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‘DotBrighton’ Game Jam This Weekend In Brighton, UK

brighton game jam

Calling all creatives in the south of England this weekend the Dot Brighton Game Jam is kicking off. Anyone is invited from all skill levels and backgrounds in gaming whether you’re a coder, designer, artist/ musician or are totally new to the game industry you are all encouraged to get down to Brighton this weekend.

Like any good game jam all participants be it teams or individuals will have 48 hours to complete a project on the topic they provide at the beginning of the jam. It is not limited to only video games however as any project be it board games, card games or playground games are also welcomed alongside the video games, which will no doubt make for some great projects coming out of it.

Alongside the actual competition the organisers will be running tutorial sessions on the Saturday which are as follows:

  • Making interactive stories with Twine
  • A Beginner’s guide to making 3D games with Unity
  • Small is beautiful – designing, developing and actually finishing short projects

DotBrighton promises to be a fun weekend long event that is actively looking for people new to the field of game design. With a host of tutorials it will allow even the most removed people from game design to get a good start and no doubt the tutorials will be helpful for everyone in general no matter on your own skill.

Be sure to check out the DotBrighton site here which includes tickets and directions to the event which is all free. So if you live anywhere near the Brighton area in the UK there really is no excuse not to go along and see what all the fuss is about and hell we really don’t get enough of these over here so help support it.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – ‘DotBrighton’ Game Jam This Weekend In Brighton, UK