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Indie Links Round-Up: Castles In The Sky

In addition to all the articles about indie games that you expect, today’s Indie Links include some articles about the finances involved: the effects of Steam sales, and winning and losing indie game campaigns on Kickstarter.

The Project Zomboid Interview (
Project Zomboid, the incredibly ambitious zombie survival RPG that pits gamers against loneliness, starvation, desperation, insanity and, yes, zombies, is about to get a brand new version, and Will Porter, Project Zomboid’s writer and co-designer, is about to answer a few questions. So, uhm, read on!”

Steam Sales: How Deep Discounts Really Affect Your Games (Gamasutra)
“Valve’s Steam sales have always proven a great time for consumers to score some cheap PC games, but over the past several months, there’s been some debate over whether these promotions are good for game developers. Some have argued that the major discounts devalue games, and end up hurting the industry in the long run.”

Kickstarter Katchup – 28 July 2012 (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
“As the Kickstarter Katchup grows, I’m scanning the budget to see if I can hire a personal assistant. With 29 tabs open for projects, if Chrome crashes at this point I’m going to walk out the front door and just keep walking. Just for the sake of my sanity, I’m going to have to keep some of the entries shorter, but give them a click if it sounds like something you want to know more about. If there’s a project you’re just aghast we haven’t included, email me via my name above and I’ll take a look – but, you know, try to do it nicely.”

A Nation Of Wind (TIGSource)
A Nation of Wind is an action sim where the goal is to control obelisks in levels composed of floating islands. To control an obelisk, it has to be surrounded by four temples, which are expensive in resources – you’ll have to start by building an infrastructure that includes farms, saw mills, and mines. Enemies will attack your colonies by land and air, however, so you’ll also need walls and turrets to defend. Direct attack is possible with your airship, too, using a variety of weapons that are fired with the mouse.”

Kitty Catch Mouse (PixelProspector)
Kitty Catch Mouse is a fast paced gravity switching neon colored platformer about a cat that hunts a mouse in space.”

Aliens Vs. Presenter: Natural Selection 2 At Rezzed (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
“Rezzed was twelve hundred million years ago, but there are still a few dev sessions left to share with those who couldn’t make it down to lovely Brighton on the day. Here’s Unknown Worlds chatting about and demonstrating their aeons-in-gestation FPS/RTS mash-up Natural Selection 2, including a whole lot of giant mouth-based action.”

The Day After #ScreenshotSaturday 5 (
“I’m diving right into the fifth edition of The Day After #ScreenshotSaturdaywith Martin Ziegler’s visually striking Wake Up Call. The beta of it went well enough that everyone should get to play it ‘next week.’  The premise is rather out there. The game happens inside a comatose man’s mind, and he has to to earn his consciousness back. I’m ready, Mr. Ziegler. I can’t say the rest of the games have such a deep premise, but they sure are nice to look at! That’s what this feature is for, after all…”

Now That Dear Esther Is Done, Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture (Kotaku)
“Indie developer thechineseroom’s experimental first-person adventure Dear Esther was a runaway success, despite the fact that wonderfully moody and atmospheric experience wasn’t exactly what one might consider a game. Now that they’ve set the mood, it’s time to add in a bit more game with Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, the story of the end of the world and the inconveniences that might cause.”

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Indie Links Round-Up: Castles In The Sky