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Awesomenauts DLC Skin Packs Released, Are Appropriately Awesome.

Good news for fans of Ronimo Games’ Awesomenauts: The self-described “3-on-3 sidescrolling MOBA” and one of the contenders for “Game With the Best Title Ever” award has just recieved a set of DLC skins that add even more character to the already pretty crazy combatants in the game. Since everyone knows that talk is so cheap as to be basically worthless – like the German Papiermark, in the 1920′s – you can see the skins in action in the Youtube trailer below, instead of taking just my word for it that the skins are all pretty darn cool.

Awesomeness is subjective of course, But seriously, you don’t get to have a name like Awesomenauts without at least someone thinking what you do is pretty rad, right?

You can buy the skins individually for $2.50 apiece, in packs of 3 for $5.99 (Froggy G’s Grandmaster Splash, Gnaw’s Bumble Gnaw and Derpl Zork’s Hotrod Derpl as one pack, Voltar’s Disco Voltar, Leon Chameleon’s Mousquetiere Leon, and Yuri’s Kosmonaut Yuri as another, and Lonestar’s Officer Lonestar, Coco’s Coco Hawaii, and Clunk’s Replaceable Clunk rounding it out in the final pack) or a bundle of all nine skins for $14.99.

If you only have one character you play as, then $2.50 will have you covered; but if you have multiple characters that you dig, the $14.99 bundle works out to about a buck less per character, and if you play your cards right, that $9 you saved can keep you eating like a king off of your fast food dollar menu of choice for another few days.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Awesomenauts DLC Skin Packs Released, Are Appropriately Awesome.