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Indie Links Round-Up: Into The Blue

Today’s Indie Links celebrate the anniversaries of ModDB and PixelProspector.

Celebrating 10 Years Of ModDB! (Indie DB)
“It’s hard to believe that ModDB is 10 years old, after launching way back in June 2002 when Altavista was still the no.1 search engine, Google was just an up-and-comer and Twitter / Facebook didn’t even exist. ModDB was first created because while attending various lan parties in the Counter-Strike heyday, my friends and I wanted to try and play heaps of different mods. Finding them was impossible, so creating a database of mods was our solution and hence was born.”

3rd Anniversary Of PixelProspector! (PixelProspector)
“Well well…PixelProspector just turned 3 today! To celebrate the 3rd anniversary of PixelProspector I have created a new video called 44 Free Indie Games In 4 Minutes (Multiplayer Edition). Enjoy!  Since I started the site in 2009 I met lots of great people and learned quite a bit about many things.  Here goes out a BIG THANKS to all the developers who create great games and to all PP visitors for checking out the games and spreading the word about them and the indie resources.”

Microsoft Attacked For Five-Figure Xbox 360 “Patch Fee” (Ars Technica)
“Developer Phil Fish knows there’s a problem preventing some people from enjoying his Xbox 360 puzzle platformer Fez as intended. But he’s not going to fix it, thanks to what he says is an exorbitant fee of “tens of thousands of dollars” that Microsoft would charge to recertify the game after a needed patch.”

Dyad’s Ending Is Perfect (Kotaku)
“Few endings get it right—often, they can be the most disappointing part of a work. ButDyad, the PS3′s new psychedelic downloadable racer, nails it. Spoilers ahead!”

Driving Discussion: Ashley McConnell On Online Racing Championship (IndieGames)
“Not all indie driving games are created abstractly. Ashley McConnell’s free-to-play Online Racing Championship (ORC) aims to improve realistic racing with advances in physics, networking, graphics, and ranking. McConnell posits that ORC can stand on its own as a free-to-play title without any programmed AI, too.”

Kerbal Space Program 0.16 – One Small Step (TIGSource)
“Today marked the 43rd anniversary of the first lunar landing and the first steps taken by mankind on the surface of the Moon. In celebration of this grand scientific achievement, the team at Squad has released the newest alpha version of their outstanding space game, Kerbal Space Program. Version 0.16 allows players to direct their Kerbal explorers to leave their vehicles for the first time and travel around on foot or even by jetpack. Will it be a momentous occasion for the annuls of history, or a embarrassing failure of aeronautical mishap? It’s up to you.”

The Day After #ScreenshotSaturday 4 (IndieGames)
“This week’s Screenshot Saturday sampling is about a lot more than zombies, though, with almost 200 pics to peruse. Enviro-bear 2010 dev Justin Smith posted a cryptic character shot (of something!?!). The arwork of Tyrone Henrie’s Catapult for Hire and Final Boss Entertainment’s Doom-like FPS Wrack have received major updates, too. But that’s just the beginning of The Day After #ScreenshotSaturday.”

App Marketing Costs Could Price Indies Out Of Mobile Market Says New Report (GamesIndustry)
“The average cost per user for mobile apps has risen sharply these past few months, according to a new report produced by W3i, an analytics firm specializing in mobile app monetization. The firm says that the average cost per user for Android has risen a sharp 70 percent, up from 30 cents to 51 cents. Costs for Apple’s App Store users have also risen steeply, up from 59 cents to 92 cents, a bump of 56 percent.”

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Indie Links Round-Up: Into The Blue