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IGM Limelight: Week 4

Hello all you beautiful indie gamers and devs and welcome to the fourth week of IGM Limelight; the article that attempts to make Greenlight games known to the entirety of the world. What’s that? Not everyone reads Well they should. Regardless, here are 5 games you should check out on Steam Greenlight. BEGIN WEEK 4:

Montague’s Mount from Polypusher Studios- Players wake up surrounded by rubble and wreckage. The ship in which our main character once fished is ruined. The island is wired with electricity, but the generator appears to be broken. Players have nothing to go on but these facts and must explore the Irish island in this psychological thriller. Montague’s Mount builds on the success of the first person environmental adventure and focuses on a psychological story by combining adventure and puzzle solving. Montague’s Mount is mysterious, with no story details leaked yet, and will be presented in episodic form with the first episode being released late 2012. The second two episodes have been announced for spring and summer 2013 respectively. For more on Montague’s Mount take a look at the official website, or follow Polypusher and Montagues Mount on Twitter.

Eador: Masters of the Broken World from Snowbird Games- The world has been broken into shards, each of which is its own separate world with its own inhabitants. You are a supreme and powerful Master, who has interest in controlling all the shards and uniting them under his power.  It is up to you how you approach defeating the enemy demigods and gaining control of as many shards as possible. Eador: Masters of the Broken World plays as an turn-based strategy game, but also integrates RPG elements. Some guy who almost sounds autotuned gives a great in-depth analysis of the gamplay on the Greenlight page, so check that out for more details on gameplay. And, by the way, the graphics are the BOMB. Other than that, for more info on Eador, there is an official website and a Facebook page, both of which you should totally check out.

Gnomoria from Robotronic Games- Gnomoria is a delicious little sandbox game where players control a group of gnomes who have set out to create a life of their own. The world begins procedurally generated and anything created can be broken down for material. Gnomes are given commands and can dig deep down to obtain mining materials, cut down trees, and farm grassland. The goal is to create a flourishing community for the gnomes to live in. The interface appears to be intuitive and the dev running the video makes it look super easy. If you dig the sandbox genre, I could not recommend anything better. For more info check out the Gnomoria official website.

Init. from Narrow Monolith- In Init. players have to see the world differently. Perception is posed as an enemy, and it is the player who must adjust how they see the world to complete puzzles and challenges. The 3D platformer has taken away the rules of physics and challenges platform lovers to reinvent the way they look at the abstract world Narrow Monolith has designed. Init. presents the player with over 50 unique environmentally based challenges, all of which are presented in a 60 fps HD abstractly envisioned world. You can pick up Init. right now or try the demo over on Desura and learn more about it on Narrow Monolith‘s official website.

WazHack from Warwick “Waz” Allison- “All the Time in the World. Permanent Death.” is the advertisement for the roguelike WazHack. In this RPG Adventure game from single developer Waz Allison players choose from 1 of 8 character classes, each with different starting stats and equipment, then venture into procedurally-generated loot filled dungeons. The most interesting mechanic is that time only moves when the player does, allowing players to stop and think about moves instead of simply spamming attacks. The simple element of giving players plenty of time allows for a world of strategic gameplay. Players must be careful though, because one slip up could mean permanent death. To learn more about WazHack and try out a demo take a gander at its official web page, and make sure to vote it up on Greenlight.

That is it, and that is all. Thank you so very much for reading and I hope you enjoyed the picks as much as I did. As always, it was a pleasure writing for you guys. As a side note, Limelight will be moving to a daily format next week (YAY!!!) so that I can be more in depth with these fantastic games. So check back Monday for the first daily edition of IGM Limelight.

If you’d like us to consider YOUR Greenlight project for IGM Limelight, send in your submission to with the subject “IGM Limelight”. Didn’t see your game this week? Stay tuned for next weeks round-up and you may very well be one of our top picks!

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – IGM Limelight: Week 4