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‘Cortex Command’ Launches, And You May Already Own It

Cortex Command

Just a friendly reminder: Cortex Command officially launched yesterday, and since it was included pre-release in a few Humble Bundles, you may have a free download waiting for you.

With the soaring popularity of indie bundles, it is far too easy to forget which game came with what bundle, especially when the game was included pre-release, as Cortex Command was. If you remember buying Humble Indie Bundle 2, or paying above the average price for Humble Indie Bundle 3, then you will have a key waiting for you.

If the bundle-mania has clouded your memory, fear not, for there is a really easy way to check which games you own from any Humble Bundle you have purchased. You will just need to remember the email address you used to create your account, and of course, the password to log into said email.

If you go to the official Humble Bundle website, here, simply click the “Log in” button in the upper right-hand corner. From there you sign in with your email and Humble Bundle account password. There is an option to reset the password, if you have forgotten it.

Humble Bundle Claim

Once logged in, click “My Account” and you will be taken to a page displaying all of your Humble Bundle purchases which that email address is associated with. You can choose to download Cortex Command as a standalone file, or if you scroll to the bottom and click the link for a specific Humble Bundle purchase, you will be taken to a page which allows you to claim Steam/Desura keys for the specific bundle (seen in the image, above).

That is it, easy as making a Hot Pocket!

If it turns out you do not own Cortex Command already, you can buy the game from the official website, here.

Cortex Command is an RTS platformer where players control artificially intelligent soldiers, attempting to defend their “brain bunker” headquarters from invading troops. Cortex Command features pixelated graphics and an extremely detailed physics engine.

Follow the developer on Twitter: @DataRealms

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – ‘Cortex Command’ Launches, And You May Already Own It