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Dev Links: Squares And Triangles

Today’s Developer Links deal with alpha versions, translations, fanmail, and pictures of cats.  Well, a picture of cats.  And admittedly that last one doesn’t really have much directly to do with indie games.

Splice, Duet, And The Road Ahead (Cipher Prime)
“So where does Splice stand now that it’s been released on Steam? Is it going to be available through the Cipher Prime Store as well? Will there be an iOS or Android version of the game? When will we start to hear about development onAuditorium 2 : Duet, and when can we expect to see our Kickstarter rewards? Good questions. Let’s have a crack at them now, shall we?”

Things That Make Us Happy (Broken Rules)
“Now and then we receive absolutely awesome fan mail, which always makes our day and is a great incentive to keep doing what we’re doing. Whenever we’re doubting ourselves, those e-mails are a great way of getting us back on track, with new found energy and a huge smile on our faces.”

Slydris Is Out (And Ballistic SE Is Updated) (Radiangames)
“I never really know how a game is going to be received, but it’s nice when the first review to come out gives it a 5 out of 5 and calls it ‘without doubt the finest puzzle game we’ve ever played on our mobiles’.  Not everyone will feel that way, of course, but I think that’s the highest praise I’ve received for a game yet.”

NS2 Translation Site Launched (Natural Selection 2 Blog)
“So instead of paying a company to do this, we wanted to create a system that allowed all of you to translate it into your own language. We now have a web-site that is automatically updated with the latest strings from the game (every time we make a build). Whenever we release a build, we grab the latest approved translations and ship them automatically with the game. Trusted admins for each language will approve final translations to make sure nothing inappropriate sneaks in.”

The Pros And Cons Of Making A Game Alpha (Indie DB)
“In contrast to the beta, the alpha version of a game lacks the implementation of most features, levels or functions. The game is just a skeleton that needs to be fleshed out and wrapped into a nice skin, before anyone can estimate where this new thing will walk to. Some developers go even so far to present just a grid you can walk on as a first gameplay demo.”

That Steam Stutter Bug, And Tracking It Down… (
“Right from it’s initial launch on steam, there was a bug reported in Gratuitous Tank Battles for a tiny subset of steam players. The bug was basically that the game ran horribly slowly, with stuttering and skipping music. Regular blog readers will know I am a bit obsessive about optimisation, so naturally this seemed weird to me.”

Good Morning Gato #92 – Long Time No Blog (Ska Studios)
“We’ve had a super busy past two months! It’s a fact: weddings leave little time for blogging.  We’ve hit 8 states (or so) and twelve flights (or so) and Neko and Gato have been waiting so very patiently.  Things are finally getting back to normal;and we’re just in time to start preparing for more travel to PAX Prime.”

Cook, Serve, Delicious Beta Now Available! (Vertigo Gaming)
“That’s right, the beta for Cook, Serve, Delicious is now available to download! You can check it out in the main VG Forums (you’ll need to register first) right here. Note that it is a very limited beta, but should give you an idea on how the gameplay is shaping up for what’s going to be a pretty huge game, length/content wise. So I encourage everyone to download and provide any kind of feedback you can, and watch for the full game coming out in August!”

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Dev Links: Squares And Triangles