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‘Conclave’ Kickstarter Funded In The Final Hour

Earlier today, I met with Derek Bruneau of  10 x 10 Room at the Boston Indie Game Festival. This was at about 3 in the afternoon. He told me about his upcoming game, Conclave. Conclave is a browser-based role-playing game, in the most traditional sense. It is heavily influenced from tabletop role playing games, and tries to keep the spirit in everything about the game.

I mentioned to Derek my days of high school, using instant message programs like Skype to play Dungeons and Dragons and similar titles. Conclave takes players like me, and offers them a promised land of a browser-based tabletop role playing game experience. The developers designed the game with this in mind.

The basic idea is to allow players to play table-top role playing games in the most convenient way possible. To do this, each player will submit their action to the server, and wait for other players responses. This can be done over the course of weeks, or in real time.

When I spoke to Derek, he mentioned the Kickstarter for Conclave still ‘having a ways to go’. At about 3 pm, they were at 80% of their $75,000 goal. In under nine hours, Conclave has been funded. I wish I could high five the 10 x 10 Room guys, because this is a huge accomplishment. In the final hour, the Kickstarter raised thousands of dollars.

The beta for Conclave is currently open, and you can register and start playing here.

You can look forward to an interview about Conclave here on the Indie Game Magazine in the coming week.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – ‘Conclave’ Kickstarter Funded In The Final Hour