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Indie Intermission Day 25 – LD24 Third Place ‘Death Death Evolution’

Death Death Evolution Title

The Third place entry in LD24 is yet another great title and has been created by Adhesion. Death Death Evolution is firstly a great name along with being a very interesting spin on the puzzle platformer genre as a whole. Generally death is bad in any game, however in Death Death Evolution it is somewhat encouraged.

Death Death Evolution has a great mechanic which I have not seen in any other game, it relies on you actually dieing as once you die you are reborn with extra attributes to help you overcome the problem that killed you in the first place. This is truly great thinking and it does make sense in a roundabout way and fits the LD24 theme perfectly.
Death Death Evolution ss02

The visuals in Death Death Evolution are great, they are again done in a retro style (which is what people seem to love… nostalgia) which works very well in the puzzle platformer genre in general. Full of great colour pallets and distinctive scenery it really makes for a great looking game that looks retro but has the crisp graphics of technology.

The audio also is very good it is also distinctly retro (can you see the theme) adding a nice complete feel to the game. Even the sound effects have a distinct retro quality about it making this game a very well planned out venture.
Death Death Evolution ss03

Death Death Evolution is a game with a great deal of potential, I am sure with extra time this title could easily be extended into a fully featured title that many people would be happy to buy. As all the key elements exist in the game all that it requires is additional content to make it really shine.

Average play time – Less than one hour

Death Death Evolution is another great puzzle platformer that reminds me a great deal of the Lion King (great game) and is well worth your time. It can be played in your browser here, the original LD page is found here.

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