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IGM Limelight: Week 3

Hey there party people and welcome to another IGM Limelight, where each week we showcase 5 games which are up for voting on Steam Greenlight that we think are super cool. Last weeks 5 picks can be viewed here. So, without further ado, and because I know you didn’t come here to listen to my ramblings, here are our 5 IGM Limelight picks of the week:

Receiver from Wolfire Games- As an entry into the 7 day FPS challenge, Receiver is a FPS with a focus on gun mechanics and, more specifically, pistol mechanics. Receiver was also made with an unordered story in mind, which unfolds through players hunting down missing tapes. The guns in Receiver operate through independent parts, each of which the player must learn about and come to know to have success. Players must manually reload, cock the revolver, as well as maneuver around corners, etc. The goal of Wolfire Games was to make a much more realistic first person shooter, which demands more out of a player than a spray and pray approach. It would appear they have succeeded in doing so. More info on Receiver can be found on its official website, which also offers the game for purchase as well as the Source Code for you happy modders out there.

Platformines from Magicko Gaming- In Platformines players are faced with a boatload of networked mines, which are guarded by enemies and traps, but also include incredible treasures. Platformines uses a combination of RPG, platformer, and shooter elements, with an emphasis on weapon combinations. The weapons are randomly generated to create, what is apparently, a gazillion weapons. Likewise, each dungeon in the 6 to 8 hour campaign is randomly generated to improve replayability in the single player hybrid. If Platformines seems up your alley you can check out more and try the beta at Platformines’ official website.

No Time to Explain from tinyBuild Games- I do not have much time to explain No Time to Explain. I mean I only get a paragraph to tell you about there being No Time to Explain. Ugh, ugh, schtick. But seriously, No Time to Explain is an action-packed platformer filled to the brim with time paradoxes, dancing, crabs, lasers, bosses sharks, and future yous telling you “there is no time to explain.” The whole game is a comical journey of utter non-sensical confusion. It is right up my Douglas Adams inspired alley. If you enjoy some comical platforming from time to time check it out. For more info on No Time to Explain check out tinyBuild Games offical website.

Heaven Variant from Zanrai Interactive- Posed as a “love letter” to side-scrolling shoot em’ up games while staying away from the meat head generalization of the genre, Heaven Variant is an impressive 3D spectacle. The story is somewhat confusing, but it seems you are helping out orbiting earth colonists by taking control of some powerful weaponary. That weaponary turns out to be a bunch of accessible cannons, machine guns, swords, and flamethrowers. Each of the weapons has a unique angle for firing to challenge players to adjust to the oncoming enemies. More info on Heaven Variant can be found on its official website and Zanrai Interactive‘s Twitter.

InFlux from Impromptu Games- InFlux is a mixture of adventuring and puzzle-solving within the realm of mysterious and abstract environments. Players control a small sphere which travels from cubic glasshouse to glasshouse; each of which is a puzzle in its own right. InFlux aims to be a relaxing experience, which too is supported by a original soundtrack. The graphics are fairly high end and were designed with the Unreal Development kit. More on InFlux can be found at the official Influx website or on Joe Wintergreen’s Twitter.

Once again, it has been wonderful writing for you guys to read. I hope you enjoyed the Greenlight picks in this weeks IGM Limelight. We’ll be back next week with another spotlight on some Greenlight games. But if you’d like us to consider YOUR Greenlight project for IGM Limelight, send in your submission to with the subject “IGM Limelight”. Didn’t see your game this week? Stay tuned for next weeks round-up and you may very well be one of our top picks!

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – IGM Limelight: Week 3