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Indie Links Round-Up: Just Around The Corner

Coincidentally, today’s Indie Links include a number of games about squares: a roguelike with the map on a parchment-like square grid, a puzzler involving pushing things around square grids, another puzzler that involves lining up squares and rectangles.  But don’t worry; we’re not all squares here.  You can also read about the Indie Megabooth, Xbox Live, and more.  (Note, however, that the ”MEGA” letters in the Indie Megabooth logo are also pretty close to squares.  Huh.  Never mind.)

Everything You Knew About Playing Tetris Won’t Help With This Clever New Puzzle Game (Kotaku)
Slydris operates on the same falling-block template pioneered by Tetris and, yeah, you’re still aligning the tumbling shapes into horizontal lines to clear space on a vertical playfield. But Slydris finds unique ways to differentiate itself from other efforts to recapture the glory of Alexey Pajitnov’s all-time classic game.”

Video: Creating The Audio For Bastion (
“If there’s one thing the industry will remember about Supergiant Games’ Bastion, chances are it’ll be its audio. The game’s rich, ethereal score and iconic narration gave the game a very unique tone, and went a long way toward establishing its striking aesthetic. And at the 2012 Game Developer ConferenceBastion‘s audio and music designer, Darren Korb, discussed the ins and outs of how he made the game’s sound stand out from the pack.”

Brief Impressions: English Country Tune (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
“At RPS, we’re hardy men. Jim can often be seen carrying a shed on his shoulders, packed with all his tools. Alec and Adam run a side business as fix-it gentlemen for logging machines, while Nathan is officially San Francisco’s Sturdiest Man. And I once fixed a tap. But English Country Tune is too much for us. (Well, for me and Jim, as we’re the ones who tried it.) A really beautiful puzzle game that Quinns once sent a biscuit. But by golly it’s hard.”

Mercury (Beta 1.1) (TIGSource)
“Described as an “experimental, winner-generated arcade roguelike”, Mercury is a simple dungeon crawl that allows the two top-scoring players at the end of each 4-day cycle to permanently add something new to it. Released as beta last month, the game began with only one monster, item, and class, but has since been expanded by the leading players in its community. There’s also a Chaos Mode, which allows anyone to add new entities to the game at any time (this is an easy way to see how the creation system works).”

Indie Megabooth Makes A Triumphant Return To PAX Prime (Joystiq)
“The Indie Megabooth proved to be a success at PAX East and is returning, bigger and better, to PAX Prime 2012, running August 31 – September 2. The PAX Prime Indie Megabooth will feature 29 independent studios and more than 30 games, each one shrouded in mystery and intrigue for now.”

Unepic (PixelProspector)
Unepic is an action adventure platformer with RPG elements that draws inspiration from the Castlevania series.”

Kickstarter Katchup – 4th August 2012 (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
“There’s an absolutely enormous winners’ list this week, which is always a pleasure to see. Unless they turn out to be international money laundering thieves who release mediocre games at best. Then it will be a bit of a shame. So at what will you throw your money?”

How To Fix Xbox Live Arcade (Hookshot Inc.)
“Microsoft’s most recent dashboard update (a bi-annual-ish freshening of the Xbox 360’s menu screen that rearranges its form and tweaks its function) has been widely-criticized. Its haphazard arrangement bespeaks Microsoft’s muddled vision for their console’s twilight months – ballooning the size of advertisements, emphasizing the system’s media hub capacity by putting movies, TV and apps front and centre and, largely, ghettoizing the ‘game’ aspects of the system.”

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Indie Links Round-Up: Just Around The Corner