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‘Bagfull of Wrong’ Gets Added To ‘Bundle In A Box: Deep Space’

Bundle In A Box

The Bundle In A Box: Deep Space bundle has gotten ten more games added to it. While it already had some wonderful games like Death Ray Manta and also offered Jeff Minter’s Tempest influenced masterpiece Space Giraffe, Dark Scavenger, remade Commodore 64 Armalyte, The Wreckless, Sol: Exodus, Robot Riot and Miner Wars Arena, a few more games have also been added to the bundle to make it more magnificent.

The Deep Space bundle has added the Bagfull of Wrong and 10 of its arcade games. The Bagfull of Wrong was the winner of 2 Eurogamer Expo Stars. The bundle firstly contains War Twat for PC and Mac, which is a sort of arena shooter. It’s also added the critically acclaimed Squid Yes Not So Octopus (or “SYNSO”). This game is another arena shooter that tends to only last about 1-4 minutes but offers some beautiful neon colors during gameplay. It’s also a pretty silly game, as you probably gathered from the name alone.

You’ll also find SYNSO: Squid Harder, which is a followup to SYNSO. The game sports even more squids and guns and just overall silliness as we saw in the previous edition of the game. This title also was the star of Eurogamer Expo 2009 Indie Games Arcade.

There’s a lot of squid games here, aren’t there? Well, another one in the bundle is Squid and Let Die. Next we have FISHFISHBANGBANG which defines the fish shoot ‘em up genre and also pays tribute to the almost forgotten Vectrex console. Ambiomat is also another notable indie game added to the bundle. If you’ve purchased the bundle already, this should be available to you already, and if you haven’t purchased it, there’s still time to go grab it before the bundle ends on Friday, September 28th. As most of these bundles are, the price is simply set at a pay what you want.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – ‘Bagfull of Wrong’ Gets Added To ‘Bundle In A Box: Deep Space’