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Developer Moment Studios Releases ‘Skylight’, A Casual 3D Jumping Game

Earlier this year Bill Borman founded a brand new indie game studio known as Moment Studio, and as a result, has just released his first game, Skylight. This particular game is a platformer where you will jump on randomly generated platforms in a desperate attempt to get back to where you belong, which happens to be in space. The cool thing about Skylight is that you will never experience anything repetitive in levels. It’s all randomly generated, so every time you start a new game, you can expect to have a new challenge to face.

The music in Skylight is a major part of the game. Borman has created his very own sounds and music for Skylight as opposed to the average developer who would hire someone else to did it for them. With that said, due to the unique and creative music alone, it’s definitely at least worth checking out the demo of this new title. All of that aside, after many long hours of hard labor, Borman has finally released his game for only $2.50 on his company’s website for both Windows and Mac. He’s really created something unique for a very low price, and I for one, will be checking out the game.

It’s an interesting concept, actually. You jump from platform to platform, until you — of course — fall off and die. Think of it as Doodle Jump, which you may have played on iOS or Android, except in 3D format. Reaching high scores is always fun too, which along with the music, may also be a driving element of the game.

Any thoughts on this specific title?

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Developer Moment Studios Releases ‘Skylight’, A Casual 3D Jumping Game