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Indie Links Round-Up: Light And Dark

The games covered in today’s Indie Links let you play as a ninja, a restaurateur, or a claymation body-swapping adventurer.  (Not all in the same game, though a body-swapping ninja restaurateur would be a unique character.)

Indie Events: Freeplay Submissions Open, Lunarcade Landing Soon (
“The eighth annual Freeplay Independent Games Festival, open to international submissions, and Lunarcade are coming soon to Australia.”

Terraria Meets Borderlands In FortressCraft2d (Kotaku)
“ProjectorGames, creators of one of the best-selling Xbox Live Indie MineCraft clone FortressCraft, are going in a different direction with FortressCraft2D: sideways.A far cry from the 3D building game that sold like gangbusters in the XBLIG channel,FortressCraft2d is a 2D zombie survival game that leans heavily on procedural generation of worlds and weapons to keep the experience fresh and new every time it’s played. There’s a definite Terraria vibe here, with a little Borderlands thrown in for good measure.”

Hardcore Restaurant Sim Preview: Cook, Serve, Delicious (Vertigo Gaming) (
“Hardcore restaurant sim management, you say? From the developer of The Oil Blue, I’d expect no less. In Vertigo Gaming’s upcoming commercial sequel to Ore no Ryomi 2, players must return the Cook, Serve, Delicious restaurant to its five-star status by keeping the menu items interesting, toilets cleaned, and the buzz high, in addition to preparing food.”

Letters From A New York Indie #3: How Much Is Enough? (Hookshot Inc.)
“Letters from a New York Indie is a diary written by friend of Hookshot Inc, Kevin Cancienne, one of the creators of Drop7, who recently left his position as Director of Game Development at area/code to pursue life as an independent game-maker. The series documents life as a one-man indie as Cancienne explores what happens next.”

In Good Conscious: The Swapper (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
The Swapper has been in development for a good long while now. We first noticed it in October 2010, and today it’s one of seven games receiving the Indie Fund’s financial support. Today they’ve announced that they’ve had Penumbra’s Tom Jubert writing their game’s story (“leading narrative development”). The 2D puzzle-platformer will apparently discuss such existential questions as whether we have a soul, what is consciousness, and the very nature of our being. Which it’s fair to say is something platformers all too often forget to broach.”

Google Play Cracks Down On “Confusingly Similar” Apps (Ars Technica)
“With the latest changes to its developer policy, Google seems to making a serious effort to try to impose some sort of order on the wild west town that is its Google Play Android app store.  The most important change for the unsavvy consumer might be the new restrictions on copycat apps. Now, these knock-offs ‘must not have names or icons that appear confusingly similar to existing products.’ That new policy should be useful in combatting apps like Infinity Blade II, a fake version of Chair Entertainment’s popular iOS game that surfaced on Google Play recently, or Temple Run, which appeared in many forms on Google Play before the official version was ready. Apps with names like ‘Irate Birds’ or ‘Snip the Rope’ might also come under fire for being ‘confusingly similar,’ depending on how strictly Google plans to enforce the clause.”

Warsow 1.0 (TIGSource)
Warsow is a free, open source competitive FPS game built on Qfusion, a heavily modified version of the Quake 2 engine. In development for 7 years, the design is based on Quake 3 but adds new movement abilities – such as dashing, wall jumping, and ramp sliding – that are accessible via a special key. Additionally, Warsow has a number of features that make it easy to modify the game and spectate matches.”

Reinventing Stealth In 2D With Mark Of The Ninja (Gamasutra)
“Although there are plenty of ninja games, quite few depict the ninja as the master of stealth and trickery he ought to be. And stealth games are precious rare in the platformer genre. But with its upcoming Mark of the Ninja, Klei Entertainment wanted to try a couple new things. “

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Indie Links Round-Up: Light And Dark