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‘Escape Goat’ Comes to Browsers

For those of you who haven’t heard of Escape Goat, it is a widely acclaimed puzzle platformer that has you playing as a goat trying to escape from a magical prison by making your way through a variety of intense puzzles.  Created by the indie game developer MagicalTimeBean (EscapeGoat is mostly the creation of Ian Stocker), Escape Goat provides fun (but sometimes extremely frustrating) physics based gameplay that is not only innovative, but beautiful (in a 16-bit graphics kind of way, but that might just be a “me” thing).  Up until now, it has only been available on Xbox Live Indie Arcade and PC’s, but now its come to your web browsers.  This new web browser version (besides being the first look at the game for Mac and Linux gamers), comes with a variety of new upgrades, including: a built in level editor that allows you to create and share custom maps by giving a friend a simple url, two user created worlds that feature over 40 new rooms, and a localization of the game into French.

As a special promotion for the release of this browser port, the full Escape Goat game will be available for free online until Sunday, September 9 (a demo version will still be available afterwards, as well as the ability to share any custom levels you may have made).

Escape Goat is currently available on Xbox Live Indie Arcade, Windows, and now for any system that can load an internet browser at the official Escape Goat website.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – ‘Escape Goat’ Comes to Browsers