovering but that is not a surprise with such a wealth of entries in LD24. Here is the weekly round up looking at some of the best free gaming available to play over your break from the real world. As usual the week has hosted many great games, along with some very surprising titles that have really surprised me.  Ages Of Irving is one of these titles and well worth checking out if you are after something entirely differnt. As always the title will lead you to the article and the picture will take you to the game, so enjoy a lazy Sunday!

Day 18 – Trinity Labs

Trinity Labs SS01

A fun little puzzler set in a lab environment. Your aim is to evolve the pieces by lining up several of them to created the next stage, ranging from striped dinos to humanoids it is quite the diverse little title. Great fun to play with the increasing level of difficulty and although the setting is very basic I feel it works well.

Day 19 – Uberlution

uberlution splash

A great take on the Fish in pond genre of games. You play as a creature who has to eat smaller being to evolve and grow until you are the king of the pond (or in this case jungle). The visuals are stunning and very lovingly put together with great attention to detail.

Day 20 – Terminal Illness

terminal illness spalsh

A fun take on space shooters being set in inner space. Terminal Illness has you playing as a virus invading a host organism having to fight back the ever present host defence. Full of power ups and power downs this shooter is very difficult and not for the faint hearted. The graphics styling is nice and has a great tone to it making this shooter a lot of fun.

Day 21 - Boxhead: The Zombie War

boxhead the zombie war splash

This is a classic from yesteryear, hitting the internet in 2008 this title is a shining example of zombie horde mode in a great online setting. This game has a whole load of variety and power ups along with a great selection of maps making this a must play. Can be played in very short bursts and is great fun, although it gets very difficult very quickly.

Day 22 – Ages of Irving

Ages of Irving SS03

A gritty hyper stylized title where you take control of a professional interrogator  and have to preform some morally reprehensible choices to extract information. The graphic choice and music fit the scene perfectly, creating a very gritty game not often seen in these game jams. The narrative was very deep and moving along with the violence although very present it was not shown in a gory or ridiculous manner.

Next week will be a special addition of Indie Intermission going over the top five winners of the LD24 competition, to be sure to stay tuned to look at these titles. Find out what made them so great and why are deserved of the places they got, especially with the number of great entries in LD24.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Indie Intermission Week 4 – Sunday Round Up